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The Impact of LTE on Operators' OSS and BSS Domains

出版商 Ovum (TMT Intelligence, Informa) 商品編碼 297941
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 15 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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通訊業者的OSS/BSS網域的LTE的影響度 The Impact of LTE on Operators' OSS and BSS Domains
出版日期: 2014年03月07日 內容資訊: 英文 15 Pages




  • 摘要
    • 分析的背景
    • Ovum的見解
    • 主要的訊息
  • 建議
    • 業者
    • 供應商
  • LTE網路的更新
    • 推動市場要素
    • 業者的網路·技術相關課題:集中於LTE
      • 亞太地區·北美的LTE引進的發展
      • 網路共享:由策略性選擇變化為經濟必然性
    • VoLTE(Voice over LTE)
    • 新經營模式的整合
  • OSS(運用支援系統)的影響度
    • 前端·系統的OSS
    • 網路的設計
      • 系統的設計
      • 性能的設計
      • 回程傳輸
      • 存貨一體化
    • 服務的保證
    • Provisioning and activation
  • BSS(商務支援系統)的影響度
    • BSS必須處理更複雜的資料
    • 申請·收益管理
    • 收費·評估·政策管理
    • 合作夥伴管理·調整
    • 產業標準
  • 附錄


Product Code: IT024-000007

LTE promises many opportunities in the data-driven mobile broadband world. However, without the ability to activate, monitor, and charge for services, operators will not be able to monetize the LTE network. Although operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) will be affected by a change in the network, it is not LTE per se that is driving the change, but rather the services that operators want to offer based on LTE.


  • OSS and BSS will be affected by the next-generation of high-speed mobile broadband services offered by operators, rather than by the LTE technology alone.
  • As LTE network design and rollouts occur, the OSS will need to change to accommodate and facilitate network planning, the design of new cell sites, and backhaul transmission, which encompasses support for IP configurations and quality of service for enhanced service delivery of streamed video
  • The first few months of a customer's contract with an operator are critical to determining long-term customer loyalty and churn. As customers upgrade or migrate to LTE, operators must ensure they map across and retain the context of existing customers' profiles.

Features Benefits

  • Evaluates the impact that LTE, VoLTE, and network sharing will have on the future OSS and BSS domains
  • Identifies the key services and applications that are driving LTE adoption and consequently the dimensions of the OSS and BSS domains.

Questions Answers

  • What are the key OSS domains that operators need to address as they upgrade to LTE?
  • What are the key BSS domains that operators need to address as they upgrade to LTE?
  • How will the extended ecosystem of the mobile broadband world impact operators' OSS and BSS domains?

Table of Contents


    • Catalyst
    • Ovum view
    • Key messages
  • Recommendations
    • For operators
    • For vendors
  • The LTE network upgrade
    • Market drivers
    • Operator network and technology agenda is focused on LTE
      • Asia-Pacific and North America are driving LTE adoption
      • Network sharing evolves from a strategic choice to an economic necessity
    • Voice over LTE
    • Integrating a new business model
    • OSS as a front-end system
    • Network planning and design
      • System design
      • Capacity planning
      • Backhaul
      • Unified inventory
    • Service assurance
    • Activation and provisioning
  • Impact on BSS
    • BSS needs to handle more complex data
    • Billing and revenue management
    • Charging, rating, and policy management
    • Partner management and settlement
    • Industry standards
    • Further reading
    • Author
    • Ovum Consulting
    • Disclaimer


  • Figure 1: LTE connections by region, 2013-18
  • Figure 2: Service operations for VoLTE
  • Figure 3: Key considerations for impact of LTE on BSS systems
  • Figure 4: Mapping network-centric capabilities to operational process capabilities
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