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2014 Trends to Watch: From Private to Hybrid Clouds

出版商 Ovum (TMT Intelligence, Informa) 商品編碼 297939
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 21 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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從私人雲端到混合雲端 2014 Trends to Watch: From Private to Hybrid Clouds
出版日期: 2014年03月11日 內容資訊: 英文 21 Pages


第1章 摘要

  • 發展要素
  • Ovum的見解
  • 主要的訊息

第2章 私人雲端未如眾人所想地引起話題及成功

  • 私人雲端的概念尚未統一
  • 供應商「與用戶」的需求在新舊趨勢的分歧點交集處
  • 多數為部分引進

第3章 私人雲端在各種方向的實現

  • 供應商和企業雙方努力實現私人雲端
  • 由IT中心朝用戶中心發展的私人雲端
  • 由技術中心朝用設計中心發展的私人雲端
  • 由基礎設施到應用,從IaaS到PaaS
  • 從短期的觀點到長期的觀點
  • 從私人雲端到個人雲端
  • 從技術服務到生態系統服務

第4章 2014年混合雲端仍是企業的最優先事項

  • 混合公共,私人雲端雙方的方法
  • 混合雲端的重心慢慢轉為公共雲端

第5章 混合雲端正在更進一步地多方面急速進化中

  • 根據定義而有各種不同混合雲端
  • 多數融合的混合雲端是虛擬私人雲端
  • 正在建立增加性的混合雲端
  • 複合雲端概念預計將慢慢威脅混合雲端的概念
  • 從雲端的混合化到IT的雲端化

第6章 雲端管理平台成為私人雲端,混合雲端雙方的關鍵

  • 預計2014年供應商的整合仍將持續

第7章 提案

  • 給企業的提案
  • 給供應商的提案

第8章 附錄


Product Code: IT022-000007

the future of cloud computing lies not in the extremes (private or public), but like any other IT trend, it lies in the middle (private and public).


  • Private clouds are currently very popular. Vendors and enterprises alike are talking them up and many cloud forecasts continue to see them as the main cloud computing market segment well into the next five years. However, public clouds are also going from strength to strength, with many defining private clouds as a doomed and costly mistake at worst, and a passing fad at best, expecting public clouds to eventually take over. In parallel, an increasing number of vendors and users are talking about hybrid and multiple clouds. This variety of perspectives is confusing the market.

Features Benefits

  • Gain a detailed view of the variety of directions in which private clouds are currently evolving.
  • Gain a fine-grained categorization of the various types of hybrid clouds and the trends they relate to.

Questions Answers

  • What is a private cloud? Why is the concept of private cloud controversial? Does it matter? In which directions are private clouds evolving?
  • What is a hybrid cloud? Why are hybrid clouds important to vendors and enterprises? In which directions are the various hybrid cloud types evolving?

Table of Contents


    • Catalyst
    • Ovum view
    • Key messages
  • Private clouds are not as controversial or successful as many believe
    • There is still disagreement about the notion of private cloud
      • Several reasons for it to be an oxymoron
      • Private clouds are a valid and logical evolution of the cloud computing market
    • Where vendors' and users' needs converge at the junction of old and new trends
      • Vendor pushed and enterprise pulled
      • Old trends and new twists
    • Mostly partially implemented
  • Private cloud will increasingly "walk the walk" in a variety of directions
    • Both vendors and enterprises are endeavoring to make the private cloud "real"
    • From IT-centric to user-centric private clouds
    • From technology-centric to design-centric private clouds
    • From infrastructure to applications, and IaaS to PaaS
    • From a short-term to a long-term perspective
    • From private to personal cloud
    • From technology to ecosystem services
  • Hybrid clouds will continue to rise to the top of enterprises' agenda in 2014
    • Approached from both public and private clouds
    • Hybrid clouds' center of gravity will slowly shift toward public clouds
  • Hybrid clouds will remain a multifaceted, rapidly evolving, phenomenon
    • There are, by definition, many types of hybrid clouds
    • Blended hybrid clouds are mostly virtual private ones
    • Accretive hybrid clouds are building up
    • The notion of multiple clouds will increasingly challenge that of hybrid cloud
    • From cloud hybridization to cloudification of IT
  • cloud management platforms are key to both private and hybrid clouds
    • 2014 will see continuing vendor consolidation
  • Recommendations
    • Recommendations for enterprises
      • Move from private cloud talk to private cloud walk
      • Expand from an IT-centric to a user-centric approach to private clouds
      • Expand from a technology-centric to design-centric private clouds
      • Expand from infrastructure to applications, and IaaS to PaaS
      • Don't think private, think hybrid
      • Not only work to keep up with the public cloud Joneses, but also think like them
      • There are many hybrid options to choose from, pick those relevant to you
      • Build on connective hybrid clouds to move towards cloud arbitrages
      • Mix hybrid and cloudified services
      • Use a multiple cloud strategy to keep vendors on their toes
      • Remain flexible with CMPs
    • Recommendations for vendors
      • Help enterprises to walk the private cloud walk
      • Clearly explain to enterprises the consequences of their hybrid cloud choices
      • Consume multiple clouds
      • Help enterprises remain in control of their multiple clouds
  • Appendix
    • Further reading
    • Methodology
    • Authors
    • Ovum Consulting
    • Disclaimer


  • Figure 1: From hybrid to multiple clouds
  • Figure 2: Connective cloud use cases
  • Figure 3: Blended hybrid cloud types
  • Figure 4: Rise of the multiple cloud among large enterprises (1000+ employees)
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