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Maritime SATCOM Markets, 5th Edition

出版商 Northern Sky Research, LLC 商品編碼 328608
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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海上SATCOM市場 Maritime SATCOM Markets, 5th Edition
出版日期: 2017年07月19日 內容資訊: 英文



第1章 市場背景及趨勢

第2章 市場生態系統

  • 服務供應商的市場佔有率
  • 市場環境

第3章 各船舶分析

  • 容量要求
  • 收益

第4章 全球市場的預測

  • 運作中的船舶數及收益
  • 容量需求
  • 容量收益
  • 頻帶
  • 過去的基準(與上次的比較)

第5章 商船

  • 潛在市場的預測
  • 運作中的船舶數
  • 收益
  • 容量需求
  • 容量收益

第6章 遠洋船舶

  • 潛在市場的預測
  • 運作中的船舶數
  • 收益
  • 容量需求
  • 容量收益

第7章 旅客船

  • 潛在市場的預測
  • 運作中的船舶數
  • 收益
  • 容量需求
  • 容量收益

第8章 漁船

  • 潛在市場的預測
  • 運作中的船舶數
  • 收益
  • 容量需求
  • 容量收益

第9章 休閒用船舶

  • 潛在市場的預測
  • 運作中的船舶數
  • 收益
  • 容量需求
  • 容量收益





NSR's Maritime Satcom Markets, 5th Edition continues as a dedicated focus on the maritime satellite market. Following recent M&A activity and more services-centric partnerships by satellite operators, the report provides readers with the most complete overview on addressable maritime markets, vendor market share, pricing, revenues, and capacity demand for all commercial maritime vertical segments.


With a new split of commercial passenger maritime (Ocean Cruise, River Cruise, and Ferries), Maritime Satcom Markets 5th Edition answers key questions facing the industry. Providing a complete picture of the maritime market, readers can navigate through the trends, drivers, and restraints shaping the maritime industry - from end-user trends to the latest SATCOM developments. Using both quantitative and qualitative factors, Maritime Satcom Markets, 5th Edition continues NSR's segment-leading analysis.


This report is the result of on-going research and analysis of trends and extensive tracking of new developments in this evolving market. It addresses key questions about maritime SATCOM services, such as:

  • Where will satellite operators compete the most? Are some markets or customers safe?
  • How are falling capacity pricing impacting the uptake of bandwidth and revenue growth from end-users?
  • How, where and what value-added services affect the way the maritime markets do business?
  • Is there an end nearing for Service Provider Consolidation? What impacts are the recent wave of M&A's going to have on shaping the service provider landscape in the near term?

Satellite operators are moving closer and closer to the end-user. Service providers are consolidating. Capacity prices are falling and end-users are demanding more connectivity. Combined, these trends form a perfect-storm for end-users to maximize the return on their communications budgets - but where does that put the satellite communications industry? As new terminal form factors and connectivity price-points open new addressable markets to VSAT connectivity, the traditional maritime satellite markets of merchant, passenger, and offshore continue to grow. Together, the macro-level fundamentals of the sector look strong, but can service providers navigate the complex business environment that is developing?

From a proven methodology and a solid track record, NSR's Maritime Satcom Markets, 5th Edition report compliments NSR's studies on Aeronautical and Land-Mobile satellite mobility. This 3rd pillar of NSR's mobility satellite coverage provides the maritime focused coverage and analysis vital for the satellite communications industry. Leveraging NSR's years of research into this vertical, the report provides a completely updated and up-to-date assessment of the market, combined with key data-points on In-service Units, Revenues, and Capacity evolutions for the next ten years on a region-by-region basis.

Key Features


Regions Covered:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia
  • Atlantic Ocean Region
  • Pacific Ocean Region
  • Indian Ocean Region
  • Arctic

Who Should Purchase this Report?

  • Satellite Service Providers and Integrators
  • Satellite Operators and Capacity Providers
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Maritime-Market End-users
  • Terrestrial and Wireless Service Providers Operating within the Maritime Space
  • Banks, Investors, and other Financial Institutions

The NSR Difference

Levering NSR's extensive research into each maritime market and sub-market, the report gives a holistic view of the maritime satcom industry to provide a better understanding of the trends, warning signs, and developments in the maritime market. Built alongside NSR's multi-vertical approach, the report dives-deep into the maritime satellite ecosystem and is able to leverage extensive research in adjacent verticals such as aeronautical. With more aero players getting into the maritime game, data is collected by region, by capacity, price, vendor market share, by revenue and more.

More than simply a report on the market, NSR consulted with satellite operators, service providers, and end-users to better present a valuable tool for strategizing the years to come. Combined with knowledge and insights across all of NSR's coverage areas, NSR's Maritime Satcom Markets, 5th Edition is a guide to navigating the ever-changing waters of this industry.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • ES.1 Maritime Markets Overview
  • ES.2 Key Report Findings
  • ES.3 Bottom Line

1. Context and Trends

  • 1.1. Maritime SATCOM Addressable Market, by Segment
  • 1.2. Trends

2. Market Ecosystem

  • 2.1. Service Provider Market Share
  • 2.2. Market Environment

3. By-Vessel Analysis

  • 3.1. Capacity Demand
  • 3.2. Revenues

4. Global Market Forecasts

  • 4.1. In-service Units and Revenues
  • 4.2. Capacity Demand
  • 4.3. Capacity Revenues
  • 4.4. Frequency Band
  • 4.5. Historical Benchmark Comparisons to Previous Editions

5. Merchant

  • 5.1. Addressable Market Projections
  • 5.2. In-service Units
  • 5.3. Revenues
  • 5.4. Capacity Demand
  • 5.5. Capacity Revenues

6. Offshore

  • 6.1. Addressable Market Projections
  • 6.2. In-service Units
  • 6.3. Revenues
  • 6.4. Capacity Demand
  • 6.5. Capacity Revenues

7. Passenger

  • 7.1. Addressable Market Projections
  • 7.2. In-service Units
  • 7.3. Revenues
  • 7.4. Capacity Demand
  • 7.5. Capacity Revenues

8. Fishing

  • 8.1. Addressable Market Projections
  • 8.2. In-service Units
  • 8.3. Revenues
  • 8.4. Capacity Demand
  • 8.5. Capacity Revenues

9. Leisure

  • 9.1. Addressable Market Projections
  • 9.2. In-service Units
  • 9.3. Revenues
  • 9.4. Capacity Demand
  • 9.5. Capacity Revenues


  • A.1 Change Log
  • A.2 Definitions & Key Terms
  • A.3 General Approach
  • A.4 Forecast Methodology
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