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Gluten Free 2015

出版商 Natural Marketing Institute 商品編碼 345392
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 165 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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無麩質食品和飲料市場 Gluten Free 2015
出版日期: 2015年03月10日 內容資訊: 英文 165 Pages





  • 無麩質食品·飲料的使用,趨勢
  • 全球·美國的無麩質食品·飲料產品
  • 全球·美國的特殊類別
  • 無麩質主要類別:銷售額,家庭普及率別



  • 嚴密 vs. 非嚴密的無麩質用戶出現率
  • 無麩質食品/飲料的消費者簡介
  • 平均家庭收入,主要群組別
  • 主要無麩質user group的出現率
  • 嚴密的無麩質使用的出現率,主要群組別
  • 無麩質食品/飲料的最近使用層級,主要群組別
  • 使用的頻率,主要群組別
  • 使用期間的長度,主要群組別
  • 主要無麩質用戶的人口統計


  • 健康性生活方式的態度
  • 個人對健康的講究
  • 對自我醫療保健的態度
  • 對毒的態度
  • 對預防疾病的疑慮等


  • 健康飲食的影響
  • 生活方式整合健康飲食
  • 對高蛋白質,食物纖維的慾望
  • 選擇健康性食品時便利性的影響
  • 對非過度加工食品的慾望等


  • 開始使用無麩質的理由
  • 開始的理由,嚴密 vs. 非嚴肅秘密用戶
  • 開始的理由,各市場區隔
  • 無麩質使用的影響要素
  • 影響要素,嚴密 vs. 非嚴肅秘密用戶等


  • 無麩質食品·飲料相關健康信仰
  • 食品·飲料的購買推動因素
  • 購買推動因素,重度 vs. 輕度用戶


  • 醫生在無麩質飲食上的相關建議
  • 狀態管理上無麩質的使用
  • 旁觀者對狀態管理上無麩質的使用
  • 疾病預防上無麩質的使用
  • 疾病預防上無麩質的使用,重度用戶別等


  • 醫生和營養師的影響
  • 醫療建議
  • 醫療建議的遵守
  • 無麩質食品·飲料的使用頻率
  • 無麩質食品·飲料的使用期間等


  • 無麩質的特徵和優點,重要度 vs. 滿意度
  • 功能和優點,重度用戶的重要度 vs. 滿意度
  • 對麩質的一般常識和態度
  • 自然區別無麩質產品的能力
  • 無麩質認證貼紙的態度等


  • 無麩質食品·飲料產品類型的使用,各市場區隔
  • Nielsen Homescan無麩質類別的普及率,各市場區隔
  • Nielsen 每Homescan無麩質類別的家庭的銷售額
  • 無麩質食品·飲料類別的整體使用
  • 無麩質食品·飲料類別的使用頻率,各類別等


  • 非嚴密用戶,不太使用無麩質的理由
  • 想要更無麩質菜譜的慾望
  • 對餐廳無麩質產品的態度
  • 停止使用無麩質的理由
  • 絕對不使用無麩質食品/飲料的理由


  • 運動的參與層級
  • 定期性參加各種活動
  • 組織的會員
  • 給各種團體的捐獻
  • 社會·環境的擔憂


  • 產品的影響者和初期採用者
  • 購買食品·飲料的影響因素
  • 包裝標籤的影響與監測
  • 綠色貼紙的認識和理解
  • 綠色環保的包裝的態度等




NMI KNOWS Gluten Free CONSUMERS... The Industry's most comprehensive report on the gluten-free food/beverage marketplace!

  • Do you know that nearly half of the general population have used gluten-free foods/beverages in the past year; usage is now higher than ever!
  • What categories had the highest gluten-free launches over the past 15 years (January 1999 to October 2014)?
  • How do you retain your consumers when a solid portion of Gluten-Free Users are classified as ‘Gluten-Avoiders,' they're avoiding, but not eliminating gluten?
  • Who are your REAL consumer targets for gluten-free?

Minimize the expensive guesswork - Maximize your time and ROI with Trends, Insights, and strategies for optimizing your brand opportunities in 2015

  • Validate your ideas, USP, product intro's, and more
  • Customize your trade and consumer advertising campaign positioning and messaging
  • Enhance your Marketing Campaign and trade presentations with valuable insights
  • Empower your organization, impress your customers

Gluten-Free 2015 is a groundbreaking study that seeks to uncover and quantify the attributes and benefits that would provide longevity to this market sector.

Despite only a small percentage of the population having Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, going “gluten-free” has become all the rage. Within NMI's Health and Wellness Trends Database®, a significant increase in household penetration of gluten-free products has been observed. Not only is this among consumers who have medical need, but the largest portion of users is among consumers who are early adopting leaders in the healthy foods market, the WELL BEINGS®, as well as a group referred to as FENCE SITTERS®, the healthy ‘Wannabees.'

The intent of this report is to provide a solid overview of where the gluten-free food/beverage marketplace stands, while investigating how to increase household penetration of Gluten Free products by:

  • 1. Understanding motivations beyond Celiac and Gluten Intolerance
  • 2. Uncovering new product opportunities across categories
  • 3. Understanding who's buying what gluten-free categories
  • 4. Determining attitudes and needs that will foster longevity

3-Phase Project Methodology

Each phase included overlay of NMI's health and wellness segmentation model - Now with 16 years of annual tracking, 93% predictive accuracy, and overlay into all Nielsen products for additional insight.

Phase 1: NMI Database and Health & Wellness Segment Insights-Over 7,000 Interviews!

  • Target consumer profiling as well as attitudinal and behavioral metrics gleaned from NMI's Health and Wellness Trends Data (HWTD) (n=3000+) and NMI's Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) database (n=4000+).

Phase 2: Nielsen HomeScan Health and Wellness Segment Insight - 50,000 households!

  • NMI's Health and Wellness Segments overlaid with Nielsen HomeScan data provide segment contribution to volume and frequency across gluten-free categories, identification of opportunistic categories and need states within the gluten-free food/beverage market.
  • Overviews on over 25 categories are provided herein

Phase 3: Attitude and Usage Study that analyzed the following groups:

  • 1,004 Gluten-Free Users, balanced on key demographics: age, gender, race and income
  • 223 Non-Gluten-Free Users (never used)
  • 97 Lapsed Gluten-Free Users (used, but not in past year)
  • Other key groups analyzed: Celiac/intolerant; heavy vs. light GF users; health issues and medical conditions
  • Uncovers motivations to use - medical vs prevention vs weight loss and other; occasions, HH need states, benefits sought, brand attributes and loyalty, sources of information and more.

Table of Contents

Project Methodology/Objectives and Definitions

Introduction and Executive Summary

Overview: State of the Gluten-Free Food/Beverage Market

  • Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Usage, Trended
  • Global and U.S. Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Product Introductions
  • Global and U.S. Specific Category Introductions
  • Top Gluten-Free Categories by Dollar Volume and Household Penetration

NMI's Health and Wellness Segmentation

  • NMI's Health and Wellness Segmentation Overview
  • Gluten-Free Food/Beverage Consumer Segment Insights
  • Gluten-Free Dollars and Buying Households, by Segments
  • NMI's Health and Wellness Segment Profiles, at a Glance

Defining the Gluten-Free Food and Beverage User

  • Incidence of Strict vs. Non-Strict Gluten-Free Users
  • Gluten-Free Food/Beverage Consumer Profile
  • Average Household Income, by Key Groups
  • Incidence of Key Gluten-Free User Groups
  • Incidence of Strict Gluten-Free Usage, by Key Groups
  • Level of Recent Use of Gluten-Free Foods/Beverages, by Key Groups
  • Frequency of Use, by Key Groups
  • Length of Time Using, by Key Groups
  • Key Gluten-Free User Demographics

Health Attitudes, Needs and Behaviors

  • Healthy Lifestyle Attitudes
  • Commitment to Personal Health
  • Self-Healthcare Attitudes
  • Attitudes Regarding Toxins
  • Disease Prevention Concerns
  • Methods of Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Methods of Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, by Segments
  • Supplements and Alternative Healthcare Usage
  • Management of Various Health Issues

Desires Within Healthy Food

  • Implications of Healthy Eating
  • Integration of Healthy Eating into Lifestyle
  • Desire for High-Protein and Fiber
  • Impact of Convenience on Healthy Food Choice
  • Desire for Less Processed Foods
  • Growth in Usage of Natural and Organic
  • Drivers of Food Selection
  • Desire for Healthy Ingredients
  • Importance of Inherently Nutritional Foods
  • Functional and Fortified Attitudes
  • Integration of Vegetarianism
  • Sweetener and Sugar Monitoring
  • Sweetener Usage
  • Artificial Sweetener Concerns

Pathways to Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Usage

  • Reasons for Initiating Use of Gluten-Free
  • Reasons for Initiation, Strict vs. Non-Strict Users
  • Reasons for Initiation, by Segments
  • Sources of Influence to Use Gluten-Free
  • Sources of Influence, Strict vs. Non-Strict Users
  • Sources of Influence, by Segments
  • Trusted Information Sources on Gluten-Free
  • Trusted Information Sources, Strict vs. Non-Strict Users

Nutrition, Ingredients and Benefits Sought from Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages

  • Health Beliefs about Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages
  • Foods and Beverage Purchase Drivers
  • Purchase Drivers, Heavy vs. Light Gluten-Free Users

Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Usage for Health Condition Management

  • Physician Recommendation of Gluten-Free and Compliance
  • Gluten-Free Use in Condition Management
  • FENCE SITTERS Usage of Gluten-Free for Condition Management
  • Gluten-Free Use in Disease Prevention
  • Gluten-Free Use for Disease Prevention, by Heavy Users
  • Belief in Gluten-Free as Health Issue Remedy
  • Gluten-Free Weight Loss Beliefs
  • Gluten-Free Weight Gain Beliefs
  • Gluten Digestion Beliefs
  • Management of Other Food Allergies

The Role of Health Practitioners in Longevity of Gluten-Free Diet

  • Physicians and Nutritionists Influence to Use Gluten-Free
  • Healthcare Recommendation of Gluten-Free for Condition Management
  • Compliance with Healthcare Recommendation to Use Gluten-Free
  • Frequency of Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Use
  • Longevity of Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Use
  • Gluten-Free Usage Barriers
  • Gluten-Free Usage Barriers, Heavy vs. Light Users

Features and Attributes That Will Drive Longevity in the Gluten-Free Market

  • Gluten-Free Features and Benefits, Importance vs. Satisfaction
  • Features and Benefits, Importance vs. Satisfaction among Heavy Users
  • General Knowledge and Attitudes about Gluten
  • Ability to Distinguish Naturally Gluten-Free Products
  • Attitudes about the Certified Gluten-Free Seal
  • Attitudes about the Government Setting Strict Gluten-Free Labeling Standards

Category Usage, Satisfaction, Opportunities and White Space

  • Usage of Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Product Categories, by Segments
  • Nielsen HomescanTM Gluten-Free Category Penetration, by Segments
  • Nielsen HomescanTM Gluten-Free Category Dollars Per Household
  • Cross-Usage of Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Categories
  • Frequency of Gluten-Free Food and Beverage Use, by Category
  • Satisfaction with Gluten-Free Categories, Among Users
  • Anticipated Repeat Purchase of Gluten-Free Categories
  • Desire for More Options within Gluten-Free Categories
  • Desire for More Specific Flavors in Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages
  • Preferred Location of Gluten-Free Within Grocery Store

Reasons for Lapsed Usage and Barriers to Entry

  • Reasons Why Non-Strict Users Don't Use Gluten-Free More Often
  • Desire for More Gluten-Free Recipes
  • Attitudes about Ability to be Gluten-Free in Restaurants
  • Reasons for Lapse in Gluten-Free Usage
  • Reasons for Never Using Gluten-Free Foods/Beverages

Lifestyle Characteristics/Beliefs

  • Level of Involvement in Exercise
  • Regular Participation in Various Activities
  • Organizational Membership
  • Monetary Donations to Various Organizations
  • Social and Environmental Concerns

Product Decision Influences and Channel Shopping

  • Product Influencers and Early Adopters
  • Sources of Influence on Food and Beverage Purchases
  • Package Label Influence and Monitoring
  • Awareness and Understanding of Green Seals
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Attitudes
  • Alignment of Purchase Decisions with Sustainability Concerns
  • Online Involvement
  • Websites Visited Regularly
  • TV and Newspaper Media Consumption
  • Magazine Readership
  • Outlets Shopped for Healthy and Natural Products

Appendix: NMI's Health and Wellness Segmentation

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