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全球輸配電基礎設施資料集 (2016-2026年)

Global Electricity Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure Dataset (2016 - 2026)

出版商 Northeast Group, LLC 商品編碼 368933
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 80,000 data points in Excel, 27 slide PowerPoint
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球輸配電基礎設施資料集 (2016-2026年) Global Electricity Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure Dataset (2016 - 2026)
出版日期: 2016年08月31日 內容資訊: 英文 80,000 data points in Excel, 27 slide PowerPoint


本報告提供全球輸配電基本設備的投資額調查,變電站區分 (供電、配電)、電線區分 (供電線、配電線)、配電自動化的各種結構區分、設備區分 (新、替換) 等各種區分的年度投資額、累計投資額的變化與預測彙整。


  • 供電變電站、配電變電站
  • 供電線、配電線
    • 架空
    • 地下
  • 配電自動化
    • 變電站自動化
    • FDIR
    • Volt/VAR的最佳化
    • 補充的電網監測
    • 控制基礎設施
  • 投資額
    • 年度
    • 累計
  • 投資額
    • 替換

The global transmission and distribution infrastructure market currently represents $282 billion in annual investment, split between traditional infrastructure (transmission and distribution substations and power lines) and smart infrastructure (distribution automation), as well as new and replacement equipment. Traditional infrastructure currently makes up 92% of total new annual investment, but smart infrastructure investment will rise to over 17% of total new T&D infrastructure investment by 2026 (it will make up a smaller percentage when investment in replacement infrastructure is considered). This dataset of over 80,000 data points covers 125 individual countries that comprise 98% of the global market. It projects the evolution of this market across the globe with concrete quantitative data.

Compiled from Primary Sources4

This dataset was compiled from primary sources. Northeast Group compiled primary sources from each of the 125 countries in order to build a bottom-up analysis of the global market. This ensures that the data is not a top-down estimate, compiled on a regional or global basis, but rather a country-by-country and segment-by-segment analysis that provides a detailed and exhaustive picture of the global market.

Data Split by Segment

The data is broken down into several segments, including 54 total lines of data for each country:

  • Transmission and distribution substations;
  • Transmission and distribution power lines - split between overhead and underground;
  • Distribution automation: substation automation, FDIR, Volt/VAR optimization, and additional grid monitory and control infrastructure;
  • Splits by annual and cumulative investment; and
  • Splits by new and replacement infrastructure.

Forecasts to 2026

Northeast Group has projected the electricity T&D market out to 2026 for each of the 125 countries and for each segment of the market. These forecasts are compiled from primary source data run through Northeast Group's proprietary forecasting models.

Excel Format Allowing for Customization + PowerPoint Summary

The dataset is compiled in Excel, allowing for easy data manipulation and customization by clients. An executive summary PowerPoint presentation is also included as part of the research package.

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