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OLED材料市場 2015-2022年:機運及機會

OLED Materials Markets 2015-2022: Momentum and Opportunities

出版商 n-tech Research, a NanoMarkets company 商品編碼 333522
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 201 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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OLED材料市場 2015-2022年:機運及機會 OLED Materials Markets 2015-2022: Momentum and Opportunities
出版日期: 2015年07月06日 內容資訊: 英文 201 Pages

本報告提供OLED材料 (有機LED材料) 市場相關調查,提供您變化中的產業結構分析,提供您每種用途·各類型材料·功能·累積法詳細的市場預測,及OLED材料市場上主要企業核心策略等調查。


第1章 簡介

第2章 等待OLED材料的市場:TV·照明的新聞

  • 小型·中型顯示器:OLED材料的可靠市場
  • OLED TV的成功對OLED材料的商務而言的意義
  • OLED材料和OLED照明的未來
  • 汽車OLED照明:預測的材料為何?
  • 穿戴式是否將是OLED的下一個市場?OLED材料預測
  • 本章的要點

第3章 OLED材料市場形成的趨勢

  • 放出層上的新趨勢:商業性預測
  • OLED堆疊的其他趨勢:材料的商業性預測
  • 廢除銥及其他環境上的問題
  • 彈性OLED現實:封裝的未來在哪裡?
  • OLED是否面臨過去的ITO (氧化銦錫) ?
  • OLED的解決方案流程
  • 本章的要點

第4章 OLED供應鏈的發展

  • 傳統的日本OLED材料供應商的未來
  • 下一個十年的UCD
  • Samsung的材料供應鏈
  • LG的材料供應鏈
  • 如果Apple朝OLED發展,誰將供給材料?
  • OLED材料的新興企業是否成功?
  • 中國改變一切
  • 本章的要點

第5章 OLED材料及市場預測

  • 預測手法·前提條件
  • OLED面板的面板區域預測,各用途:顯示器·照明
  • OLED放出層材料的8年預測
  • 電子運輸材料的8年預測
  • Hole transport,Hall blocking,及Electron Blocking材料的8年預測
  • Hole Injection Layer材料的8年預測
  • OLED的電極材料的8年預測
  • OLED封裝的8年預測
  • OLED基板的8年預測
  • OLED材料的8年預測的摘要



Product Code: Nano-833

n-tech has covered the OLED materials space for eight years, and we have watched expectations for this market swing backwards and forwards. For the moment there seems to be rising demand for OLED phones and tablets, but the short-term picture remains uncertain for OLED lighting and OLED TV panels. An old debate that shows no sign of going away is whether OLED materials can be effectively solution-processed. New issues are emerging and will help shape the OLED materials business, such as being "green" and avoiding rare and costly materials in what are often price-sensitive markets.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the OLED materials market is how the structure of the industry is changing. With all the uncertainties and captive markets, do newer companies in this space stand a chance? What will happen to the established suppliers in Japan who have been around since the days when "OLED" meant PM OLED?

This new report provides answers to all these questions. As with all n-tech reports, we include detailed volume and revenue forecasts, broken out by application, material type, functionality, and deposition method. We also examine the core strategies of leading players in the OLED materials space.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • E.1 Changes in the OLED Materials Market in the Past Year
    • E.1.1 Technology Changes and Issues to Solve
    • E.1.2 Market and Supply Chain Changes
  • E.2 Are There Still Market Opportunities in the OLED Materials Space?
  • E.3 Key Companies to Watch
  • E.4 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts for OLED Materials

Chapter One: Introduction

  • 1.1 Background to this Report
  • 1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report
  • 1.5 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Markets for OLED Materials: Awaiting News on TVs and Lighting

  • 2.1 Small and Medium Displays: A Reliable Market for OLED Materials
  • 2.2 What OLED TV's Success Would Mean for the OLED Materials Business
  • 2.3 OLED Materials and the Future of OLED Lighting
  • 2.4 Automotive OLED Lighting: What Materials Should Expect
  • 2.5 Will Wearables be the Next Market for OLEDs? Implications for OLED Materials
  • 2.6 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Three: Trends Shaping the OLED Materials Market

  • 3.1 New Trends in the Emissive Layer: Commercial Implications
    • 3.1.1 Blue: The Neverending Story
  • 3.2 Other Trends in the OLED Stack: Commercial Implications for Materials
  • 3.3 Eliminating Iridium and Other Environmental Issues
  • 3.4 Flexible OLEDs are Real: So What is the Future of Encapsulation?
  • 3.5 Will Ever OLEDs Move Past ITO?
  • 3.6 Solution Processing for OLEDs: If Not Now When?
  • 3.7 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Four: Evolution of the OLED Supply Chain

  • 4.1 The Future of Traditional Japanese OLED Materials Suppliers
  • 4.2 UDC in Next Decade
  • 4.3 The Samsung Materials Supply Chain
  • 4.3.1 A New Role for Novaled
  • 4.4 The LG Materials Supply Chain
  • 4.5 If Apple Goes OLED Who Will Supply Its Materials?
  • 4.6 Can OLED Materials Startups Succeed?
  • 4.7 China Changes Everything
  • 4.8 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Five: OLED Materials and Market Forecasts

  • 5.1 Forecasting Methodology and Assumptions
    • 5.1.1 Changes from Last Year's Forecast
    • 5.1.2 Pricing Assumptions
    • 5.1.3 General Economic Assumptions
  • 5.2 Panel Area Forecasts for OLED Panels by Application: Displays and Lighting
  • 5.3 Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Emissive Layer Materials
  • 5.4 Eight-Year Forecasts of Electron Transport Materials
  • 5.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of Hole Transport, Hole Blocking, and Electron Blocking Materials
  • 5.6 Eight-Year Forecasts of Hole Injection Layer Materials
  • 5.7 Eight-Year Forecasts of Electrode Materials in OLEDs
  • 5.8 Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Encapsulation
  • 5.9 Eight-Year Forecasts of Substrates in OLEDs
  • 5.10 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Materials
    • 5.10.1 Breakout by type of manufacturing

Acronyms and Abbreviations

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