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Global Airfreight Market - Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2018-2023)

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 120 Pages
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全球航空貨物市場:成長,趨勢及預測(2018-2023) Global Airfreight Market - Growth, Trends And Forecasts (2018-2023)
出版日期: 2017年10月01日 內容資訊: 英文 120 Pages




第1章 調查方法

第2章 調查結果

第3章 摘要整理

第4章 市場概要、市場趨勢

  • 目前市場
  • 波特的五力分析
  • 成長促進、阻礙因素及市場機會
  • 市場趨勢

第5章 全球市場的航空貨物市場:各飛機類型

  • 快運機
  • 全貨物機
  • 複合型

第6章 全球市場的航空貨物市場:各貨物類型

  • 醫藥品
  • 機器、電子設備
  • 飛機備件
  • 其他

第7章 全球市場的航空貨物市場:各地區

  • 北美
  • 南美
  • 歐洲
  • 亞太地區
  • 中東、非洲

第8章 競爭情形

  • 簡介
  • 市場佔有率分析

第9章 主要企業分析

  • FedEx Express
  • United Parcel Service
  • Emirates
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Cargolux
  • Chinese Airlines(China Southern, China Airlines, Air China)
  • 全日本航空公司
  • Qatar Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Etihad Airlines
  • British Airways

第10章 免責聲明


Airfreight Market:

The increasing Economic Activity and World Trade are the most important economic drivers for the Global Airfreight industry. Although the economic conditions have been very unfavourable in the past few years, Air freight has remained an indispensible tool for the transport of time sensitive commodities like perishables; high-value, low-weight goods including consumer electronics; high-fashion apparel; pharmaceuticals; industrial machinery; and high-value intermediate goods such as auto parts.

The APAC region holds the highest market share with more than 40% of the total market; China leads the way with 15% of the total market share and is expected to be top for years to come. The more mature markets like North America and Europe have started to recover after the global economic meltdown and are showing promising signs of growth.

The rising fuel prices has a complex effect on this market, air transport has become more expensive with the rising fuel prices however it is also driving a need for more efficient planes which has created a market for advanced cargo only flights. Of the current global cargo fleet 61% has been converted from old passenger flights. However this is changing gradually and will have an impact on the market as The performance, efficiency, and reliability of new, purpose-built freighters outweigh the lower purchase prices for converted large freighters, especially for intercontinental operations, where high cargo density, larger payloads, and extended range are crucial.

The report looks into the current composition of the Cargo Fleets of various major airlines around the world segregating them on the basis of size; Wide Body Aircrafts, Very Large Aircrafts and Narrow Body Aircrafts across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the very high growth Middle East region. Recent developments like the e-Freight program for paperless shipments have been analysed and their impact on the market is presented. The key players in the industry have been analysed and the company profiles along with the competitive landscape have been given.

Table of Contents

1. Research Methodology

2. Key Findings of the Study

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Overview, Trends And Dynamics

  • 4.1 Current Market
  • 4.2 Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  • 4.3 Drivers, Restraints & Oppurtunities
  • 4.4 Trends

5. Global Airfreight Market Segmentation by Aircraft type

  • 5.1 Express
  • 5.2 All Cargo
  • 5.3 Combination

6. Global Airfreight Market Segmentation by Freight Item

  • 6.1 Pharmaceuticals
  • 6.2 Machinery & Elelctrical equipments
  • 6.3 Aircraft Spare Parts
  • 6.4 Others

7. Global Airfreight Market Segmented by Geography

  • 7.1 North America
  • 7.2 South America
  • 7.3 Europe
  • 7.4 APAC
  • 7.5 Middle East and Africa

8. Competitive Landscape

  • 8.1 Introduction
  • 8.2 Market Share Analysis

9. Key Competitor Analysis

  • 9.1 FedEx Express
  • 9.2 United Parcel Service
  • 9.3 Emirates
  • 9.4 Cathay Pacific
  • 9.5 Cargolux
  • 9.6 Chinese Airlines(China Southern, China Airlines, Air China)
  • 9.7 All Nippon Airways
  • 9.8 Qatar Airways
  • 9.9 Lufthansa
  • 9.10 Etihad Airlines
  • 9.11 British Airways

10. Disclaimer

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