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綠色資料中心的全球市場 - 成長,趨勢與市場預測

Global Green Data Center market - By Services (System Integration, Monitoring Services, Professional Services), Solutions, Users, Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast - (2017 - 2022)

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 102 Pages
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綠色資料中心的全球市場 - 成長,趨勢與市場預測 Global Green Data Center market - By Services (System Integration, Monitoring Services, Professional Services), Solutions, Users, Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast - (2017 - 2022)
出版日期: 2017年01月06日 內容資訊: 英文 102 Pages


第1章 簡介

  • 調查的成果
  • 調查的前提條件
  • 調查手法
  • 主要調查結果
  • 市場定義

第2章 摘要整理

第3章 市場動態

  • 市場概要
  • 市場促進要素
  • 市場抑制因素
  • 價值鏈分析
  • 產業的魅力 - 波特的五力分析

第4章 產業的政策

第5章 技術概要

  • 技術的短評
  • 冷卻技術
  • 進行中的開發

第6章 各解決方案的綠色資料中心的全球市場

  • 電源
  • 伺服器
  • 軟體
  • 網路技術
  • 冷卻
  • 其他

第7章 各用戶的綠色資料中心的全球市場

  • 主機代管供應商
  • 雲端服務供應商
  • 企業

第8章 各行業的綠色資料中心的全球市場

  • 醫療
  • 金融服務
  • 政府
  • 通訊
  • 其他

第9章 各地區的綠色資料中心的全球市場

  • 北美
  • 歐洲
  • 亞太地區
  • 其他

第10章 廠商市場佔有率

第11章 競爭資訊 - 企業簡介

第12章 綠色資料中心的全球市場的今後



The Global Green Data center market was valued at USD 35.8 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach a market value of USD 148.22 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 26.20% during the forecast period, 2017-2022. Organizations are being challenged about their data center strategies, adding energy efficiency to the list of critical operating parameters, which include reliability, performance, and serviceability. Green initiatives are taken by the companies to help them reach cooling capacity and recapture resiliency, which help them meet the business needs, as well as, reduce the total cost of ownership. Transition to a green data center is considered a complex undertaking, though it can optimize operating efficiency and reduce energy costs.

The increased demand for data storage, focus on energy efficiency, government regulations promoting green data centers, data center space constraints and high operational costs of data centers are driving the growth of the green data center market during the forecast period. High initial investments, incompatibility with the existing data centers, lack of awareness about the benefits of green data centers are the factors hindering the growth of green data center market. Innovations that lead to green data centers at lower-cost and educating companies about the benefits of green data centers are providing opportunities for the growth of the green data center market.

The global green data center market is segmented by services (system integration, monitoring services, professional services and others), solutions (power, servers, management software, networking technologies, cooling and others), users (colocation providers, cloud service providers and enterprises), industry verticals (healthcare, financial services, government, telecom and IT and others) and by region (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East & Africa). North America has seen an increase in mobile traffic and data storage demand in the recent years. The region, with a vast IT infrastructure, has boosted the smart devices market regarding enhancing factors such as mobility and availability of high-speed internet to the users. However, this can affect the data storage and efficiency of existing data centers. Green data center (GDC) provides effective solutions regarding data storage and reduction in energy consumption, thereby, alleviating negative impacts to the environment.

This report describes a detailed study of Porter's five forces analysis of the market. All the five major factors in these markets have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them. It also covers the market landscape of top players, which includes the key growth strategies, geographical footprint, and competition analysis. The report also considers key trends that impact the industry and profiles of leading companies in market, which include -


Cisco Technology

HP Inc.

Dell Inc.

Hitachi Ltd.

Schneider Electric SE

EMC Corporation

IBM Corporation

Eaton Corporation

Emerson Network Powers

GoGrid LLC.

Key Deliverables in the Study

Market definition for green data center, along with identification of key drivers and restraints for the market.

Market analysis for the global green data center market, with region-specific assessments and competition analysis on a global and regional scale.

Identification of factors instrumental in changing the market scenario, rising prospective opportunities and identification of key companies which can influence the market on a global and regional scale.

Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies, along with their strategic initiatives and market share.

Identification and analysis of the macro and micro factors that affect the green data center market on both, global and regional scales.

A comprehensive list of key market players along with the analysis of their current strategic interests and key financial information.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 Study Deliverables
  • 1.2 Study Assumptions
  • 1.3 Market Definition
  • 1.4 Executive Summary

2. Research Methodology

3. Market Dynamics

  • 3.1 Market Overview
  • 3.2 Market Drivers
    • 3.2.1 Increased demand for data storage
    • 3.2.2 Focus on Energy Efficiency
    • 3.2.3 Government Regulations
    • 3.2.4 Data center space constraints
  • 3.3 Market Restraints
    • 3.3.1 High Initial investments
    • 3.3.2 Incompatibility with the existing Data Centers
  • 3.4 Opportunities in the Green Data Center Market
    • 3.4.1 Green Data Centers at lower cost
    • 3.4.2 Educating companies about the benefits of Green Data Centers
  • 3.5 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's Five Forces Analysis
    • 3.5.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    • 3.5.2 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
    • 3.5.3 Bargaining Power of Consumers
    • 3.5.4 Threat of Substitute Products or Services
    • 3.5.5 Threat of New Entrants
  • 3.6 Industry Value Chain Analysis

4. Technology Overview

  • 4.1 Technology Snapshot
  • 4.2 Cooling Technologies
    • 4.2.1 Liquid Cooling
    • 4.2.2 Evaporative Cooling
    • 4.2.3 Free Cooling
  • 4.3 Power Usage lowering technologies
    • 4.3.1 Low-power Servers
    • 4.3.2 Solar and Wind Energy
  • 4.4 Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • 4.5 Consolidation and Virtualization Technologies
  • 4.6 Ongoing Developments

5. Global Green Data Center Market - Segmented by Services

  • 5.1 System Integration
  • 5.2 Monitoring Services
  • 5.3 Professional Services
  • 5.4 Others

6. Global Green Data Center Market - Segmented by Solutions

  • 6.1 Power
  • 6.2 Servers
  • 6.3 Management Software
  • 6.4 Networking Technologies
  • 6.5 Cooling
  • 6.6 Others

7. Global Green Data Center Market - Segmented by Users

  • 7.1 Colocation Providers
  • 7.2 Cloud Service Providers
  • 7.3 Enterprises

8. Global Green Data Center Market - Segmented by Industry Verticals

  • 8.1 Healthcare
  • 8.2 Financial Services
  • 8.3 Government
  • 8.4 Telecom and IT
  • 8.5 Others

9. Global Green Data Center Market Forecast

  • 9.1 North America
  • 9.2 Europe
  • 9.3 Asia Pacific
  • 9.4 Latin America
  • 9.5 Middle East and Africa

10. Vendor Market Share Analysis

11. Competitive Intelligence - Company Profiles

  • 11.1 Fujitsu Ltd.
  • 11.2 Cisco Technology, Inc.
  • 11.3 HP Inc.
  • 11.4 Dell Inc.
  • 11.5 Hitachi Ltd.
  • 11.6 Schneider Electric SE
  • 11.7 EMC Corporation
  • 11.8 IBM Corporation
  • 11.9 Eaton Corporation
  • 11.10 Emerson Network Powers
  • 11.11 GoGrid, LLC

12. Future of Green Data Center Market

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