Sectors that have Survived COVID-19 - 5 Industries that will Gain from the Global Lockdown

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倖存的COVID-19領域:五個受益於全球封鎖的行業 Sectors that have Survived COVID-19 - 5 Industries that will Gain from the Global Lockdown
出版日期: 2020年06月01日內容資訊: 英文 27 Pages




  • 大型製藥公司為了擊敗病毒的競爭
    • 與公共部門的合作遠遠超過與私營部門的合作
    • Gilead的lemdecivir是目前最大的候選藥物
    • 需要承擔行業風險
  • 美國引領醫療器械研發熱潮
    • 美國通過獨立競爭和合作夥伴關係引領世界生產
    • 最大需求來自體外診斷
    • 外部競爭對手進行干預
  • 高科技公司將新的醫療保健解決方案推向市場
    • 亞馬遜的醫療保健優勢在加速
    • 技術專業正在考慮使用一個追蹤應用程序


  • 為食品零售打開了新的大門,但關閉了接待門
    • 食品需求模式正在改變
  • 共享經濟型應用受益於食品零售和飲食業
    • 鎖定可能會加快雜貨配送的趨勢
    • COVID-19對全球各種交付應用的影響無處不在


  • IT提供商從不斷變化的業務實踐中獲得永久利益
    • 遠程工作的繁榮即將過渡
    • UC&C提供者擁有巨大的營銷機會
  • 市場多元化加速
    • 由於新進入者的顛覆性影響,UC&C市場繼續多元化
    • 雲端服務也很重要


  • 社交媒體和流媒體從狂熱的觀眾中受益
    • Streamer準備長期效果
    • 封閉用戶使現有公司與眾不同
    • 社交媒體在鎖定後需要保留新用戶


  • 私募股權基金瞄準困難時期的上市公司
    • PIPE方法已經在增加
    • 私募股權基金持有大量現金進行投資
    • 看漲但陷入困境的上市公司提供了機會


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Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic in March, the toll of lockdown measures across the world has been severe in most sectors. However, there are sectors which have seen demand for at least some of their goods and services increase during this otherwise disastrous period

Key Highlights

Racing to produce diagnostic tools, therapies and treatments for COVID-19, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are working both independently and in partnership with the public sector to meet demand. New entrants from other sectors are further intensifying competition, and tech giants are accelerating their long-term healthcare strategies.

Supermarkets around the world have become focal points of demand as the hospitality sector effectively shuts down. Restaurants and cafes which have managed to continue operating have done so through delivery services, which are busier than ever.

The confluence of these two areas of demand is grocery delivery, a global trend which has been accelerated.

Remote working has become essential for businesses under lockdown, and for many the shift has exposed a huge gap in their IT infrastructure. Providers of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) services have stepped in to facilitate remote working at scale, and a raft of marketing campaigns has taken off as the market rapidly diversifies.


  • See how the global pandemic has changed the world economy
  • Examine which industries have fared well during this time
  • See what are key players doing to survive and thrive
  • Long term, learn what the implications for these industries is
  • Reasons to Buy
  • Who are the major players that will do well from the change in global economic dynamics?
  • How can players change their strategies to improve their responses?
  • What industries are naturally setup to do well from the changes COVID-19 has inflicted?
  • Just how long term are these global economic issues going to be?

Table of Contents

1.Pharma and Medical Devices

  • 1.1.Big pharmas are competing to beat the virus
    • 1.1.1.Work with the public sector massively outweighs that with the private
    • 1.1.2.Gilead's remdesivir is currently the biggest contender
    • 1.1.3.Demand is needed to compensate for the risks to the industry
  • 1.2.The US is leading a boom in medical device R&D
    • 1.2.1.US leads global output, with companies competing independently and in partnerships
    • 1.2.2.Greatest demand comes from in vitro diagnostics
    • 1.2.3.External competitors are weighing in
  • 1.3.Tech companies are bringing new healthcare solutions to market
    • 1.3.1.Amazon's healthcare ascendance has been accelerated
    • 1.3.2.Tech giants are weighing in with tracking apps

2.Food Retail and Delivery

  • 2.1.The door has closed on hospitality as another opens for food retail
    • 2.1.1.Patterns of demand for groceries have changed
  • 2.2.Sharing economy apps gain from both food retail and hospitality
    • 2.2.1.Lockdown could hasten trends towards grocery delivery
    • 2.2.2.COVID-19's impact on diverse global delivery apps will be ubiquitous

3.UC&C Providers

  • 3.1.IT providers will see lasting gains from a change in business practices
    • 3.1.1.Remote working boom comes at a time of transition
    • 3.2.1.UC&C providers have a crucial marketing opportunity
  • 3.2.Diversification of the market is ramping up
    • 3.2.1.The UC&C market will continue to diversify with disruptive new entrants
    • 3.2.2.Cloud services have also become vital

4.Consumer Tech Services

  • 4.1.Social media and streaming are benefitting from captive audiences
    • 4.1.1.Streamers' preparedness for long-term impacts will vary
    • 4.1.2.Keeping users locked in will differentiate more established players
    • 4.1.3.Social media also needs to retain new users after lockdown

5.Private Equity funds

  • 5.1.Private Equity funds are eyeing up struggling public companies
    • 5.1.1.PIPE deals are already on the rise
    • 5.1.1.Private equity funds have huge stores of cash to invest
    • 5.1.3.Strong but struggling public companies present an opportunity

6. Appendix