MVNO Business Plan 2020

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虛擬移動運營商(MVNO)業務計劃(2020) MVNO Business Plan 2020
出版日期: 2020年09月14日內容資訊: 英文 191 Pages





  • 需求分析
  • 服務概述
  • 目標市場
  • 提供的服務:主要的利潤促進因素
  • 未來/潛在服務:替代性收入來源
  • 分銷/購買/補貨
  • 入門包
  • 手機和硬件
  • GSM系統和SIM卡
  • 網站和客戶界面
  • 增強功能和未來技術的範圍-4G/LTE
  • 後台和客戶服務
  • 網絡運營商
  • 法規
  • 流失率(流失率)


  • 機會
  • 策略
  • 設置和管理
  • 基礎設施
  • 多IMSI方法
  • 多網絡VPN
  • 安全和控制
  • 預測


  • 美國無線市場
  • 預付費市場
  • 批發
  • 協商向量
  • 初始安裝成本分析
  • 終端使用和控制
  • 網絡使用和控制


  • 概述
  • 營銷思路
  • 第一個細分市場和戰略考慮
  • 商業聯盟/聯合品牌
  • 忠誠度計劃
  • 過渡策略


  • 收入流和成本考慮
  • 利潤增長
  • 財務預測
  • 融資
  • 退出策略


  • 選擇標準
  • 技術要求
  • 其他因素



  • 管理
  • 諮詢委員會和合作夥伴
  • 合作夥伴


  • 概述
  • 預付費業務運營商
  • SWOT分析
  • 預付費市場競爭分析


  • 概述


  • 概述
  • 世界市場概況和預測
  • 歐洲MVNO市場:驅動因素
  • 北美和南美MVNO市場:推動因素
  • 中東MVNO市場:推動因素
  • 亞太地區MVNO市場:推動因素






Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) companies are launched for many different reasons, many of which have more to do with other businesses than the MVNO operation itself. It is important to consider the strategies an MVNO will employ to exploit market opportunities and include in an MVNO Business Plan.

Some questions to consider include:

  • Will the MVNO be a sub-brand to an existing business?
  • Will the MVNO align with retail strategies of some other business?
  • Will the MVNO offer discounted services compared to existing Mobile Network Operators (MNO)?
  • Will the MVNO offer Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications related services on a B2B basis rather than consumer services?
  • Will the MVNO acquire data-only from the underlying MNO, relying upon messaging and voice over IP and delivered in an OTT model?

Regardless of the overall MVNO strategy, executing upon a vision requires careful planning. One thing that all successful MVNOs have in common is they started with a well-developed business plan. This must include insights regarding the impact of 5G upon business operations. Accordingly, customers acquiring the MVNO Business Plan will also receive research evaluating 5G technology and its impact upon networks, apps, and services (see below for more information).

The MVNO Business Plan

This is a full business plan based on the launch of an illustrative MVNO known as Contendus. The plan covers all aspects of the company launch plan including market assessment, funding requirements, financial analysis, market segmentation and product differentiation. Also included is a go-to-market plan, distribution and replenishment plans, comparison of MVNO's and more. The major benefit of this report is to assist in the development of an MVNO launch and to help validate existing plans.

Launching a MVNO involves a lot of careful planning and an understanding of the competitive threats and opportunities. Understanding the competitive issues and what type of MVNO to launch is key to success. A critical aspect to the success of any MVNO is its wholesale negotiations with the host mobile network operator (MNO). Accordingly, the MVNO Business Plan includes Modelling and Negotiation Strategies for Contracting with Host Mobile Network Operators. This includes rate structures of the retail minus and cost-plus models, the pros and cons of each, and how to implement them.

The MVNO Business Plan also includes evaluation of wholesale incentives, the reconciliation process and also what macro and micro environmental aspects to consider when defining your negotiation strategy. Also includes is an example Service Level Agreement (SLA), modeled from real life operational MVNO SLAs, which can be customized and built upon to meet the needs of their service management requirements.

With 5G poised to impact virtually every part of the communication services value chain, the publisher believes it is extremely important for the MVNO ecosystem to be informed and understand the impacts on virtual network operations. Accordingly, the report 5G Technology Assessment, Market Outlook, and Forecasts 2020-2030 is also included with the MVNO Business Plan.

Target Audience:

  • MVNO start-ups
  • Mobile network operators
  • MVNE/MVNO service providers
  • Investors and analysts in the mobile space
  • Suppliers of MVNO equipment and software
  • Consultants and systems integration companies

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • A. The Business
  • B. The Strategy
  • C. The Market
  • D. The Management
  • E. The Financials
  • F. The Company Mission
  • G. The Criteria Of MVNO
  • H. Exceptions

2. The Business

  • A. Requirement Analysis
  • B. Description of Services
  • C. Target Market
  • D. Services Offered - Primary Revenue Drivers
  • E. Potential Future Services - Alternative Revenue Sources
  • F. Distribution, Purchasing and Refills
  • G. Starter Package
  • H. Handsets and Hardware
  • I. Gsm System and The Sim-Card
  • J. The Web-Site and Customer Interface
  • K. Scope for Enhancements and Future Technology 4G/LTE
  • L. Back-Office and Customer Care
  • M. The Network Operator
  • N. Regulatory
  • O. Churn

3. The Opportunity

  • A. Opportunity
  • B. Strategy
  • C. Provisioning and Management
  • D. Infrastructure
  • E. Multi-IMSI Approach
  • F. Multi-Network VPN
  • G. Security and Control
  • H. Forecast

4. The Market

  • A. US Wireless Market
  • B. Prepaid Markets
  • C. Wholesale
  • D. Negotiation Vectors
  • E. Analysis on Setup Cost
  • F. Terminal Usage and Control
  • G. Network Usage and Control

5. Marketing Plan

  • A. General Overview
  • B. Marketing Ideas
  • C. Initial Market Segments and Strategic Considerations
  • D. Partnering and Co-Branding
  • E. Loyalty Program
  • F. Migration Strategy

6. Financial Overview

  • A. Revenue Streams & Cost Considerations
  • B. Revenue Growth
  • C. Financial Projections
  • D. Funding
  • E. Exit Strategy

7. Extensions and Upgrades

  • A. Selection Criteria
  • B. Technical Requirements
  • C. Other Factors

8. Potential Market Segments (Ad. 1)

9. The Management Team and Partners (Ad. 2)

  • A. Management
  • B. Board of Advisors and Partners
  • A. Partners

10. Competition (Ad. 3)

  • A. General Overview
  • B. Prepaid Players
  • B. Swot Analysis
  • C. Prepaid Competition Analysis

Europe Vs. United States (Ad. 4)

  • C. General Overview

11. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market & Growth Overview (Ad. 5)

  • A. General Overview
  • B. Global Overview and Forecast
  • C. MVNO Drive in Europe
  • D. MVNO Drive in America
  • E. MVNO Drive in Middle East
  • F. MVNO Drive in Asia Pacific

12. Case Studies (Ad. 6)

13. Conclusions

14. Appendix

  • A. Cellular Operator Organization Structure
  • B. Initiating Contact with MNOs
  • C. Establishing a Strategy