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Market Opportunities for 5G in Fixed Wireless Solutions

出版商 Mind Commerce 商品編碼 926841
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 21 Pages
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固定無線解決方案的5G的市場機會 Market Opportunities for 5G in Fixed Wireless Solutions
出版日期: 2020年02月28日內容資訊: 英文 21 Pages

5G固定無線存取,在企業、產業、政府客戶用向私人無線網路的互相連接中非常重要。5G特別提供智慧工廠 、辦公大樓,倉庫,其他企業和產業設施替代纖維連接的實行可能手段。關於RAN,譬如,毫米波RF的新5G無線零組件比LTE的頻率衰減大等,5G RAN有幾個應該克服的重要課題。因為高頻率的毫米波RF,因為衰落大,大部分是LOS基礎。這在固定無線等點對點中最適合,不過,在行動相關的用途中是很大的課題。


第1章 5G產業的改變遊戲規則者

第2章 5G的優點

第3章 5G服務的演變

第4章 5G市場:各產業

第5章 5G市場:事業連接用

第6章 5G連接的B2B服務

第7章 5G與私人網路

第8章 5G連接解決方案

第9章 5G和纖維:F5G

第10章 5G固定無線存取的預測

  • LTE Advanced Pro
  • 全球LTE Advanced Pro FWA市場:各部門
  • 經營者的5G市場
  • 全球5G FWA市場:各部門
  • 全球5G FWA用戶數:各部門
  • 全球WiFi室內服務的5G固定無線市場


This research evaluates the state of 5G monetization with a focus on the importance of fixed wireless access as a critically important offering from carriers to business customers. This report includes market analysis and forecasts that cover LTE Advanced Pro and 5G for fixed network access from 2020 to 2025.

5G fixed wireless access will be especially important for interconnection to private wireless networks for enterprise, industrial, and government clients. In particular, 5G will provide a viable alternative to fiber connectivity for smart factories, office buildings, warehouses and other enterprise and industrial facilities.

In terms of the radio access network (RAN), there are some substantial challenges to overcome with 5G RAN. For example, the 5G new radio component that leverages millimeter wave (mmWave) RF has a high degree of attenuation (loss over the air and when hitting solid objects) than lower frequencies used in LTE.

The higher frequency mmWave RF is largely line of sight based because of the high degree of fading. This works great for point-to-point applications, such as fixed wireless, but represents a significant challenge for mobility-related applications. This is one of the biggest factors driving the need for carriers to focus on fixed and portable solutions initially.

Table of Contents

1. 5G Industry Game Changer

2. 5G Benefits

3. 5G Services Evolution

4. 5G for Industry Verticals

5. 5G for Business Connectivity

6. 5G Connectivity B2B Services

7. 5G and Private Networks

8. 5G Connectivity Solutions

9. 5G and Fiber: F5G

10. 5G Fixed Wireless Access Forecasts

  • 10.1. Fixed Wireless Access Market in LTE Advanced Pro 2019 - 2026
  • 10.2. Fixed Wireless Access Market in LTE Advanced Pro 2019 - 2026
  • 10.3. Global LTE Advanced Pro FWA Market by Sector 2019 - 2026
  • 10.4. 5G Applications in Business Market 2019 - 2026
  • 10.5. Global 5G FWA Market by Sector 2019 - 2026
  • 10.6. Global 5G FWA Users by Market Segment 2019 - 2026
  • 10.7. Global 5G Fixed Wireless to WiFi Indoor Service Market 2019 - 2026