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預付型無線客戶服務的人工智能 (AI) :市場機會

Market Opportunity: Artificial Intelligence in Prepaid Wireless Customer Care

出版商 Mind Commerce 商品編碼 795281
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
預付型無線客戶服務的人工智能 (AI) :市場機會 Market Opportunity: Artificial Intelligence in Prepaid Wireless Customer Care
出版日期: 2019年02月26日內容資訊: 英文

本報告涵括通訊服務供應商 (CSP) 市場區隔的未來客戶服務,提供使用AI型客戶服務的優點 (削減運營成本和終端用戶滿意度的改善等),案例研究及建議等相關資訊。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 預付型無線概要

  • 預付 vs. 月租型
  • 價格,功能,及計劃
  • 客戶服務的等級

第3章 預付客戶服務的AI

  • 線上工具:AI支援聊天機器人
  • 如同真實的客戶服務:互動式AI
  • 那是什麼,為何那麼重要?
  • 對預付客戶服務來說的好事為何?

第4章 預付型無線客戶服務的案例研究

  • 第一級電信業者的實際經驗的案例研究
    • 長期客戶從月租型轉換到預付
    • 以前是月租型的預付客戶解約電話
    • 預付型無線客戶服務的AI的案例研究

第5章 摘要、建議

  • 在後付費之前預先為客戶服務採用AI
  • Opex的大幅度削減
  • 顧客服務的戲劇性改善
  • 所有無線服務客戶服務最終成為AI型


Prepaid wireless has gained parity with postpaid in terms of plans, feature functionality, and even pricing. However, prepaid wireless customer care remains sub-par compared to postpaid service. In addition, prepaid service providers typically have their own customer care teams, even within host carriers (e.g. not just with MVNO providers), which can cause many issues including customer migration from postpaid to prepaid (or vice versa), plan differences, and phone related issues.

Based on our primary research into prepaid wireless service provider customer care, Mind Commerce believes that prepaid wireless service providers (and some post-paid service MVNOs) will be the likely first and best target service areas for AI based CRM. More specifically, carriers will look beyond AI based chatbots and other online CRM automation tools towards conversational AI, which will become very important for both cost reduction and customer satisfaction. This is because conversational AI will provide the best combination of human-like interaction, but with the full knowledge base of carrier service information. AI in prepaid wireless customer care will not be limited to conversational AI, however, as machine learning will also be a powerful tool to identify trends in customer care. This will allow carriers to proactively deal with potential customer concerns before they become systemic problems.

The downside from an employment perspective is that many low-level customer care personnel jobs will be eliminated. Wireless carriers are recommended to restructure and retrain personnel in preparation for implementing AI in CRM. Part of this preparation should involve elimination of wrote engagement such as scripts used by customer care in favor of reps becoming more intuitive and active listeners. Additional insights from our primary research along with recommendations are found in the report.

This report will enable the purchaser to have a better understanding of future customer care operations within the communications service provider (CSP) market segment. Buyers of this report will be able to identify how CSPs will simultaneously cut operational costs and improve end-user satisfaction via AI-based customer care. In addition, the buyer will gain a better understanding of how AI-enabled CRM will evolve and integrate with business operations within many industry verticals.

This Management Strategy Report is part of our Insight Series that identifies developing market trends and provides vision into the market impact of emerging and disintermediating technologies. This offering includes expert Q&A as well as one hour of interactive consultation to answer your pressing technology and/or business issues. Additional consulting, advisory services, and/or research customization are available upon request.

Key Findings:

  • Customer care at incumbent MNOs is highly bifurcated
  • AI will provide both cost reduction and customer satisfaction
  • Best tool for automated wireless customer care is conversational AI
  • Best tool for data analytics and customer-facing decisions is machine learning

Target Audience:

  • AI companies
  • Prepaid service providers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Wireless infrastructure providers
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators
  • Mobile application store companies
  • Prepaid service distributors and marketers
  • Application, content, and commerce providers

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Prepaid Wireless Overview

  • 2.1. Prepaid vs. Postpaid
  • 2.2. Pricing, Features, and Plans
  • 2.3. Level of Customer Care

3. AI in Prepaid Customer Care

  • 3.1. Online Tool: AI enabled Chatbots
  • 3.2. Lifelike Customer Care: Conversational AI
  • 3.3. What is it and Why is it so Important?
  • 3.4. What will it do for Prepaid Customer Care?

4. Prepaid Wireless Customer Care Case Studies

  • 4.1. Case Studies of Actual Experience with Tier One Carrier
    • 4.1.1. Long Term Customer switches from Postpaid to Prepaid
      • Dealing with Two Different Customer Care Teams
      • What they Don't Tell you about Switching to Prepaid
    • 4.1.2. Previously Postpaid, Prepaid Customer Breaks Phone
      • What they Don't Tell you about Bring Your Own Device
      • Device Pitfalls: Aftermarket Cellular Phone Buyer Beware
    • Case Study of AI in Prepaid Wireless Customer Care

5. Summary and Recommendations

  • 5.1. Prepaid to Adopt AI for Customer Care before Postpaid
  • 5.2. Substantial Reduction to Operational Expenses
  • 5.3. Dramatically Improved Customer Service
  • 5.4. All Wireless Service Customer Care to ultimately be AI Based