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Gas Turbines

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燃氣渦輪機 Gas Turbines
出版日期: 2017年08月04日 內容資訊: 英文



  • 市場業績
  • 燃氣渦輪機各尺寸的明細
  • 非並聯型部門的業績
  • 並聯型部門的業績
  • 先進技術
  • 航空用燃氣渦輪機的普及
  • IPP有關
  • 各國需求
  • 市場佔有率


  • 技術所有者的佔有率:訂貨容量、訂貨台數
  • 製造商的佔有率:訂貨容量、訂貨台數
  • 各國佔有率:訂貨容量、訂貨台數


  • 計劃
  • 設備
  • 製造商
  • 技術所有者
  • EPC經營者
  • 實行形式
  • 客戶
  • 客戶類型
  • 產業
  • 國家、地區
  • 計劃類型
  • 渦輪機級
  • 單位容量
  • 整體容量
  • 計劃
  • 模式等



The Gas Turbine market share leaders over the past ten years, according to the McCoy Gas Turbine Database, are General Electric (GE), Siemens and Mitsubishi-Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS). GE competes for gas turbine market share through its three gas turbine divisions - Power & Water, Oil & Gas, and Distributed Power (formerly GE Aero). Oil & Gas has recorded gas turbine market share between 1.4% and 10.3% in capacity terms (Ordered Capacity) since 1980. In units (Ordered Units), Oil & Gas' gas turbine market share crested at 17.1% and ebbed at 2.7% since 1980. Distributed Power has recorded Ordered Capacity gas turbine market share from 0.5% to 8.4% since 1980. In Ordered Capacity, Distributed Power's gas turbine market share has ranged from 0.7% to 18.8% over the same time frame. Power and Water, which has been the Ordered Capacity gas turbine market share leader for most of history, has recorded between 2.0% and 58.2% gas turbine market share since 1980. In awarded units, Power & Water has had a gas turbine market share high of 43.3% and low of 10.6% since 1980.

Siemens places second in gas turbine market share overall and competes for gas turbine market share through two division: Siemens Power Gen (Power Gen) which focuses on the large frame turbines, and Siemens Oil & Gas (SOG) which focuses on the smaller frames. Siemens Power Gen gas turbine market share in Ordered Units since 1980 has been as high as 10.4% and as low as 0.2% since 1980 while Ordered Capacity gas turbine market share has ranged from 28.1% and 2.5%. SOG has had its gas turbine market share range from 3.5% to 21.8%in Ordered Units while Ordered Capacity gas turbine market share has ranged from 0.9% to 6.3%. MHPS gas turbine market share has historically been narrowly focused on the large frame categories, and in this category, MHPS has had gas turbine market share ranging between 1.7% and 23.4% in Ordered Capacity and 13.8% and 1.3% in Ordered Units. Now, MHPS has two more brands in its stable with which to build its gas turbine market share which includes Hitachi and Pratt & Whitney.

All of the gas turbine market share data that is used to calculate the gas turbine market shares mentioned above are derived from McCoy's gas turbine database (Gas Turbine Database). McCoy has been building its gas turbine database since 1980 by transcribing all gas turbine project data into the gas turbine database. Several times each year, the gas turbine manufacturers respond to McCoy's survey with the latest gas turbine project data for their claimed orders; the end product is the Gas Turbine Database which details all gas turbine project data, from which can be derived the gas turbine installed base. Many of the gas turbine manufacturers use McCoy's Gas Turbine Database as a comprehensive source for all Gas Turbine Project Data which includes Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, HRSGs and EPC order details. Together with the customer name, location, and other gas turbine project data, McCoy's Gas Turbine Database. The Gas Turbine Installed Base can be derived from all awards since 1980, which is how most of the manufacturers define it currently.

Table of Contents

  • Summary of Most Relevant Observations
  • Global Market Summary
  • Market Share Discussion
  • 6M'17 Official League Tables
    • Technology Owner: Share of Ordered Capacity and Ordered Units
    • Manufacturer: Share of Ordered Capacity and Ordered Units
  • End Notes
  • GT Order Data, 6M'17 (the “Data”)
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