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全球青光眼手術器械市場(2021 年):2020 年至 2026 年的分析

2021 Glaucoma Surgical Device Market Report: Global Analysis for 2020 to 2026

出版商 Market Scope, LLC 商品編碼 1022865
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
全球青光眼手術器械市場(2021 年):2020 年至 2026 年的分析 2021 Glaucoma Surgical Device Market Report: Global Analysis for 2020 to 2026
出版日期: 2021年07月31日內容資訊: 英文

本報告調查了全球青光眼手術器械市場,分析了 2020 年 COVID-19 對青光眼手術的影響,預測到 2026 年的年度復甦,並預計青光眼的使用會增加。新 MIGS 器械在各個階段的驗證信息發佈了開發和商業化、市場趨勢和增長因素、市場規模和預測、產品類型分析等。


  • 青光眼背景信息、青光眼患者人數、青光眼診斷
  • 當前的銷售估計和預測,包括青光眼設備的平均價格和總收入
  • 眼科醫生、眼科醫生、驗光師和全科醫生等潛在設備購買者的個人資料
  • 製造商信息
  • 當前的贖回率
  • 分為 15 個產品類型的 5 個基本手術類別的分析
  • 分析美國白內障外科醫生、青光眼專家和普通眼科醫生進行的不同類型青光眼手術的比例
  • 分析 COVID-19 對 2020 年銷售的影響以及 2021 年至 2026 年的複蘇前景

本報告討論了 MIGS 支架在青光眼患者中增加使用的驗證以及使用創新型青光眼手術器械進行手術數量激增的潛力。它還介紹了該設備,專注於新的激光技術,這些技術有可能顯著擴大激光在青光眼中的使用。


The "2021 Glaucoma Surgical Device Market Report" provides an analysis of COVID-19's impact on glaucoma surgery in 2020 and forecasts the rebound by year through 2026. The new report focuses on novel MIGS devices in various stages of development and commercialization that are expected to see expanded use in more advanced stages of glaucoma, including the Santen PreserFlo, Glaukos iStent Infinite, and iSTAR MINIject.

The "2021 Glaucoma Surgical Market Report" provides comprehensive analysis of the current global market for glaucoma devices, as well as a discussion of important trends and key factors shaping future success. The report covers prevalence and forecasts for glaucoma worldwide and discusses the ophthalmologists who treat glaucoma. It also examines the role of surgical intervention, the market dynamics for currently commercialized products, and the pipeline of investigational devices that may offer improved outcomes.

The following information covered in the report:

  • Background information about glaucoma, glaucoma populations, and glaucoma diagnosis.
  • Estimates of current sales and sales forecasts for glaucoma devices, including average prices and total revenue.
  • Profiles of prospective device buyers, including ophthalmologists, ophthalmic specialists, optometrists, and general medical doctors.
  • Information about manufacturers.
  • Current reimbursement rates.
  • Five basic surgery categories divided into 15 different product types, which are profiled.
  • Analysis on the percentage of the different types of glaucoma surgeries being performed by US cataract surgeons, glaucoma specialists, and general ophthalmologists.
  • Analysis of COVID-19 impact on 2020 sales and expected recovery in 2021 and through 2026.

The report examines how MIGS stents will increasingly be used in standalone glaucoma patients, and discusses how a handful of novel new glaucoma surgical devices have the potential to dramatically expand the number of surgeries performed, including the Alievio adjustable shunt device, Avisi Technologies microshunt, CorNeat Vision shunt, Glaukos iStent Infinite, MicroOptix Beacon shunt, Rheon Medical eyeWatch adjustable shunt, and Sonoculis minimally invasive microsclerostomy (MIMS) device. The report also focuses on new laser technologies that have the potential to dramatically expand the use of lasers in glaucoma, including the Belkin laser, ViaLase femtosecond laser, ELT Sight excimer laser, and IOPtiMate C02 laser.