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The Six Million Dollar Customer: Using Technology to Build a Profitable Customer Base

出版商 Mercator Advisory Group, Inc. 商品編碼 332746
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 33 pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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600萬美元客戶:建立採用技術而盈利高的基本客群 The Six Million Dollar Customer: Using Technology to Build a Profitable Customer Base
出版日期: 2015年06月16日 內容資訊: 英文 33 pages



  • 由於所得、資產成長停滯,許多金融服務供應商的基本客群損壞
  • 銀行、信用聯合,及其他的服務企業,所期盼客戶的建立成為可能
  • 金融服務技術,構築個人資產的同時改善供應商的最後損益的流程朝引導客戶的點前進
  • 與傳統的銀行、金融技術訣竅連結的自動化,是銀行,信用聯合,及其他的金融服務供應商有利益的方法,客戶可達到自己的金融目標
  • 此事關於在所有社會經濟層級中有助於人們的許多金融服務產品,滿足立法者,消費者團體,及法規當局的要求、其他

Recent economic pressures have shrunk the American middle class, and put pressure on the customer base of most financial services providers. Technology provides an opportunity for companies to build profitable customers by helping individuals set goals, manage their money, and build wealth, according to Mercator Advisory Group's research report, The Six Million Dollar Customer: Using Technology to Build a Profitable Customer Base.

Banks, credit unions, and other financial services providers have tried to build success by focusing on narrow niches such as the ultra-wealthy, mass affluent, or even the unbanked and underserved. This niche thinking is costing them increased profitability in the long run because it does not recognize the ways in which they help customers build wealth and thus become more profitable customers. Combining a life-cycle approach with new technology can build a portfolio of customers who each have a profitable personal portfolio.

"Financial services is one of the few sectors that actually has the power to build the kind of customers that it wants, but it requires rethinking the approach to the delivery of those services," commented Ben Jackson, Director, Prepaid Advisory Service and author of the report.

This research report contains 33 pages and 16 exhibits.

Companies mentioned in this report include: American Express, Bank of America, Betterment, Citigroup, Digit, FIS, Mint, On Budget, Simple, SmartyPig, Square, and Wealthfront.

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One of the exhibits included in this report:


Highlights of the research report include:

  • The customer base for most financial service providers is eroding as income and asset growth stagnates.
  • Banks, credit unions, and other financial service companies can build the kind of customers they want.
  • Financial services technology has advanced to a point where customers can be led through a process that builds their individual wealth while also improving providers' bottom lines.
  • Automation combined with traditional banking and financial know-how will enable customers to reach their financial goals in a way that benefits banks, credit unions, and other financial services providers.
  • Financial institutions will need to change their thinking from silos to barn building to combine tools and areas of the banks in order to build the wealth of their customers, and consequently, their own profitability.
  • The added bonus is that this satisfies the desire of legislators, consumer groups, and regulators for more financial service products to help people at all socioeconomic levels.
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