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Retail Gift Card Trends in the United States: 2013 in Review

出版商 Mercator Advisory Group, Inc. 商品編碼 301558
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 22 pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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美國的零售禮物卡趨勢 Retail Gift Card Trends in the United States: 2013 in Review
出版日期: 2014年05月13日 內容資訊: 英文 22 pages



  • 由於特定零售市場區隔的停滯不前,商店內禮物市場區隔的封閉迴路型減少
  • 獎勵市場區隔穩定的業績,表示並不是所有零售市場區隔都經歷下降之事
  • 發卡機構利用的流通管道上的資訊,B2B及網際網路收費雖然變動,但是經由零售業者的卡片商城的收費持續穩定
  • 幾年維持在2%前後之後,出現虛擬卡的收費增加的預兆
  • Mercator Advisory Group的美國禮物卡發行公司之調查中,行動卡的收費開始突出。還雖然小,卡買主正意識到行動禮物卡。
  • 儲值維持總量10%以上的比例。

Mercator Advisory Group's new Research Report, Retail Gift Card Trends in the United States: 2013 in Review, documents the dollars loaded in 2013 onto closed-loop prepaid cards or prepaid account access devices issued by retailers. In the past, the segments in this report were included in Mercator Advisory Group's closed-loop market assessments. While this segment has shown steady growth over the past decade, 2013 saw the market decline.

Retailers took advantage of new technologies in 2013 and loads on virtual and mobile cards began to grow after three years of relative quiet. Loads onto incentives cards reveal that the declines were not felt evenly across the industry.

This year, in order to deliver data in a more timely fashion, Mercator Advisory Group is writing reports on individual segments as data becomes available. For example, government data typically becomes available later in the year, while retailers have their data earlier in the year. Retailers have asked to receive surveys and the resulting reports earlier in the year to help them with benchmarking and planning. Mercator Advisory Group plans to develop estimates for all the market segments we have consistently followed over the past 10 years.

In the past, Mercator Advisory Group published distribution information for prepaid cards as a separate report. The report released today includes distribution information along with load information for retailer-issued cards. All the charts and tables in this report represent the percentage of total loads, whether the cards were issued for direct-from-consumer loads or as incentives or other business-to-business purposes.

Highlights of the Report include:

  • Decline of the closed-loop, In-Store gift segment in 2013 due to the underperformance of certain retail segments
  • Consistent performance of the incentives segments, indicating that not all retail segments suffered a decline
  • Information on the distribution channels used by issuers, with retailers continuing to see steady load volumes through card malls even as business-to-business and Internet loads fluctuate
  • Signs of growth of virtual card load volumes in 2013 after years of hovering around 2%
  • Mobile card loads are beginning to show up in Mercator Advisory Group's survey of gift card issuers in the United States. They remain small, but card buyers are becoming aware of mobile gift cards
  • Reloads continuing as a percentage of total volume above 10%

One of the exhibits included in this report:

Source: Mercator Advisory Group

This report contains 22 pages and 14 exhibits.

Companies mentioned in this report include: Blackhawk Network, Cardpool, Coinstar, Dunkin Brands, Gift Card Rescue, Gyft, InComm, MCX, Plastic Jungle, Starbucks Coffee Co., Wrapp.

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