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斯里蘭卡的製藥企業的未來展望 (2015年) :成長為超越了單純的進口業者、經銷商的存在

Sri Lanka Pharma Market Outlook 2015: More beyond Importers & Distributors

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 29 Pages
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斯里蘭卡的製藥企業的未來展望 (2015年) :成長為超越了單純的進口業者、經銷商的存在 Sri Lanka Pharma Market Outlook 2015: More beyond Importers & Distributors
出版日期: 2015年01月26日 內容資訊: 英文 29 Pages

斯里蘭卡的製藥產業的規模仍非常小,國內企業有自主功能,沒達到對抗外資型企業水準。反過來說,斯里蘭卡作為醫藥品的國內用/出口製造地,隱藏著飛躍性成長的可能性。對該國來說,產業結構多樣化實現經濟發展時,製藥產業的發達也可說非常有益。由於在斯里蘭卡有免費醫療制度,製藥產業雖然由政府部門主導,不過,民間部門填補未涵蓋的部份。國內醫療支出額近幾年 (2005∼2010年),以11%的年複合成長率(CAGR) 成長,不過,民間部門比政府部門更急速擴大。



  • 摘要整理
  • 市場概要:斯里蘭卡
    • 人口統計
    • 經濟
    • 各種疾病的患病人數、發病數量
    • 醫療制度:市場機會、課題
  • 斯里蘭卡的醫藥品市場概要
    • 醫藥品市場的規模與,過去的成長率資料
    • 基礎資源的利用可能性及支援制度
    • 今後的成長率
  • 醫藥品的供給與購買可能性 (可存取性)
    • 透過了政府 (MSD) 的SPC採購的購買醫院用產品
    • 民營市場
  • 斯里蘭卡國內的醫藥品製造現況
    • 國內企業
    • 外資型企業
  • 法規、價格、保險的體制


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With the recent development, Sri Lanka's aim of developing a pharma industry should be to penetrate the global market since the internal market is not sufficient for any big firm to operate at optimum levels. According to a report published by Indian Council on International Relations in Dec. ‘14, the global market of pharma is about $1trillion, and India's export of pharma products in 2013 amounted to $13bn, where as Sri Lanka was nil. Hence, pharma industry offers a very valuable opportunity for Sri Lanka to diversify its manufacturing and export base and thereby reach the goal of upper middle income country by 2020 and a rich country by 2035.

Sri Lanka's free healthcare policy practiced by successive governments ensures that this arena continues to be dominated by the government sector. Meanwhile, the relatively smaller public counterpart, i.e. the private sector has increasingly contributed towards serving the healthcare needs of the country. Sri Lanka's total expenditure on health has increased by ~11%, CAGR (2005-2010), and this has been driven by both private- (+12%) and government-sector (+10%) spending. Notwithstanding the state sector's dominance, private sector expenditure on health has continued to rise, contributing an estimated 55% to total expenditure.

In this report, we highlight the economy, demography, past and emerging trend of pharma industry, and availability of basic resources. This report also provides current disease prevalence and incidence along with the country's healthcare system and also discuss about future market opportunities. Furthermore, the report explains current medical supply and product accessibility in Govt. and Private sectors along with physicians prescribing pattern and price control. Local manufacturing and role of Govt. support to local manufacturers, regulatory and insurance framework are also discussed in this report.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Overview: Sri Lanka
    • a. Demography
    • b. Economy
    • c. Disease prevalence and Incidence
    • d. Healthcare systems - Opportunities & Challenges
  • 3. Synopsis of Sri Lankan Pharmaceutical Market
    • a. Pharmaceutical Market Size and Historical Growth data
    • b. Availability of Basic Resources and Support Systems
    • c. Future Growth
  • 4. Medicine Supply and Accessibility
    • a. Government (MSD) purchase of hospital supplies through SPC Tender
    • b. Private market
  • 5. Current Status of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Sri Lanka
    • a. Local Players
    • b. Foreign players
  • 6. Regulatory, Pricing, Insurance Framework


  • Table-1: Type of Institutions and Availability of Patients Beds
  • Table-2: Fund Allocation for Pharmaceutical Purchase
  • Table-3: Observation from the Study of SPC-DHS Supply Tender
  • Table-4: Testing at the NDQAL
  • Table-5: Sri Lanka's Medical & Pharmaceutical Import
  • Table-6: Country Wise Market Imports
  • Table-7: Number of Products Manufactured Locally
  • Table-8: Top 20 Companies in the Private Market- Sri Lanka
  • Table-9: Drug Products Registered With CDDA
  • Table-10: Sri Lanka CDDA Drug Approval Timeline


  • Figure-1: Distribution of Years of Life Lost By Causes
  • Figure-2: Risk Factors and Determinants of NCDs
  • Figure-3: Sri Lanka: Total Pharmaceutical Market
  • Figure-4: IMS Data - 2013: Therapy Areas, By Volume & Value
  • Figure-5: Future Growth - 2012-2020: Therapy Areas, By Value
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