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治療層級概要:新的口服抗雄激素劑 - 前列腺癌症的治療範例的作用擴大

Newer Oral Anti Androgens - Expanding Role in the treatment Paradigm of Prostate Cancer

出版商 MP Advisors 商品編碼 296614
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 44 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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治療層級概要:新的口服抗雄激素劑 - 前列腺癌症的治療範例的作用擴大 Newer Oral Anti Androgens - Expanding Role in the treatment Paradigm of Prostate Cancer
出版日期: 2014年02月25日 內容資訊: 英文 44 Pages

Xtandi(Enzalutamide、/Astellas/Medivation)、 Zytiga (醋酸Abiraterone、JNJ)、Jevtana (Cabazitaxel、Sanofi)、及Xofigo(氯化鐳(Ra-223)、Boehringer Ingelheim)等,近幾年各種新治療藥的認證、銷售,使處理後期階段的前列腺癌的治療範例發展。同樣的,由於新的抗雄激素劑發售,預期將重複於早期階段的前列腺癌治療。




  • 口服抗雄激素劑治療的現在作用與限制
  • 基於現行臨床實驗的治療前列腺癌的口服雄激素劑治療的作用變化預測
    • 早期階段口服雄激素劑的使用
  • 全球目標患者人口及各階段的抗雄激素劑預測的市場規模
  • 現行抗雄激素劑的早期階段臨床實驗和轉換期相關該公司的見解
  • 依前列腺癌症各階段的抗雄激素劑在不久將來的里程碑

Xtandi (Enzalutamide):規模多大?

  • Xtandi的目前處方趨勢與其利用

Xtandi vs. Zytiga(醋酸Abiraterone):Zytiga的專利到期對Xtandi來說是大威脅嗎?

  • Zytiga的專利到期:何時、對Xtandi的影響
  • Xtandi和Zytiga的現行臨床實驗
  • Zytiga/Xtandi 開發中新處方
  • Zytiga及其他標靶治療的共同研究 vs. Xtandi 及其他標靶治療的共同研究、現行臨床實驗



  • ARN-509
  • ODM-201
  • 其他平台抗雄激素劑及本公司的見解
    • EPI-001
    • AZD3514
    • HE3232 (Apoptone)
    • BMS-641988


  • TAK-700:Zytiga的差異為何?
  • TOK-001

後化療環境中Zytiga/Xtandi 間接、短期性的主要競爭藥

  • OGX-011
Product Code: TC14022101

XTANDI (Enzalutamide) - Does it have potential to compete against ARN-509 in earlier setting?

Zytiga (Abiraterone Acetate) - Ongoing Combination trials creates potential beyond Patent Expiry

In recent past approval and launch of various newer treatment options like Xtandi (Enzalutamide, Astellas/Medivation), Zytiga (Abiraterone acetate, JNJ), Jevtana (Cabazitaxel, Sanofi), & Xofigo (radium Ra 223, Boehringer Ingelheim) has evolved the treatment paradigm of treating late stage prostate cancer. In coming years, we expect this to repeat in early stage prostate cancer treatment (nmCRPC, before Prostectomy) due to launch of newer antiandrogens in this setting. Longer duration of therapy and high prevalence makes this earlier setting market more lucrative and bigger for newer options than late stage if they succeed.

In coming years, we expect second generation antiandrogens (Androgen synthesis inhibitors/Androgen receptor inhibitors, Xtandi, ARN-509, ODM-021, Zytiga, TAK-700, TOK-001) to replace them and expand their use beyond current levels in nmCRPC (non metastatic Castrate resistance Prostate cancer) patients and also in pre-prostectomy (Chart 3). This newer agents will expand these markets atleast by $10b ($6b in pre prostectomy, $4b nmCRPC) if get success.

TAK-700 (Takeda), ARN-509 (JNJ) and Xtandi are strong candidates to get success in early stage prostate cancer and in next two years PhIII clinical data from EL-04, PROSPER and SPARTAN study, will decide who will lead this market. While TAK-700 has a first launch advantage it is important to see how ARN-509, compete to Xtandi in earlier setting and in terms of safety for penetrating in early prostate cancer market. Other than these PhIII studies, Xtandi PhII data from neoadjuvant PC and ARN-509 data in preprostectomy patients will decide their use in earlier setting. We estimate $2.8b peak sales for Xtandi in mCRPC setting, while in earlier setting it has potential to generate atleast ~$2b if it gets success in PROSPER , STRIVE, TERRAIN and neoadjuvant study.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Future role of Oral Antiandrogens in treatment of Prostate Cancer

  • Current Role of Oral antiandrogen therapy and its limitations
  • What changes are expected for oral antiandrogen therapy role in treatment of prostate cancer based on ongoing clinical trials
    • Oral Anti-androgens use in earlier setting
  • WW Targeted Patient population and expected Market size expansion of Anti androgens in each stage
  • Ongoing early stage clinical trials of Antiandrogens and our view on its outcome
    • Xtandi in neoadjuvant setting
    • TAK-700 in early stage PC- Is TAK-700 would be the first drug to be launched as first line therapy in combination with ADT in nmCRPC hormone naïve patients????
    • Zytiga + Xtandi
    • ARN-509- One stop solution for earlier setting?
    • Zytiga + ARN-509- Tablet vs. Capsule formulation- how it will go further in clinical development???
  • Prostate Cancer Stage wise Key upcoming Milestones of Antiandrogens

Xtandi: -How big it could be???

  • Xtandi current prescription trend and its uptake
    • Next important milestone- Xtandi approval in Pre chemo setting based on PREVAIL data Our expectation
    • Xtandi in Japan
    • Xtandi in early stage prostate Cancer
    • Xtandi ongoing clinical trials in Prostate Cancer and our view on each
      • PROSPER Study - Do ARN-509 stands ahead in terms of clinical development in this setting?
    • Xtandi Competition , upcoming milestone and Market potential in each stage of prostate cancer patients

Xtandi vs. Zytiga- Do Zytiga patent expiry is a Major threat for Xtandi???

  • Zytiga Patent expiry - When to expect and Implications on Xtandi
  • Ongoing clinical trials of Zytiga with Xtandi
  • New formulation under development for Zytiga/Xtandi
  • Combination studies of Zytiga with other targeted therapy vs. combination study of Xtandi with other targeted therapies, Ongoing Clinical trials

Pipeline Antiandrogens:

Androgen Receptor inhibitors: Who could be the major threat to Xtandi?

  • ARN-509- A better Xtandi is in making
    • Ongoing Clinical trials of ARN-509 and our expectations
    • ARN-509- Clinical data comparison vs. Xtandi and other pipeline candidates
  • ODM-201- Does its safety differentiate it against ARN-509/Xtandi?
  • Other pipeline Antiandrogens and our view -
    • EPI-001
    • AZD3514
    • HE3232 (Apoptone)
    • BMS-641988

Androgen Synthesis inhibitors: Do the pipeline candidates have potential to replace Zytiga?

  • TAK-700- How it is different from Zytiga?
  • TOK-001

Indirect near term key competitors to Zytiga/Xtandi in Post chemo setting:

  • OGX-011
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