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Global Rising Stars Outlook 2015: Innovative Therapies for treating diseases are being sought after with fresh vigor as new targets.

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全球醫藥品·生物科技產業的潛力企業:隨著新標的等的發現,為疾病治療的創新療法注入新活力 Global Rising Stars Outlook 2015: Innovative Therapies for treating diseases are being sought after with fresh vigor as new targets.
出版日期: 2015年01月21日 內容資訊: 英文 72 Pages




  • CESCA Therapeutics Inc.:解決以幹細胞為基礎的設備·治療方法的風險,打入海外
  • Ocata Therapeutics Inc:致力於眼病-黃斑再生的條件-注目於「新的眼睛」
  • Orgenesis:致力於糖尿病-讓肝臟能再次生產胰島素!
  • Tigenix NV:脂肪組織的活用-是否將打開脂肪的用途
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc:再生醫療與再利用-利用胎盤的自我移植治療
  • Mesoblast:韓國的再生醫療領導者-著重於國際市場
  • Medipost Co Ltd:韓國的再生醫療領導者-著重於國際市場
  • JCR製藥:日本第一個移植物抗宿主病(GVHD)用幹細胞型產品
  • Japan Tissue Engineering co:對再生醫療的自信-從Fujifilm轉換到再生醫療

第二部分:印度的創新企業 - 有未來潛力的企業

  • Connexios:為了提高能見度,致力於開發中產品的成熟化和對糖尿病/代謝症候群
  • Cellworks:In silico技術平台的普及預測 -著重於個人化醫療·癌症
  • Bugworks:提供嚴重的院內感染之In silico技術平台-現在馬上需要的技術
  • Tergene:低價格的第二世代疫苗 -配合新興國家市場的緊急需求


Product Code: 4477

Innovative Therapies for treating diseases are being sought after with fresh vigor as new targets , approaches and biology is discovered. One field which is poised to bring a paradigm change in the way diseases are treated in the next decades is the Stem cell therapy/Regenerative Medicine space.

The number of companies and products in the clinic have reached a critical mass warranting a close watch for those interested in keeping pace with the development of new medicines. The Regenerative medicine Universe is large and new companies are being added to it rapidly. As a result we have used some filters to select a few names for a detailed coverage in our Outlook this year.

Key Criteria for Our Selection are:-

  • Uniqueness of the Technology platform and the ability to scale up commercially in case of positive outcome of products in the pipeline
  • Pipeline and clinical data analysis
  • Marketed product and commercial tie up. Robustness of the Management, financial and business model.

Part 1- Rising Stars in Regenerative Medicine and Stem cell based Cell Therapies-Drugs of the Future

Company Analysis:

CESCA Therapeutics Inc.: Hedging the Risk with Stem Cell Based Devices and Therapies and Global Presence

  • Figure 1: Products In Pipeline
  • Table 1: Clinical Development- Critical Limb Ischemia (ClI)Data Key Milestones

Ocata Therapeutics Inc: Ophthalmic Focus- Macular degenerative conditions- Looking with a New Eye

  • Figure 1: Market For Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • Figure 2: Products In The Pipeline

Orgenesis: Focus- Diabetes- Tricking your Liver to Make Insulin!

  • Technology Platform
  • Figure 1: Schematic Representation Of Making Autologous Insulin Producing (AIP) Cell

Tigenix NV: Exploiting the Adipose Tissue- Multiple Applications of Fat?

  • Technology Platform
  • Marketed Products
  • Figure 1: Products In Pipeline
  • Key Milestones

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc: Regenerating and Recycling- Allogenic Therapies from the Placenta

  • PluriX 3D Technology Platform
  • Pipeline
  • Figure 1: Classification Of Peripheral Arterial Disease Types
  • Market Opportunity
  • Key Milestones

Mesoblast: Leader in Regenerative Sapce in Korea- Focusing on International Markets

  • Technology Platform
  • Pipeline- Focus on four major areas
  • Figure 1: Drugs In The Pipeline
  • Figure 2: CHFf Discease Classification And Target Patients In PhIII Trial
  • Figure 3: PhiII Data Of MPC-150 In CHF
  • Figure 4: Market Opportunity In Chronic Low Back Pain (CLBP)
  • Key Milestones

Medipost Co Ltd: Leader in Regenerative Space in Korea- Focusing on International Markets

  • Marketed and Products in the Pipeline
  • Key Milestones
  • Figure 1: Sales By Business Segment

JCR Pharmaceuticals co. Ltd.: First Stem Cell Based Product in Japan for Graft-Versus-Host Disease (GVHD).

  • Technology Platform
  • Product in the Pipeline
  • Key Milestones
  • Facts and Financials
  • Table 1: Pipeline Table
  • Figure 1: Sales By Business Segments

Japan Tissue Engineering co. Ltd: Building Confidence in Regenerative Medicine- Fuji film Venture from Colors to Regenerative Medicine-

  • Plat form Focus
  • Products
  • Figure 1: Therapy and Product Focus

Part II-Indian Innovators- Rising Stars:

Table 1: Select new generation innovation /drug discovery Indian companies

Connexios: Maturing Pipeline and Focus on Diabetes/Metabolic Disorders to Drive Visibility

  • Technology Platform
  • Therapy Focus-Diabetes/Metabolic Disorder and Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)
  • Key Milestones
  • Table 1: Differences Between G-Protein Coupled Receptor Agonists
  • Table 2: Pipeline Of GPR Agonist For Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Figure 1: Products In Pipeline- Diabetes
  • Figure 2: Products In Pipeline For NASH
  • Figure 3: Other Programs

Cellworks: In silico Technology Platform Poised to Deliver- Focus on Personalised Medicine and Cancer

  • Figure 1: Simulation Based Personalized Medicine
  • Figure 2: Cellworks Therapeutic Programs

Bugworks: In silico Technology platform being applied to Serious Hospital Infections- Need of the hour!

  • Therapy focus- Serious Hospital Infection
  • Technology Platform
  • Figure 1: Drug Development Success For TB
  • Figure 2: Going Way Froward

Tergene: Affordable and Second Generation Vaccines- Addressing the Urgent needs of Emerging Markets.

  • Development Strategy and Status
  • Figure 1: Sales Of Currently Available Vaccines For Streptococcus Pneumonia
  • Figure 2: WW Demand Forecast Of Vaccines For Streptococcus Pneumonia
  • Figure 3: Vaccine Market
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