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The Internet of Agricultural Things

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 23 Pages
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農業用IoT The Internet of Agricultural Things
出版日期: 2016年06月20日 內容資訊: 英文 23 Pages




  • 農業IoT解決方案的出色使用案例。進步的農民引進中,不過,廣泛的引進有技術性、文化上的障礙。


  • 農業用IoT解決方案正在增加。有以削減經費/增加收益的形式實證的案例,也有不能證明價值,沒有成果的案例。



The farm is rich with data sources and ripe for operational improvements, making it an ideal environment for the application of sensing, connectivity, and analytics. An array of startups offering connected ag solutions have hit the scene; meanwhile, a wide range of major players from across the industry have jumped on the opportunity, as well. While a few farmers have been quick to deploy connected ag solutions, others have been hesitant to adopt these technologies for a variety of reasons. In this report, we will assess drivers and obstacles for the internet of agricultural things, as well as analyze several case studies of established deployments to understand solution architecture and value proposition.



Ag is an excellent use case for internet of things solutions. Progressive farmers are adopting connected platforms, but widespread adoption faces technological and cultural obstacles.


IoT solutions for ag are proliferating. Some bring demonstrable results in the form of cost savings or increased revenue. Others fail to prove their worth and end up dying on the vine.


Table of Contents


  • Figure 1: Graphic Connected Assets and Use Cases Cover a Broad Range of Agricultural Activities and Assets
  • Figure 2: Table Challenges and Solutions for Sensors and Networking Devices in Agricultural Environments
  • Figure 3: Table Challenges and Solutions for Data Connectivity in Agricultural Environments
  • Figure 4: Table Challenges and Solutions for Agricultural Information Management and Analysis
  • Figure 5: Graphic IoT Solutions for Ag Require the Integration of Multiple Tools
  • Figure 6: Table Incumbents Tackle the Internet of Agricultural Things from Multiple Angles
  • Figure 7: Graphic Developers Are Plentiful, with Good Separation between Winners and Losers
  • Figure 8: Graphic AquaSpy System Key Metrics
  • Figure 9: Graphic AquaSpy System Information Flow
  • Figure 10: Graphic Phytech System Key Metrics
  • Figure 11: Graphic Phytech System Information Flow
  • Figure 12: Graphic NEC System Key Metrics
  • Figure 13: Graphic NEC System Information Flow
  • Figure 14: Table IoT for Ag Solutions Have Varying Success
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