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The Rise of Perovskites: Identifying the Best Academic Partners to Work With

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鈣鈦礦的崛起:最好的學術合作夥伴 The Rise of Perovskites: Identifying the Best Academic Partners to Work With
出版日期: 2016年03月17日 內容資訊: 英文 19 Pages





  • 鈣鈦礦太陽能電池,以高效率為理由,研究機關和新興企業嘗試著商業化,不過,留有使用年限相關主要問題。


  • 現有具夥伴關係的大學,在各種領域有明確的優勢,不過,在鈣鈦礦太陽能電池的新興趨勢,全世界有夥伴關係的複數機會。




Perovskite solar cells have garnered significant attention from both academia and the industry as a potential next generation photovoltaic material. Despite promising efficiency records, many issues must be addressed before market adoption occurs including stability, reliability, and toxicity. The key for doing so will be partnerships between industry pioneers and academic leaders such as those formed between Dyesol and Michael Graztel or Oxford Photovoltaic and Henry Snaith. In this report, we present the current state of perovskite solar cells and identify opportunities in academia with which to partner. We find publishing leaders such as Nam-gyu Park and Yang Yan are not tied-up, as well as numerous universities based in Europe, Asia, and North America. Clients should be aware of how perovskites can compete or integrate with existing technologies, while material clients can have a lot to gain in driving perovskite solar cells towards adoption.

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  • Prompted by the high-efficiency promise of perovskite solar cells, research institutes and start-ups are attempting commercialization, but key issues around lifetime remain


  • Universities with existing partnerships have a clear dominance in their field, but there are multiple opportunities for partnerships around the globe with new emerging trends in PSCs.



  • Figure 1: Graphic Research Focus on PSCs Has Skyrocketed since 2009
  • Figure 2: Graphic PSC Architectures Include Scaffolded and Planar Cell Designs
  • Figure 3: Table Mesoporous Architecture Has the Highest Single-junction Efficiency with Newer Architectures Following Closely
  • Figure 4: Table Companies Pursuing Perovskite Commercialization
  • Figure 5: Graphic Top Publishing Authors Have Clear Industry Connections, but Others Do Not
  • Figure 6: Graphic China Leads the Top Publishing Countries When Looking at Raw Number of Papers
  • Figure 7: Graphic Top Publishing Countries by Publication Power, with Israel, Switzerland, and Singapore Leading
  • Figure 8: Table Top Publishing Universities within Countries Leading PSC Research
  • Figure 9: Graphic Publications by Research Focus from 2009 to 2013 Are Led by the Quest for Better Performance
  • Figure 10: Graphic Stability Is Becoming an Increasing Research Focus from 2014 to 2015
  • Figure 11: Graphic Research Interest Is Turning Towards a Focus on Stability with a Relative Decline in Scaffolded
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