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The Internet of Everyone: Consumer Relationships in the Age of IoT

出版商 Lux Research 商品編碼 350279
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 27 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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「大家的網際網路」:IoT時代的客戶支援 The Internet of Everyone: Consumer Relationships in the Age of IoT
出版日期: 2015年12月28日 內容資訊: 英文 27 Pages

惦念於自我身體檢查的人們,現在 開始參加QS (Quantified Self:自我的定量化觀察) 運動。另一方面,現今的社會IoT有所發展,在人體內外,汽車和住宅和辦公室和城市整體,都成為逐漸裝上感測器的狀態。並且,產業大企業在 (傳統的消費品企業的犧牲上) 構築的生態系統上,這樣的設備互相連接,資料交流。消費品企業今後也為了在市場上繼續競爭,各公司的市場調查負責人,需要好好觀察消費者的行動、特性,設法讓他們的心情、愛好連結到自公司的銷售額。這個新技術,雖然也纏繞著隱私保護和安全上的威脅的問題,不過,同樣的技術,也給予消費者改變企業、產業結構的力量。

本報告提供IoT (物聯網) 時代的消費品市場結構,與相關企業應採取策略調查、考察。


  • 摘要整理
  • 市場環境
    • IoT以前的時代,QS運動的參加者以手動將設備連接網路,收集資訊。在IoT的普及之下,所有人都已連接網路。
  • 市場分析
    • QS技術的相關企業,為了確保主流客戶,進行技術的改良和產業的重組。至2025年,「大家的網際網路」 (Internet of Everyone) 的概念普及,以往客戶、企業關係和市場策略為之一變。
  • 未來展望
  • 註腳



The Quantified Self movement began with fringe consumers obsessed with self-measurement, but today's Internet of Things - with sensors on and inside bodies, connected cars, and smart homes, offices, and cities - is expanding it to include everyone. Moreover, those devices are integrating with each other and with ecosystems mostly established by technology giants, often at the expense of traditional consumer companies. To keep consumer companies in the game, market researchers' job is to monitor and measure these billions of consumers, and convert their sentiments and preferences into sales. While personal privacy and security fears abound, the same technologies give consumers power to reshape companies and industries.

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Pre-Internet of Things (IoT), consumers in the Quantified Self movement connected devices manually to know themselves better. IoT's spread means that everyone is now on the network.


Quantified self technologies will improve and integrate, to win mainstream adopters. By 2025, the Internet of Everyone will upend today's customer relationships and market strategies.




  • Figure 1: Graphic From 1786 to 2015, the Reality of the Panopticon has Outpaced Fiction
  • Figure 2: Graphic Kevin Kelly's 2007 Quantified Self Manifesto - the Original Internet of Things-That-Are-People
  • Figure 3: Graphic M&A in Sensors Spans All Industries with Over $100 Billion Invested in Early to Late-Stage Startups
  • Figure 4: Graphic IoT Systems-On-Chip Make Building Wearable Devices as Easy as Building Web Pages
  • Figure 5: Graphic With GoPro and “Pics or It Didn't Happen,” Digital Images Define Consumers' and Citizens' Reality
  • Figure 6: Graphic QS/IoT Devices Measure More and More, from Inside the Body to City-scale
  • Figure 7: Graphic The Quantified Family
  • Figure 8: Graphic Quantified Music-fan Self -'s Personal Dashboard
  • Figure 9: Graphic Internet of Everyone Will Impact Market Research, Customer Relationships, and Personal Privacy
  • Figure 10: Graphic Integration, from Aspects of Inner Self to a Holistic View of Inner and Outer Self
  • Figure 11: Graphic Evolution from Quantitative Measurement to Prediction to Intervention
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