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人工智能用戶體驗 (AIUX):IoT用介面領域的「首先到達」企業的判斷

Artificial Intelligence User Experience: Identifying Early Leaders in the Interface to the IoT

出版商 Lux Research 商品編碼 341540
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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人工智能用戶體驗 (AIUX):IoT用介面領域的「首先到達」企業的判斷 Artificial Intelligence User Experience: Identifying Early Leaders in the Interface to the IoT
出版日期: 2015年09月24日 內容資訊: 英文

用戶體驗 (UX) 雖然被認為馬上出現或消失,不過,一度控制市場的技術,會帶來好幾年的巨額利益。現在,3個技術領域 (人工智能、用戶界面、IoT (物聯網)) 一體化,正產生工智能用戶體驗 (artificial intelligence user experience,以下AIUX)的技術領域。Microsoft、Apple、Google、Amazon等用戶界面領域的主導的企業,在各種領域 (工廠設備,醫療設備,建築物等)上成為今後活用的技術,找到對AUIX的新市場機會。



  • 摘要整理
  • 市場環境
    • 目前核心技術 (人工智能,用戶界面,IoT):現在個別,不過,今後一體化、競爭的可能性
  • 市場分析
    • 為了探索AIUX今後的活用狀況、發展趨勢的新分析方法
  • 未來展望
  • 章節附註


  • 圖1:用戶界面/人工智能/IoT促進AIUX
  • 圖2:硬體設備、軟體、輸入輸出設備 (I/O) 的進步動向
  • 圖3:AI的演進造成的目標變化:技術進步伴隨的技術前沿的前身
  • 圖4:AIUX市場各種部門活動的各種企業一覽
  • 表格5:機械視覺的開發企業
  • 圖6:AIUX市場的主導企業,在資訊處理/個人技術/運輸、物流的領域也獲得佔有率
  • 圖7:資訊處理相關的用戶體驗 (UX):前3名企業的情況
  • 圖8:個人技術相關的用戶體驗 (UX):前3名企業的情況

User experiences may seem ephemeral, but dominant ones bring decades of market dominance and billions of dollars for the winners - and rapid obsolescence for the rest. Today, three classes of technologies are converging towards a new interface: artificial intelligence like predictive analytics and affective computing; interface technologies like wearables and augmented reality; and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The ensuing artificial intelligence user experience (AIUX) will determine the fate of companies in each area. Current user interface (UI) leaders like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon see AIUX as their opportunity, with industries as diverse as factory equipment, medical devices, and buildings hanging in the balance.

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Artificial intelligence, user interface, and the Internet of Things are separate domains today. Emerging technologies in each area will collaborate, then compete, for market dominance.


With so many new technology and business strategies, it's impossible to predict AIUX's future. A new research method reveals the applications that will determine the market's course.




  • Figure 1: Graphic UI, AI, and IoT Drive AIUX
  • Figure 2: Graphic Progression Curves of Hardware, Software, and Input/Output (I/O)
  • Figure 3: Graphic Progression of AI Is a Moving Target: the Turing Test Is a Turing Horizon
  • Figure 4: Graphic Dozens of Developers Feed Every Field Driving AIUX
  • Figure 5: Table Machine Vision Developers
  • Figure 6: Graphic AIUX Leaders Will Win Market Share in Information Work, Personal Technology, and Transportation and Logistics
  • Figure 7: Graphic Three Contenders for the UX of Information Work
  • Figure 8: Graphic Three Contenders for the UX of Personal Technology
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