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市場佔有率趨勢分析:電動車 (EV) 用電池市場上Panasonic企業的主導權將被LG Chem等奪走的可能性

Watch the Throne: How LG Chem and Others Can Take Panasonic's EV Battery Crown by 2020

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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市場佔有率趨勢分析:電動車 (EV) 用電池市場上Panasonic企業的主導權將被LG Chem等奪走的可能性 Watch the Throne: How LG Chem and Others Can Take Panasonic's EV Battery Crown by 2020
出版日期: 2015年07月30日 內容資訊: 英文

現在,全球插電式電動車 (PHEV) 用電池市場由Panasonic掌握主導權。尤其與Tesla Motors之間構築大規模的零件供給關係。可驚的是,僅此2家公司間的交易量,便其超過他的競爭企業 (LG Chem和Samsung SDI等) 的汽車用電池的綜合計量。可是,長期上Panasonic仍有可能失去佔有率。

本報告提供Panasonic市場佔有率的地位被LG Chem等取代的可能性相關分析、PHEV電池市場 (大汽車廠商) 的各大供應商的市場佔有率,及德國車、日本車的市場競爭狀態、Panasonic可採用的反擊策略等估計、考察。


  • 摘要整理
  • 市場環境
    • LG Chem和Samsung SDI即使獲得大型汽車製造廠之市場,但僅Tesla Motors需求份,Panasonic的市場佔有率便更大
  • 分析
    • 樂觀的案例 (德國車的PHEV比率高的情況) 上,LG Chem至2020年成為榜首,不過,除此之外也需要獲得對Nissan 的供給份


  • 圖1:電池廠商和插電式電動車 (PHEV) 產業,主要的零件供給關係 (概要)
  • 圖2:PHEV市場上Panasonic的市場佔有率 - 2014年平均39%,2015年第一季49%
  • 表格3:汽車製造商策略的不同點 - PHEV,混合動力汽車,燃料電池汽車的情況
  • 圖4:Panasonic的市場佔有率的未來發展預測 (到2020年) - 歸功於Tesla的銷售額,預計今後也保持第一位的地位
  • 圖5:VW Group、BMW、Daimler也成為汽車用電池的主要用戶
  • 圖6:德國車的PHEV的佔有率如果達到6%,LG Chem可從Panasonic奪去至2020年的主導市場權

For now, Panasonic rules the battery landscape for plug-in vehicles. It has just one large-volume supply relationship - it sells to Tesla Motors. Astonishingly, that single deal with a niche OEM outperforms more than a dozen other deals that Panasonic's competitors LG Chem, Samsung SDI, and others have struck with giant automakers. However, Panasonic could still lose the long game. This report details the conditions in which LG Chem and others can dethrone Panasonic by 2020, thereby gaining billions of dollars of market share in the process. Key strategies include helping accelerate the plug-in hybrid sales of two key German OEMs, winning over a supply contract with a Japanese OEM in need of help, and being first to mass-market with next-generation solid-state batteries. Finally, this report also outlines defensive strategies that Panasonic can deploy to counter these moves from its competitors, and what others can do to disrupt the battery world's "big three."

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Despite striking deals with the world's largest OEMs, battery suppliers like LG Chem and Samsung SDI find themselves behind in market share to Panasonic because of Tesla Motors.


In the optimistic case of strong PHEV sales by German OEMs, LG Chem captures the number one spot by 2020. In the more likely case, however, it needs to win the Nissan supply deal, too.


  • Figure 1: Graphic Selection of Key Supply Relationships by Battery Makers into the Plug-in Vehicle Industry
  • Figure 2: Graphic Panasonic Averaged 39% Share in Plug-in Vehicle Batteries since 2014, Spiking to 49% in Q1 2015
  • Figure 3: Table Key OEMs Differ Wildly in Their Strategies for Plug-in Vehicles, Hybrids, and Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • Figure 4: Graphic In the Likely Case, Panasonic Keeps Its #1 Position in 2020, Thanks to Tesla's EV Sales
  • Figure 5: Graphic The VW Group Will Emerge Is a Key User of Batteries, while BMW and Daimler Grow Well, Too
  • Figure 6: Graphic If German OEMs Can Sell 6% of Their Cars as PHEVs, LG Chem Takes Lead from Panasonic by 2020
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