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WhooPea: Plant Sources Are Changing the Protein Landscape

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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由於植物性蛋白質來源的登場,蛋白質市場環境變化 WhooPea: Plant Sources Are Changing the Protein Landscape
出版日期: 2014年12月22日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages




  • 摘要整理
  • 市場環境
    • 由於各式的因素蛋白質需求大幅變動,那對農業、食品市場帶來替代性蛋白質來源巨大的市場機會
  • 分析
    • 替代性蛋白質市場的變化:今後,各種蛋白質來源一個接一個提供市場,並且農業生產將變化為以蛋白質多的作物為主體
  • 未來展望
  • 註腳


  • 圖:蛋白質需求的影響要素
  • 表格:替代性蛋白質來源的市場形勢
  • 表格:各種技術的促進、阻礙因素的差異
  • 圖:大豆的整體消費量、每人消費量的增加(全球)
  • 圖:過去30年,大豆消費量的年複合成長率(CAGR),超過了肉類、魚貝類消費量
  • 圖:替代性蛋白質來源的市場佔有率擴大,和肉類、魚貝類的消費量低迷
  • 圖:今後10年,大豆將獨佔替代性蛋白來源的市場佔有率的大半
  • 圖:替代性蛋白質來源的多樣化預測
  • 圖:替代性蛋白質來源的市場佔有率的戲劇性變化預測
  • 圖:依作物栽培規定,蛋白質消費趨勢的變化預測

Protein is one of the fundamental building blocks of the human diet, and powerful factors are shifting demand and driving the development of novel sources. The current dominance of meat and seafood will wane in the coming decades, and several alternative protein sources will fill the gap, potentially representing up to 33% market share within the overall protein space by 2054. This report analyzes the entrance and growth of several novel alternative protein sources into the market, and provides both short-term analysis and long-term visionary snapshots of the shifting food and agricultural landscape that will result.

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Numerous factors are creating changes in protein demand leading to opportunities for a multitude of alternative protein sources within both agricultural and food markets.


The alternative protein space is changing. Novel sources will enter the market along various timelines in the coming decade, causing a shift in agricultural production toward protein-rich crops.



  • Figure 1: Graphic Factors Affecting Protein Demand
  • Figure 2: Table Landscape of Alternative Protein Sources
  • Figure 3: Table Technologies in the Space Differ in Terms of Drivers and Inhibitors
  • Figure 4: Graphic The Rise of Total Global Consumption and Per Capita Consumption of Soy
  • Figure 5: Graphic Soy Consumption CAGR Outpaces both Meat and Seafood Consumption Over the Past 30 Years
  • Figure 6: Graphic Alternative Proteins Gain Market Share as Meat and Seafood Consumption Slows
  • Figure 7: Graphic Soy will Dominate the Alternative Protein Space in the Coming Decade
  • Figure 8: Graphic The Alternative Protein Landscape Diversifies in the Coming Decades
  • Figure 9: Graphic Market Proportions of Alternative Protein Sources Shift Dramatically in the Coming Decades
  • Figure 10: Graphic Crop Production Norms will Shift with Changing Protein Consumption Trends
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