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Crossing the Chasm: Demonstrating Economic Value is the Next Test for Building-integrated Vegetation

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跨越鴻溝:出示經濟效果--對建築物綠化(BIV)產業來說的下個課題 Crossing the Chasm: Demonstrating Economic Value is the Next Test for Building-integrated Vegetation
出版日期: 2014年07月23日 內容資訊: 英文

建築物綠化(BIV: Building-integrated vegetation)市場,已經達到60億美元規模。可是,屋頂綠化和牆面綠化資本投資額仍相對地高,成本效益分析時多會受到嚴厲關切。BIV的其他功能(空氣品質改善,雨水管理等)現在還未受充分理解,是難以得到客戶付款的狀態。



  • 建築物綠化(BIV)補助金的支付城市增加,促進屋頂綠化市場成長


  • 屋頂綠化的設置數量持續增加,不過市場規模(以金額為準)縮小。各企業今後暫時需要降低成本、努力改善效率。




  • 圖:過去2年設置基礎的大幅度縮小
  • 圖:亞太地區的佔有率擴大超過當初預想,另一方面,北美市場未達預期規模
  • 圖:2013∼2017年設置基礎的年複合成長率(CAGR)約10%前後
  • 圖:屋頂綠化市場,以美金為準些微減少,不過設置基礎擴大
  • 表格:屋頂綠化的資本改造期間和ROI(投資報酬率),如果是單就有補助金的場合為高水準
  • 圖:技術開發評估用模板
  • 圖:只有努力降低成本、提高效果的企業取得成功

Building-integrated vegetation (BIV) is already a $6 billion market. However, green roofs and green walls remain a relatively expensive capital investment and increasingly subject to a cost-benefit scrutiny. BIV benefits like thermal insulation and stormwater management are currently not well understood by the installers and are hard to estimate. Other benefits, such as improving air quality and reducing urban heat island effect, don't accrue exclusively to the customer spending the money. We estimate the simple payback period for extensive green roofs in three locations - Portland, Copenhagen, and Beijing - to be in excess of 15 years at current price points and performance attributes. Therefore, it is not a surprise that adoption at this time, is driven entirely by city-level supportive policy measures, with cities like Atlanta, Nashville, and Mexico City continuing to announce supportive policy measures for green roofs. However, to take advantage of these policies and drive growth in the absence of incentives, the BIV industry must lay greater emphasis on cost reduction and measurement & verification of benefits. Innovative companies like Columbia Green Technologies, Ecotelhado, and Green Living Technologies are leading the way and are setting an example larger companies are well equipped to consider.

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The addition of new cities to the list of incentive-driven adopters continues to drive the growth for green roofs.


Green roof installations continue to rise, although the market size in dollars drops. Companies focusing on the cost reduction and performance measurement will win in the near term.



Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Graphic Significant Reduction in Installed Cost has Occurred over the Past Two Years
  • Figure 2: Graphic Updated Predictions Suggest Asia-Pacific Growth Even More Dominant than Our Previous Thinking, and North American Growth Less than Expected
  • Figure 3: Graphic Updated Predictions Indicate a 10% CAGR in Global Cumulative Installations from 2013 to 2017
  • Figure 4: Graphic Green Roof Market in Dollars Will Decline Slightly, Despite the Rise in Installations
  • Figure 5: Table Green Roof Payback Periods and ROI Become Attractive Only with City Incentives
  • Figure 6: Graphic Lux Innovation Grid Template
  • Figure 7: Graphic Green Roof Companies Focusing on Cost Reduction and Measurement of Benefits Will Win
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