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Policy's Dramatic Impact on Green Buildings: The Global Hotspots

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 22 Pages
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全球的綠建築市場上之各政策的戲續化效果 Policy's Dramatic Impact on Green Buildings: The Global Hotspots
出版日期: 2012年06月13日 內容資訊: 英文 22 Pages




  • 付款能力和意志、對綠建築開發商來說是決定一國的誘因性
  • 政策方法由各種形態・樣式取決
  • 各國固有的經濟・環境問題決定其國家技術印進傾向


  • 幾乎全球的主要國家政府、皆開始關心環保建物
  • 為促進綠建築、存在各種政策方法
  • 政策方法手段並非單一決定一國的誘因性
  • 個案研究:美國--實現主體的聯邦政府
  • 個案研究:印度--規範主體的中央政府
  • 結論


  • 決定一國誘因性的綠建築的普及之決定因素
    • 受技術引進影響的政策方法和經濟因素的視覺化
    • 綠建築的有希望市場:OECD加盟國及新興經濟國
  • 技術引進傾向受到其國家固有的經濟・環境問題影響


關於Lux Research


Product Code: LREBS-R-12-2

Buildings consume the majority of the world's energy and are responsible for a majority of the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. Energy security, environmental, and livability concerns are driving governments across the world to adopt policy measures promoting green buildings. Policy measures, along with the ability to pay, payback periods, and addressable market size, should determine a firm's decision on which countries to invest precious market development funds in. In this report, we examine 21 countries on the Lux Nations Ranking Chart and project how the unique policy drivers in each country create an opportunity for specific green-building technologies.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
      • Ability to Pay and Willingness to Pay Determine a Country's Attractiveness for a Green-Building Technology Developer
      • Policy Measures Take Various Shapes and Forms
      • Specific Economic and Environmental Issues in Each Country will Determine Technology Adoption
  • Landscape
    • Governments across Most Major Economies of the World are Starting to Care about Building Energy Efficiency
    • A Variety of Policy Instruments Exist to Promote Green Buildings
    • Policy Measures Aren't the Only Determinant of Country Attractiveness
    • Case Study: National Government as Enabler (United States)
    • Case Study: National Government as the Regulator (India)
    • Landscape Conclusions
  • Analysis
    • Determining Country Attractiveness for Green Buildings Adoption
      • Lux Nation Ranking Chart Provides Visualization of Policy Measures and Economic Factors Influencing Technology Adoption
      • Promising Geographies for Green Buildings Increasingly Include Emerging Economies, in Addition to the Usual Suspects among the OECD Countries
    • Technology Adoption is Governed by Country-Specific Economic and Environmental Issues
  • Outlook
  • About Lux Research
  • Endnotes
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