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Global Construction Industry 2014-2019: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis

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全球建設業:趨勢,利益,預測分析 Global Construction Industry 2014-2019: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis
出版日期: 2014年07月07日 內容資訊: 英文



第1章 摘要整理

第2章 產業定義和範圍

第3章 產業概要

第4章 宏觀經濟趨勢

第5章 產業趨勢

第6章 競爭情形

第7章 宏觀經濟預測

第8章 產業的預測

第9章 新興趨勢

第10章 成長機會



The global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated value of $10,388.6 billion by 2019. The major drivers of the construction industry are government spending, increasing population, high per capita income, and GDP growth. Increasing urbanization, easy credit availability, and rising consumer spending will also possibly boost the construction industry. Strong economic growth in developing nations, such as China, India, and the Middle East countries, is expected to further drive this industry.

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the global construction industry by market type and by region and has come up with a comprehensive research report, “Global Construction Industry 2014-2019: Trends, Forecast, and Opportunity Analysis.” This report provides an analysis of the global construction industry including market trends, cost structure, growth opportunities, key drivers, and emerging trends of the market. The study also includes global construction industry trends and forecasts through 2019, segmented by regions and by market type as follows:

Construction Industry by Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of World

Construction Industry by Market Type:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure

On the basis of its comprehensive research, Lucintel forecasts that majority of the segments of construction industry will witness significant growth during 2014-2019. The residential construction segment is likely to grow at a greater pace than all other segments in the industry. Cost-effective alternatives with new technologies and services are very important for companies to sustain their successful position in the market.

This unique report from Lucintel will provide you with valuable information, insights, and tools needed to identify new growth opportunities and operate your business successfully in this market. This report will save hundreds of hours of your own personal research time and will significantly benefit you in expanding your business in this market. In today's stringent economy, you need every advantage that you can find.

To make business, investment, and strategic decisions, you need timely, useful information. This market report fulfills this core need and is an indispensable reference guide for multinational materials suppliers, product manufacturers, investors, executives, distributors, and many more that operate in this market.

Some of the features of “Global Construction Industry 2014-2019: Trend, Profit, and Forecast Analysis” include:

  • Analysis of competitive intensity of the market based on Porter's Five Forces model which helps to understand the competitive position of industry players.
  • Market size in terms of value ($B) by segment, market size trend (2008-2013) and forecast (2014-2019) for key regional segments those are useful to make major investment decisions.
  • Regional Analysis provides construction industry breakdown by region among North America, Europe, APAC and ROW.
  • Competitor analysis: Growth leadership analysis, market drivers and challenges, growth opportunity analysis by segment market and by regional market that helps to ascertain a sound investment decision.
  • Market strategic assessment, emerging trend, innovations and new product launches, mergers and acquisitions by the market players are studied in the report.
  • More than 35 valuable figures/charts and 6 tables are provided in this report.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Executive Summary

Chapter 2. Industry Definition and Scope

Chapter 3. Industry Overview

Chapter 4. Macroeconomic Trend

Chapter 5. Industry Trends

Chapter 6. Competitive Landscape

Chapter 7. Macroeconomic Forecast

Chapter 8. Industry Forecasts

Chapter 9. Emerging Trends

Chapter 10. Growth Opportunity

List of Figures

Chapter 3. Industry Overview

  • Figure 3.1: External forces shaping global construction industry

Chapter 4. Global Macroeconomic Overview

  • Figure 4.1: Global GDP growth rate trend at constant price
  • Figure 4.2: Regional GDP growth rate trend
  • Figure 4.3: Global unemployment rate trend
  • Figure 4.4: Global unemployment rate trend
  • Figure 4.5: Global population growth rate trend
  • Figure 4.6: Regional population growth rate trend

Chapter 5. Industry Trends

  • Figure 5.1: Global construction industry annual trend 2008-13 ($B)
  • Figure 5.2: Global construction industry regional trend 2008-13 ($B)
  • Figure 5.3: Global construction industry regional trend 2008-13 (%)
  • Figure 5.4: Global construction industry segment trend 2008-2013 ($B)
  • Figure 5.5: Global construction industry segment trend 2008-2013 (%)
  • Figure 5.6: Global construction industry profitability trend 2008-13
  • Figure 5.7: Global construction industry revenue per employee trend 2008-2013
  • Figure 5.8: Top five companies vs. global construction industry gross profit and net profit analysis 2013
  • Figure 5.9: Cost structure trend of global construction industry 2008-13

Chapter 6. Competetive Landscape

  • Figure 6.1: Industry shares of top players in global construction industry in 2008
  • Figure 6.2: Industry shares of top players in global construction industry in 2013
  • Figure 6.3: Global construction industry 2008 industry share analysis
  • Figure 6.4: Global construction industry 2013 industry share analysis

Chapter 7. Macroeconomic Forecasts

  • Figure 7.1: Global GDP growth rate forecast at constant price
  • Figure 7.2: Regional GDP growth rate forecast
  • Figure 7.3: Global unemployment rate forecast
  • Figure 7.4: Regional unemployment rate forecast
  • Figure 7.5: Global population growth rate forecast
  • Figure 7.6: Regional population growth rate forecast

Chapter 8. Industry Forecasts

  • Figure 8.1: Global construction industry annual forecast 2014-19 ($B)
  • Figure 8.2: Global construction industry regional forecast 2014-19 ($B)
  • Figure 8.3: Global construction industry regional forecast 2014-19 (%)
  • Figure 8.4: Global construction industry segment trend 2014-2019 ($B)
  • Figure 8.5: Global construction industry segment trend 2014-19 (%)

Chapter 9. Emerging Trends

  • Figure 9.1: Emerging trends of global construction industry

Chapter 10. Growth Opportunity

  • Figure 10.1: Global construction industry opportunity by region
  • Figure 10.2: Global construction industry opportunity by segment
  • Figure 10.3: Global construction industry by region

List of Tables

Chapter 3. Industry Overview

  • Table 3.1: Industry parameters of global construction industry
  • Table 3.2: Relative industry attractiveness by region

Chapter 5. Industry Trends

  • Table 5.1: Regional revenue growth rate
  • Table 5.2: Segment revenue growth rate
  • Table 5.3: Growth rate in cost structure

Chapter 8. Industry Forecasts

  • Table 8.1: Regional growth rate forecast
  • Table 8.2: Segment growth rate forecast
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