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B細胞成熟抗原 (BCMA) :新興治療方法的標的

B-Cell Maturation Antigen (BCMA): Hot Target for Emerging Treatment Modalities

出版商 La Merie Publishing 商品編碼 369011
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 39 Pages
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B細胞成熟抗原 (BCMA) :新興治療方法的標的 B-Cell Maturation Antigen (BCMA): Hot Target for Emerging Treatment Modalities
出版日期: 2016年08月31日 內容資訊: 英文 39 Pages

本報告提供B細胞成熟抗原 (BCMA) 調查分析,BCMA標靶治療的科學性根據,前臨床概念驗證,BCMA標靶治療的臨床經驗,競爭情形,主要企業簡介等系統性資訊。

第1章 標的背景

第2章 標的抗原表現圖譜

第3章 前臨床概念驗證

第4章 臨床性適應和治療選項

第5章 BCMA標靶治療的臨床經驗

第6章 治療方法和競爭情形

第7章 藥物、細胞療法的候補簡介

第8章 企業簡介

第9章 參考資料

Product Code: LMBR0012

The highly restricted expression of B-cell maturation antigen (BCMA) to plasma cells and its role in the survival and growth for multiple myeloma cells makes BCMA a good potential target for enhanced immunotherapeutic strategies. This report describes and analyzes the

  • Scientific rationale for BCMA-targeted therapies;
  • Preclinical proof-of-concept of BCMA blockade;
  • Clinical experience with BCMA-targeted therapies;
  • The competitive landscape of BCMA-targeted treatment modalities;
  • Profiles of anti-BCMA CAR T-cells, antibody-drug conjugate and T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies:
  • Profiles of companies involved in develompent of anti-BCMA therapy candidates.

Especially activity-enhanced antibodies and cells such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies as well as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells, respectively, will benefit from the high target selectivity of BCMA to avoid on-target, off-tumor toxicity. As a consequence, novel cellular and humoral BCMA-targeted treatment modalities have emerged and resulting product candidates entered first-in-human clinical evaluation. Further development candidates are undergoing IND-enabling studies.

Table of Contents

1. Target Background

2. Target Antigen Expression Profile

3. Preclinical Proof-of-Concept

4. Clinical Indications & Treatment Options

5. Clinical Experience with BCMA-Targeted Treatment Modalities

6. Treatment Modalities & Competitive Landscape

7. Drug & Cell Therapy Candidate Profiles

  • 7.1. CAR T-Cells
  • 7.2. Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC)
  • 7.3. T-Cell Redirecting Antibodies

8. Company Profiles

9. References

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