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Global Insulin Patch Market Opportunity Analysis

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胰島素貼片的全球市場:機會分析 Global Insulin Patch Market Opportunity Analysis
出版日期: 2015年05月05日 內容資訊: 英文 75 Pages



第1章 胰島素貼片的簡介

第2章 胰島素貼片和其他的胰島素模式比較

第3章 胰島素貼片的結構

  • 離子導入經皮胰島素給藥貼片
  • 超音波經皮胰島素給藥貼片
  • 微針頭經皮胰島素給藥貼片

第4章 胰島素給藥的新興趨勢

  • 口服胰島素
  • 胰島素口香糖
  • 吸入型
  • 胰島素幫浦和貼片幫浦
  • 奈米粒子胰島素給藥

第5章 全球胰島素貼片市場分析

  • 現狀
  • 胰島素貼片的臨床開發平台概要

第6章 全球胰島素貼片市場趨勢

  • 有利的市場參數
  • 商業性課題

第7章 胰島素貼片市場未來的預測

第8章 各企業、適應、Phase全球胰島素貼片臨床實驗平台

第9章 在臨床實驗平台中止的胰島素貼片

第10章 競爭環境

  • Dermisonics
  • Encapsulation Systems
  • Encapsulife
  • Mesoblast
  • NeurogesX
  • NOLabs AB
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Phosphagenics
  • Relmada Therapeutics
  • Zosano Pharma



Transdermal drug delivery is one of the oldest methods that have been used by physicians to alleviate patients' medical condition. Patches are recent inventions of pharmaceutical companies for those patient populations who can't be administered with conventional drugs. They are applied over the skin from which drug is released in controlled manner followed by entry into the body. Topical drugs are also applied on skin but their effect is local and they do not become systemic. Over the years, several modalities for transfer of insulin have been developed by investigators. They have several benefits but they are not as beneficial as insulin patches due to limited number of pharmacological and commercial benefits. Insulin patches are new extension in the field of transdermal patches which are still under development.

Insulin patch development and commercialization is a challenging process along with high enthusiastic levels due to their novelty. Numerous patches containing different formulations for different indications have been introduced in global market. First patch was introduced in late 1970s so this market segment could be considered as emerging entity as compared to other disease categories. Despite this fact, they have made significant progress due to technological advancements which allows them to offer superior pharmacological benefits. They are available for limited number of indication due to which large unmet medical necessities have yet to be fulfilled. This situation shows significant marketing opportunities in this segment as there is lack of competition and several indications are left for churning significant revenues. Diabetes segment also falls in such category which has yet to be explored and pharmaceutical companies have increased their efforts to come forth with effective insulin patches.

Highly advanced technology like ultrasound and iontophoresis are being used for the development of modern insulin patches. Depending upon the type of technique, their prices may vary which may be out of reach of several patients. In long-term, it would be considered as inexpensive but high upfront cost may deter some diabetic patients. Benefits like greater control over blood glucose levels and ease of utilization are one of the most significant benefits of these technologies. It is expected that investigators would also explore the techniques like electroporation, thermal ablation and microdermabrasion for making insulin patches. These techniques are expected to increase the cost effectiveness due to which their market penetration would increase. In coming years, it is expected that investigators would be able to come forth with insulin patches having higher pharmacological benefits with lesser prices. Besides this, newer modalities are also expected to be developed due to which more sales are expected to be generated.

Development of insulin patches are expected to pave the path for the development of large molecule based transdermal patches. This is going to be a major technological success due to which large number of patients would get more therapeutic benefits. Due to increased indications, more revenues are expected to generate from this field. Both molecules and formulations have to be revisited that will lead to new innovations. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies engaged in the production of insulin patches may venture in other diseases segment by using same technology. Insulin patches have yet not made place in global market but they will definitely encourage the other pharmaceutical companies to follow the lead. Pharmaceutical companies are expected to launch the first insulin patch in global market in next few years.

" Global Insulin Patch Market Opportunity Analysis" Report Highlights:

  • Introduction to Insulin Patch
  • Mechanism Iontophoresis, Ultrasonic & Microneedle Insulin Patch
  • Global Insulin Patch Market Analysis
  • Global Insulin Patch Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase
  • Global Insulin Patch Clinical Pipeline: 9 Patches
  • Highest Phase of Insulin Patch Development: Phase-II
  • Insulin Patch Patent Analysis

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Insulin Patch

2. Comparison between Insulin Patches & Other Insulin Modalities

3. Mechanism of Insulin Patches

  • 3.1. Iontophoresis Transdermal Insulin Delivery Patch
  • 3.2. Ultrasonic Transdermal Insulin Delivery Patch
  • 3.3. Microneedle Transdermal Insulin Delivery Patch

4. Emerging Trends in Insulin Delivery

  • 4.1. Oral Insulin
  • 4.2. Insulin Chewing Gum
  • 4.3. Inhalable Insulin
  • 4.4. Insulin Pumps and Patch Pump
  • 4.5. Nanoparticle Insulin Delivery

5. Global Insulin Patch Market Analysis

  • 5.1. Current Scenario
  • 5.2. Insulin Patch Clinical Pipeline Overview

6. Global Insulin Patch Market Dynamics

  • 6.1. Favorable Market Parameters
  • 6.2. Commercialization Challenges

7. Future Prospects of Insulin Patch Market

8. Global Insulin Patch Clinical Pipeline by Company, Indication & Phase

  • 8.1. Preclinical
  • 8.2. Clinical
  • 8.3. Phase-I
  • 8.4. Phase-II
  • 8.5. Phase-III
  • 8.6. Preregistration

9. Discontinued Insulin Patch in Clinical Pipeline

  • 9.1. Discontinued
  • 9.2. No Development Reported

10. Competitive Landscape

  • 10.1. Dermisonics
  • 10.2. Encapsulation Systems
  • 10.3. Encapsulife
  • 10.4. Mesoblast
  • 10.5. NeurogesX
  • 10.6. NOLabs AB
  • 10.7. Novo Nordisk
  • 10.8. Phosphagenics
  • 10.9. Relmada Therapeutics
  • 10.10. Zosano Pharma

List of Figures

  • Figure 1-1: Benefits of Transdermal Insulin Patches
  • Figure 1-2: Improvement Required for Transdermal Insulin Patches
  • Figure 2-1: Necessity for Insulin Patches
  • Figure 2-2: Pharmacological Benefits of Insulin Patches
  • Figure 3-1: Types of Transdermal Patches
  • Figure 3-2: Requirements for Ideal Insulin Transdermal Patch
  • Figure 3-3: Benefits Observed During Clinical Trials
  • Figure 3-4: Benefits of Insulin Iontophoresis Patches
  • Figure 3-5: Consideration While Making Insulin Iontophoresis Patch
  • Figure 3-6: Mechanism of Iontophoresis Patches
  • Figure 3-7: Mechanism of Transdermal Ultrasonic Transfer
  • Figure 3-8: Benefits of Ultrasound Insulin Transfer
  • Figure 3-9: Mechanism of U-Strip
  • Figure 3-10: Benefits of Microneedles
  • Figure 3-11: Types of Microneedles
  • Figure 3-12: Mechanism of Microneedles
  • Figure 4-1: Different Modalities Insulin Transfer
  • Figure 5-1: Projected increase in diabetes cases
  • Figure 5-2: Insulin Patch Pipeline by Phase (%), 2015
  • Figure 5-3: Insulin Patch Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2015
  • Figure 5-4: Discontinued Insulin Patch Pipeline by Phase (%), 2015
  • Figure 5-5: Discontinued Insulin Patch Pipeline by Phase (Number), 2015
  • Figure 6-1: Global Insulin Patch Market Favorable Parameters
  • Figure 6-2: Global Insulin Patch Market Commercialization Challenges

List of Tables

  • Table 2-1: Comparison between Oral Insulin & Insulin Patch
  • Table 2-2: Comparison between Chewing Gum Insulin & Insulin Patch
  • Table 2-3:Comparison between Inhalable Insulin & Insulin Patch
  • Table 2-4: Comparison between Insulin Pump & Insulin Patches
  • Table 2-5: Comparison between Nanoparticle Insulin Products & Insulin Patches
  • Table 3-1: Comparative Analysis of Different Transdermal Insulin Patches
  • Table 4-1: Few Non-Conventional Insulin Products
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