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微流體動態 (微射流) 新興企業的特定

Microfluidics Startup Identification

出版商 KnowMade 商品編碼 927919
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 310+ Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
微流體動態 (微射流) 新興企業的特定 Microfluidics Startup Identification
出版日期: 2020年03月09日內容資訊: 英文 310+ Pages

微流體動態 (微射流) 是極為動態的技術領域,全球微流體動態市場,2019年達到421億7,000萬美元,預計從2019年到2029年為13.73%的年複合成長率。包含許多技術和應用 (案例:醫療保健,生物科技,環境,微電子 (細微電子學) 等) 的該市場,每年有許多新興企業進入。

本報告提供微流體動態 (微射流) 相關的專利調查,根據專利申請識別新興企業,各新興企業的主要活動,產品,專利,及主要職員的介紹,新興企業最探求的領域 (癌症),其他關心領域 (糖尿病,神經學,及環境),主要的應用程式 (分子生物學 & 生物化學化驗,細胞分離 & 分析,液水滴處理,及電極為基礎的生物感應器) 等相關分析。


  • 調查目的
  • 調查範圍


  • 專利調查,選擇及分析
  • 搜尋策略
  • 專利分析的用語




Product Code: KM20003

Report's Key Features:

  • PDF with > 310+ slides
  • Identification of the startups that recently started to work in the field of Microfluidics
  • Mapping of the new startups
  • Segmentation by technology and application
  • Focused analysis of the projects aiming at Oncology, Diabetes and Neurology.
  • Description of the startups and their microfluidic-related projects
  • Presentation of all their published patent families.
  • Description of key people and their background.
  • Excel database containing all patents analyzed in the report

Over 50 startups working in the field of Microfluidics were identified

Microfluidics is a very dynamic technological field and the global microfluidics market is expected to grow and reach US$ 42.17 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 13.73% from 2019 to 2029 (BIS Research). Involving numerous technologies and having numerous applications (e.g. Healthcare, Biotech., the Environment, Microelectronics, etc.), this domain sees the arrival of numerous startups every year. In this highly diverse and rapidly changing ecosystem, it is crucial to identify new players and monitor their activities to determine opportunities, threats, potential partnerships and collaborations. Because of their small size and technological diversity, these young companies are hard to identify by conventional approaches (web searches, workshops etc.). In this report, Knowmade has therefore investigated Microfluidics-related patents in order to identify startups through their patent filings. More than 50 startups incorporated between 2014 and 2019 were thus identified, and for each of them, the report describes their main activity, products, patents, and key people among their staff. This study reveals that Oncology is by far the market explored the most by startups working in the field of Microfluidics. Diabetes, Neurology and the Environment are also markets of interest for some startups identified. The leading applications being Molecular Biology & Biochemistry assays, followed by cell separation & analysis, droplet processing and electrode-based biosensors.

Why use patents to identify startups?

  • Detecting hidden companies - Looking at patent documents makes it possible to identify companies that do not communicate much or even at all. It is a good way to detect companies that could not be found using more conventional methods (e.g. trade fairs, conferences, web searches, etc.).
  • Assessing the technology - Technology is one of the keys to a startup's success and being able to understand and assess it is highly valuable. The specification of a patent document includes a lot of technical information that can be used to determine the advantages brought by new inventions. The patent claims can also be used to determine the protection the applicant is asking for, and therefore where its interest resides.
  • Identifying the key people - The success of a startup is strongly linked to the team that composes it. It is therefore important to know the founders and inventors to assess the odds of its success. Patents enable the identification of inventors inside the companies. These inventors are technical experts who have laid the foundation of the technology the startup is developing. Describing the background of key people can help in understanding the startup project, and their history can reveal the extent of the know-how they have accumulated.

Startup Identification

Startups have been identified by screening the patent documents published in 2019 claiming microfluidic technologies. For each startup identified, the report provides a complete description of its activity and products/prototypes. Its link to a university, information about funding rounds and government/agency grants or subsidies are also described.

Patent Description

This report includes a detailed description of all the patents filed by identified startups. The elements provided in each overview slide provide essential information to quickly understand the patented technology. For each patent family described, the publication number of Granted/Registered and Pending members are provided, as well as the main claim, the alleged technical advantage provided by the invention and the most relevant figure explaining how the invention can be carried out.

Key People Description

This report includes a description of the key people involved in each selected startup. Knowing the key people behind a startup helps assessing its chances of success by determining their individual strength and their complementarity. This report is focused on the description of the people who have a technical background. For each key person, the report shows a summary of their educational background, employment history, as well as a short description about their patents and scientific publications.



  • Objectives of the report
  • Scope of the report


  • Patent search, selection and analysis
  • Search strategy
  • Terminologies for patent analysis



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