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Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug Products on the U.S. OTC Market

出版商 Kline & Company, Inc. 商品編碼 358079
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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自然來源OTC產品:非醫藥產品的美國的OTC對市場的影響 Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug Products on the U.S. OTC Market
出版日期: 2016年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供預防和改善輕度不適所使用的醫藥品之外的自然來源OTC產品 (藥材、維生素和礦物質、植物來源成分等)的美國市場調查,各產品種類的銷售額實際成果、預測,各品牌明細,主要趨勢,關注的新產品,配合成分、標示成分,價格、零售、流通等趨勢,購買者、用戶的人口統計,購買、利用頻率,以及主要企業的簡介等彙整。



  • 概要
  • 市場規模、市場區隔
  • 市場趨勢
  • 競爭環境
  • 消費者意識
  • 展望、評估


  • 止痛藥 (內服、局部用)
  • 咳嗽/感冒/免疫相關產品
  • 消化相關產品
  • 營養供給產品 (心臟、腦的健康)
  • 睡眠輔助產品
  • 局部用產品
    • 市場銷售額、品牌銷售額實際成果
    • 市場趨勢
    • 關注的新產品
    • M&A活動
    • 競爭環境
    • 配合成分、標示成分
    • 零售價格
    • 零售流通
    • 行銷活動
    • 預測


  • 自然來源OTC產品的購買者、用戶的人口統計
  • 零售定位、購買頻率、利用頻率
  • 自然來源OTC產品的購買/利用的傳統的利用/購買的影響
  • 自然來源OTC產品的平均價格分佈
  • 自然來源OTC產品的利用:慢性症狀 vs 急性症狀
  • 自然來源OTC產品的利用:成人 vs 兒童
  • 與傳統OTC比較的自然來源OTC產品的安全性的見解
  • 與傳統OTC比較的自然來源OTC產品的有效性的見解


  • Biotab Nutraceuticals
  • Boiron
  • Gaia Herbs
  • Garden of Life
  • Hyland's
  • i-Health
  • Mattrixx Initiatives
  • Nature's Way
  • New Chapter
  • Now Foods
  • ProPhase Labs
  • Renew Life
  • Similasan
  • Zarbee's Naturals
    • 產業概要
    • 企業銷售額
    • M&A
    • 主要的自然來源OTC產品品牌的銷售額實際成果
    • 開發中的產品
    • 零售策略
    • 行銷策略
    • 未來的銷售額預測



Regional Coverage: United States

A comprehensive market assessment of non-drug products competing with traditional OTCs, including an analysis of the market's size, consumers' perceptions, and company profiles. This report focuses on major brands, companies, and consumer attitudes towards such products.

This Report is Designed to:

  • Provide subscribers with an understanding of the relative size of such products compared to traditional OTCs
  • Learn about the companies that market these products and what new products or claims they are developing
  • Recognize key trends driving the non-drug market segments
  • Gain insights on which consumers purchase natural OTCs, why, where, and how much they spend on them, and how these purchases affect their usage of traditional OTCs, if at all
  • Raise awareness of retail pricing, placement, and claims for natural OTCs
  • Forecast sales and market share expectations for these products in the future

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • Overview
  • Market size and segmentation
  • Market trends
  • Competitive landscape
  • Consumer perceptions
  • Outlook and appraisal

Market Analysis

For each of the categories shown in Table 1, the following information is provided:

  • Market and brand sales in 2014 and 2015
  • Market trends
  • Notable new products
  • M&A activity
  • Competitive landscape
  • Ingredients and claims
  • Retail pricing and placement
  • Retail distribution
  • Marketing activity
  • Outlook to 2020

Consumer Insights

A detailed consumer survey that provides a thorough understanding of the following:

  • Demographics of natural OTC purchasers and users
  • Retail locations, frequency of purchase/use
  • Purchase/use of natural OTCs effects on purchase/use of traditional OTCs
  • Average price points paid for natural OTCs
  • Chronic versus acute usage of natural OTCs
  • Adult versus children's usage of natural OTCs
  • Views on safety of natural OTCs compared to traditional OTCs
  • Views on efficacy of natural OTCs compared to traditional OTCs

Company Profiles

For each of the companies listed in Table 2, the report provides the following information:

  • Overview of business
  • Corporate sales (if public)
  • Merger/acquisition activity of note
  • Sales of key natural OTC brands in 2014 and 2015
  • Products in development
  • Retail strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Forecasts of future sales


Table 1: Market Covered

  • Analgesics (internal and topical)
  • Cough/cold/immunity products
  • Digestive products
  • Nutritional products (heart and brain health)
  • Sleeping aids
  • Topical products Table 1: Markets Covered

Table 2: Companies Profiled

  • Company: Brands
  • Biotab Nutraceuticals : Alteril
  • Boiron : Full line of homeopathic products for adult and children
  • Gaia Herbs: Gaia Curcumin Synergy, Gaia Black Elderberry Syrup, Gaia Rapid
  • Relief Quick Defense, Gaia Turmeric Supreme
  • Garden of Life: Raw, Dr. Formulated Probiotics, Oceans 3
  • Hyland's: Full line of homeopathic products for adult and children
  • i-Health: Culturelle, Brainstrong
  • Mattrixx Initiatives : Zicam
  • Nature's Way : Probiotic Pearls, Primadophilus, Sambucus, Umcka, Ginkgold
  • New Chapter : Wholemega, Zyflamend
  • Now Foods : Now Probiotics, CurcuBrain, Cholesterol Pro, Healthy Immune, and
  • RememBrain
  • ProPhase Labs : Cold Eeze
  • Renew Life : Norwegian Gold, Ultimate Flora
  • Similasan : Full line of homeopathic products for adult and children
  • Zarbee's Naturals : Zarbee's cough syrups
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