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Global Metalworking Fluids: Market Analysis and Opportunities

出版商 Kline & Company, Inc. 商品編碼 353948
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 432 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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全球金屬加工油市場:市場分析、市場機會 Global Metalworking Fluids: Market Analysis and Opportunities
出版日期: 2014年04月01日 內容資訊: 英文 432 Pages





  • 金屬產品
  • 機器
  • 金屬罐
  • 原生鋁產品
  • 原生鐵製品
  • 運輸機器
  • 其他
    • 產業結構
    • 金屬加工油的用途
    • 規格、價格
    • 金屬加工油的消費量
      • 各產品類型
      • 各國
    • 到目前為止的過程
    • 主要客戶、評論
    • 購買慣例
    • 主要供應商
    • 通路
    • 市場發展
    • 展望
    • 市場評估、市場機會


  • 該國特徵
  • 宏觀經濟 (商務慣例、勞動資訊)
  • 金屬加工油概要
    • 消費量
    • 健康、環境相關
    • 購買慣例、價格、流通、包裝、顧客服務
  • 主要的最終用途產業
    • 產業統計
    • 金屬加工油消費量
    • 客戶的評論等
  • 金屬加工油供應商
  • 展望
  • 評估、市場機會


  • 切削用油劑
  • 成型用油劑
  • 保護用油劑
  • 熱處理用油劑
    • 用途
    • 規格、價格
    • 需求
    • 供應商
    • 通路
    • 添加劑
    • 預測需求
    • 趨勢
    • 市場機會


  • 主要供應商 (前十大企業)
  • 其他的供應商
    • 所在地
    • 所有者結構
    • 財務趨勢
    • 組織結構
    • Kline分析

Regional Coverage: Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific


Kline has launched a comprehensive study of the global metalworking fluids industry to understand the post-recession landscape in terms of industry size, regions, product, technology, and market trends, and growth. This analysis provides metalworking fluid formulators, marketers, additive suppliers, and end users with the latest information on products, services, applications, and trends, specifically addressing:

  • The size and segmentation of the global metalworking fluids industry broken out by region and product type in 2012 and forecasts to 2017
  • Impact of economic and political factors in reshaping the worldwide manufacturing sector
  • Impact of the trends in the global additives and paraffinic, naphthenics and synthetic basestocks market on the metalworking fluids industry
  • Market trends and business developments
  • Current and future industry regulations
  • Formulation technology changes, options, and opportunities
  • Competitive intelligence through in-depth supplier profiles


Global Metalworking Fluids: Market Analysis and Opportunities provides an accurate and independent appraisal of market size and segmentation, key end-use segments and trends, business opportunities, and competitive forces in the metalworking fluids business.

The study is global in scope and is organized by the following major geographic regions:

  • Americas: the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, plus a brief discussion of other selected countries.
  • Europe Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Hungary, plus a brief discussion of other selected countries.
  • Asia-Pacific: Japan, China, South Korea, India, Thailand, and Taiwan, plus a brief discussion of other selected countries.

Metalworking fluid product categories covered for each region are:

  • Removal fluid (coolants, cutting oils, grinding fluids)
  • Forming fluid (rolling oils, drawing and stamping compounds, forging fluids, and hydroforming fluids)
  • Treating fluid (quenching and tempering fluids)
  • Protecting fluid (temporary rust preventatives)

Types of metalworking fluids that will be covered include oil-based, water-based, semi-synthetic, and synthetic.

Key Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and marketers of metalworking fluids to build solid strategic plans and respond to competitive forces, emerging technologies, and evolving market needs. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by providing:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of global metalworking fluid consumption and market shares
  • A cost-effective extension of subscribers' own intelligence development capabilities
  • An examination of new business opportunities in established and emerging markets for metalworking fluids
  • An update on new product developments and new channels
  • An unbiased appraisal of market trends and emerging applications
  • Competitive intelligence for use in benchmarking
  • A resource for screening potential merger and acquisition candidates

Table of Contents


Background information on the scope, methodology, and terminology used in the report.

Executive Summary

A concise overview of key regional report findings and market developments.

End-use Industries

  • Fabricated metal products
  • Machinery
  • Metal cans
  • Primary aluminum products
  • Primary ferrous products
  • Transportation equipment
  • Other end use industries

For each of the leading end-use industries consuming metalworking fluids, the following details will be provided:

  • Structure of the industry
  • Applications of metalworking fluids
  • Specifications and prices
  • Metalworking fluid consumption
    • By product category
    • By country
  • Historical perspective
  • Major customers and comments
  • Purchasing practices
  • Major suppliers
  • Channels of distribution
  • Market developments
  • Outlook
  • Appraisal and opportunities


For each of the countries covered in the Report Scope, the following details will be provided:

  • Country characteristics
  • Macroeconomics (including business practices and labor information)
  • Metalworking fluids overview (including consumption, health and environment, purchasing practices, pricing, distribution, packaging, and customer service)
  • Leading end-use industries (including industry statistics, metalworking fluids consumption, and customer comments)
  • Metalworking fluid suppliers
  • Outlook
  • Appraisal and opportunities


  • Removal fluid
  • Forming fluid
  • Protecting fluid
  • Treating fluid

This section will discuss applications, specifications and prices, demand, suppliers, channels of distribution, additives, forecast demand, trends, and opportunities. The products will be further broken down by oil based, water soluble, semisynthetic, and synthetic types.

Supplier Profiles

  • Major suppliers (top ten metalworking fluid suppliers)
  • Minor suppliers (other metalworking fluid suppliers)

Profiles will include such detail as locations, ownership, financials, organizational structure, and Kline's assessment of the supplier's business.

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