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DevOps平台(2021年):Kisaco Leadership Chart

Kisaco Leadership Chart on DevOps Platforms 2021

出版商 Kisaco Research Limited 商品編碼 1007524
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 25 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
DevOps平台(2021年):Kisaco Leadership Chart Kisaco Leadership Chart on DevOps Platforms 2021
出版日期: 2020年12月10日內容資訊: 英文 25 Pages


本報告提供DevOps平台(2021年)的相關調查,DevOps概要,DevOps科技的最新趨勢,目前市場預測和DevOps採用的推動要素的檢驗,Kisaco Leadership Chart(KLC)的供應商的排名,業者情勢及簡介等資訊。



  • 動機
  • 主要調查結果


  • 科技趨勢
  • 市場趨勢

DevOps 適合101:初學者的簡介

  • DevOps的來源
  • DevOps的成熟度
  • DevOps評估


  • 在DevOps平台(2021)的Kisaco領導力表
    • DevOps平台供應商比較
    • DevOps平台的KLC表


  • Flexagon - Kisaco的評估:候補
    • Kisaco的評估
  • IBM - Kisaco的評估:領導者
    • Kisaco的評估
  • Opsera - Kisaco的評估:新興企業
    • Kisaco的評估
  • Progress - Kisaco評估:領導者
    • Kisaco的評估


  • 供應商解決方案的選擇
    • 選擇標準
    • 除外標準
    • 調查手法
    • KLC定義
    • Kisaco調查評估






Modern software development has been revolutionized by first agile methodologies and then what can be called the continuation of agile from development into operations: DevOps. Where continuous integration (CI) and continuous testing are central to agile, bringing in automation to reduce human error, improve efficiency, and speed up many chores in the development process, the same can be said of continuous delivery (CD) being a central part of DevOps. Tool automation is important in supporting the radical changes that agile and DevOps bring to software development. With the growth of software development thanks to the internet and digital transformation and the proliferation of development tools in the eco-system, there is greater need for tools that can act as platforms, hence this Kisaco Leadership Chart (KLC) focuses on DevOps platforms, integrating with the tool ecosystem.

However, DevOps is more than just about tools, and the impact of DevOps on organization culture continues to be just as challenging as agile, perhaps more so, requiring even more silo groups within the IT and organization landscape to co-work. Those organizations that succeed reap significant rewards: the State of DevOps series of open reports cite the success in the stock market of companies practicing DevOps at the highest maturity levels.

What you will learn:

  • You will learn the makeup of the DevOps tools market and the role DevOps platforms play.
  • The latest trends in DevOps technology are detailed, and the current market outlook and drivers for DevOps adoption are examined.
  • For readers new to DevOps we delve into what it is and how to assess your organization's maturity along the path to maturity. Our DevOps assessment levers chart internal adoption of DevOps and also how to work DevOps style with external suppliers and partners.
  • Our KLC selects four innovative DevOps platforms and examines them head-tohead. The KLC ranks these vendors according to strength of features and strength of market execution.
  • We provide in-depth profiles on each participating vendor with strengths and weaknesses assessed.

Table of Contents

Kisaco Research View

  • Motivation
  • Key findings

DevOps market and technology landscape

  • Technology trends
  • Market trends

DevOps 101: an introduction for newbies

  • DevOps origins
  • DevOps maturity
  • DevOps assessment

Solution analysis: vendor comparisons

  • Kisaco Leadership Chart on DevOps platforms 2021
    • DevOps platform vendor comparisons
    • The KLC chart for DevOps platforms

Vendor analysis

  • Flexagon, Kisaco evaluation: Contender
    • Kisaco Assessment
  • IBM, Kisaco evaluation: Leader
    • Kisaco Assessment
  • Opsera, Kisaco evaluation: Emerging Player
    • Kisaco Assessment
  • Progress, Kisaco evaluation: Leader
    • Kisaco Assessment


  • Vendor solution selection
    • Inclusion criteria
    • Exclusion criteria
    • Methodology
    • Definition of the KLC
    • Kisaco Research ratings



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  • Figure 1: Enterprise DevOps platform technology stack
  • Figure 2: A three stage DevOps maturity model
  • Figure 3: Assessing the state of DevOps adoption within your organization
  • Figure 4: DevOps assessment for working with external suppliers
  • Figure 5: Heat map analysis of participating vendor solution technical features
  • Figure 6: Kisaco Leadership Chart on DevOps platforms 2021
  • Figure 7: Kisaco Leadership Chart on DevOps platforms 2021: ranking of vendors
  • Figure 8: FlexDeploy DevOps platform key features
  • Figure 9: The IBM UrbanCode suite
  • Figure 10: Opsera's continuous orchestration works across the broad DevOps eco-system
  • Figure 11: The Chef product portfolio
  • Figure 12: Chef Compliance