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Wool in the 21st Century: New Prospects for a Familiar Fibre

出版商 just-style 商品編碼 311941
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 58 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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21世紀的羊毛:熟悉親近的纖維的新展望 Wool in the 21st Century: New Prospects for a Familiar Fibre
出版日期: 2014年09月01日 內容資訊: 英文 58 Pages



第1章 羊毛的收集

  • 全球羊毛消費
  • 羊毛和特徵
  • 從牧場到工廠
  • 紡織:粗紡毛 vs. 精紡
  • Siro-spinning
  • 超級wash
  • 紡織:互相糾結的供應鏈
  • 回歸到當地的紡織

第2章 高級市場上羊毛

  • 1微米中
  • 超S值
  • 極佳的美利奴羊毛毛線
  • 「美利奴羊毛毛線」

第3章 羊毛的高貴親屬

  • 羊絨
  • 羊絨紡織
  • 維持羊絨的品質
  • 其他高尚的纖維
  • 馬海毛
  • 寵物羊駝
  • 牛馬等

第4章 被遺忘的纖維

  • 合成纖維的崛起
  • 丙烯毛衣
  • 聚酯休閒套裝的盛衰
  • 估計錯誤的行銷
  • 最低價格方案
  • PETA·Mule(懶人鞋)定序 課題
  • 羊毛 vs puffer jacket
  • 羊毛與氣候變動

第5章 解除羊毛的認同危機

  • 創造羊毛的"時尚感"
  • "美利奴羊毛毛線"品牌
  • 羊毛的宣傳活動
  • 透明化供給
  • 更用心飼養綿羊
  • 舒適的一定水準
  • 羊毛的環保
  • 羊毛的革新
  • PETA round two
  • 全球羊毛標準的發展

第6章 21世紀的羊毛

  • 基礎及以上
  • 出色的能力
  • 漂亮的男性
  • 化舊為新
  • 羊毛與新的製造範例
  • 依存性製造
  • 羊毛的未來展望


Product Code: 218371

"Humanity has never been involved in a relationship with any other creature that was more pivotal to its development and ultimate success than the one it shares with sheep". From Sheep by Alan Butler (published by John Hunt, 2013)

Given that the production of wool textiles plays such an integral part in history it is surprising that it makes up such a low percentage of the global fibre market. That said, the majority of global wool production goes into apparel.

With the price being much more than cotton, wool is perhaps viewed more as a premium product, confined to niche markets. Another view is that in today's modern world of man-made synthetics and fast fashion, wool no longer has a place.

However, there are plenty of signs that wool is making a comeback as a 21st century fibre -  driven by improved aesthetics, performance aspects, and sustainability credentials.

This brand new title from just-style takes a look at this rather forgotten, yet unique textile fibre and examines the place of wool fibre in the textile value chain. It addresses its decline in popularity, the reasons for its current comeback, and assesses future prospects for the wool industry.

The report aims to demystify the tangled international supply chain for sheep's wool and specialised wool products such as cashmere, alpaca, and mohair, from the growers to the processors, spinners, and textile manufacturers in various regions of the globe.

It identifies new developments in breeding, processing, and spinning wool fibre, that are resulting in improved product; and discusses the consumer lifestyle changes, creative product development, and marketing efforts driving the fibre's future prospects.

The report looks at:

  • the international supply chain for sheep's wool and specialised wool products
  • new developments in breeding, processing and spinning wool fibre
  • eco-credentials
  • consumer lifestyle changes
  • creative product development
  • marketing efforts driving the fibre's future prospects

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Wool gathering

  • Global wool consumption
  • Wool and its properties
  • From farm to factory
  • Spinning: woollen vs. worsted
  • Siro-spinning
  • Superwashing
  • Spinning a tangled supply chain
  • A return to local spinning

Chapter 2: Wool in the luxury market

  • What's in a micron
  • Super S Values
  • Mah-vellous Merino
  • Just say "merino" please

Chapter 3: Wool's noble cousins

  • Covetable cashmere
  • Cashmere spinning
  • Maintaining cashmere quality
  • Other noble fibres
  • Mohair suits
  • Pet alpacas
  • Beasts of burden
  • Can't touch this

Chapter 4: The forgotten fibre

  • The rise of synthetics
  • Acrylic sweaters
  • The rise and fall of the polyester leisure suit
  • Misguided marketing
  • The reserve price scheme
  • PETA and the mulesing issue
  • Wool vs the puffer jacket
  • Wool and climate change

Chapter 5: Solving wool's identity crisis

  • Making wool "cool"
  • The "Merino" brand
  • The Campaign for Wool
  • Transparent supply
  • Breeding better sheep
  • A certain level of comfort
  • Wool's eco-credentials
  • Cleaning up wool's act
  • PETA round two
  • Development of a Global Wool Standard

Chapter 6: Wool in the 21st century

  • Base layer and beyond
  • Technical prowess
  • Men smarten up
  • What's old is new
  • Wool and new manufacturing paradigms
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Wool's future prospects

List of tables

  • Table 1: Forecasts for World Wool Production as of April, 2014
  • Table 2: Wool Fibre Diameter
  • Table 3: IWTO Designations of Superfine Wool

List of figures

  • Figure 1: 2012 Production Clean Raw Wool, in Tonnes
  • Figure 2: Apparel merino wool world production 24 micron and finer
  • Figure 3: Production of animal hair fibres, in tonnes
  • Figure 4: 2012 World production of Mohair totalled 5,000 tonnes
  • Figure 5: Wool's Percentage of Global Fibre Consumption
  • Figure 6: Price to Micron Ratio in A$ Cents
  • Figure 7: US Knit T-shirt imports
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