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平板電腦、平板手機、混合產品:出貨預測、廠商市場佔有率 (2016-2020年)

Tablets, Phablets & Hybrids: Shipment Forecasts & Vendor Share 2016-2020

出版商 Juniper Research 商品編碼 219332
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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平板電腦、平板手機、混合產品:出貨預測、廠商市場佔有率 (2016-2020年) Tablets, Phablets & Hybrids: Shipment Forecasts & Vendor Share 2016-2020
出版日期: 2016年04月04日 內容資訊: 英文



  • 市場趨勢、市場機會相關報告 (PPT)
  • 5年市場預測 (Excel)


  • 各平板電腦、平板手機、混合產品市場預測:8個地區、12個國家
    • 加拿大
    • 中國
    • 丹麥
    • 德國
    • 日本
    • 挪威
    • 葡萄牙
    • 韓國
    • 西班牙
    • 瑞典
    • 英國
    • 美國
  • 平板電腦出貨數:各地區、顯示器尺寸
    • 7-8英吋
    • 8.1以上
  • 平板電腦出貨數:各地區、價格
    • 不滿$200
    • $200-$399
    • $400以上
  • 平板電腦出貨數:各地區、連接技術
    • 行動電話
    • Wi-Fi
  • 全球平板電腦、平板手機、混合產品的出貨數:各作業系統
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows
    • 其他
  • 全球平板電腦、平板手機、混合產品的出貨數:各主要供應商
    • Apple
    • Asus
    • Dell
    • Huawei
    • Lenovo
    • Microsoft
    • Samsung
    • 其他
  • 互動Excel方案工具




Juniper's Tablets, Phablets & Hybrids research analyses how these interrelated form factors are evolving and they how will impact upon each other over time. We identify what opportunities they afford as computing continues to shift rapidly to mobile platforms.

This research suite is an essential holistic guide for players seeking to understand the mechanics of these fast-evolving areas, from niche to mass consumer markets.

The research includes:

  • Market Trends & Opportunities Report (PPT)
  • 5 Year Market Sizing & Forecast Spreadsheet (Excel)

Key Features

  • Evaluates in-depth the development of each device segment, outlining current trends and the market positioning of a range of devices.
  • Provides strategic assessment of the major market trends, and analyses how each segment will be affected.
  • Includes benchmark industry forecasts for the size and growth of the key device markets, including shipments, adoption levels, connectivity and expected future vendor performance.

Key Questions

  • 1. What is affecting the current direction of the tablet market, and how will this change in the coming years?
  • 2. What impact is the smartphone having on other mobile computing platforms?
  • 3. Where is the emerging segment of hybrid devices gaining the most traction?
  • 4. What is driving each market forward and what is impacting growth?
  • 5. How are the different devices positioned in market and what impact will this positioning have on their growth?

Companies Referenced

Acer, Amazon, Apple, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, ZTE.

Data & Interactive Forecast

Juniper's Tablets, Phablets & Hybrids forecast suite includes:

  • Data splits for tablets, phablets and hybrids, across 8 key regions and 12 countries:
    • Canada
    • China
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • South Korea
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • US
  • Regional tablet shipments splits by display size:
    • 7-8"
    • 8.1" and over
  • Regional tablet shipments splits by price band:
    • Sub-$200
    • $200-$399
    • $400+
  • Regional tablet shipments by connectivity:
    • Cellular Enabled
    • Wi-Fi Only
  • Global tablet, phablet and hybrid shipments split by OS:
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows
    • Others
  • Global tablet, phablet and hybrid shipments split by selected vendors, including:
    • Apple
    • Asus
    • Dell
    • Huawei
    • Lenovo
    • Microsoft
    • Samsung
    • Others
  • Interactive Excel Scenario Tool allowing users to manipulate Juniper's data for more than 10 different metrics.
  • Access to the full set of forecast data of 68 tables and nearly 5,000 datapoints.

Juniper Research's highly granular interactive Excels enable clients to manipulate our forecast data and charts to test their own assumptions, perform what-if analysis; and compare select markets side by side in customised charts and tables. Interactive Excels greatly increase clients' ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.

Report Statistics


8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East.


Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA.

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