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World TV & Video Services Markets - Database & Report: Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - OTT - VOD - Data & Forecasts up to 2024

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電視和視頻服務的全球市場:到2024年的地面,衛星,電纜,IPTV,OTT,VOD數據和預測 World TV & Video Services Markets - Database & Report: Terrestrial - Satellite - Cable - IPTV - OTT - VOD - Data & Forecasts up to 2024
出版日期: 2020年12月16日內容資訊: 英文







  • 擁有自己的線性電視
  • 繼續吸引觀眾的主要國家頻道


  • 一個被南方劃分為土地,北部被連線的世界
  • 有線電視成為IPTV利益最大的輸家
  • 經過一段時間的快速下降後,地面市場份額持平
  • 還有兩個有吸引力的網絡:衛星和IPTV
  • 網絡數位化即將完成


  • 美國電視市場仍然是最賺錢的
  • Covid-19由於危機,電視市場的下降趨勢不斷增加
  • 在許多市場中看到的危機影響
  • 歐洲增長緩慢
  • 南半球和亞洲的增長市場


  • 北美:OTT市場第一
  • OTT仍在快速增長
  • OTT推動電視/視頻市場的增長


  • 美國最佳公司
  • 少數公司主導OTT市場
  • 媒體領袖的反應
  • 我們是否應該期望行業整合超越美國公司?



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  • 定義
  • 來源
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The Covid-19 crisis further propelled the TV market's downward trend. Over the long term, this can be attributed to the pay-TV market's decline, but the drop in TV ad revenue has only aggravated the situation. North America and Western Europe are the hardest hit, while it is countries in the southern hemisphere and Asia that are driving the market forward.

Fortunately, the OTT sector's healthy momentum is more than offsetting this decline. It is expected to represent a third of the TV and video market's revenue in 2024.

Our TV and video market observatory delivers detailed figures and an analysis of the driving trends, along with a dataset and concise summary report.

It covers the latest developments in 38 countries and 12 regions and sub-regions, along with a consolidated global snapshot.

The dataset provides figures back to 2016 and forecasts up to 2024 for the key indicators used to track the TV and video sector.

The report provides an analysis of the main market trends and the developments to watch in the coming months and years.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Audiovisual consumption

  • 2.1. Linear TV still holding its own
  • 2.2. Top national channels continue to lose viewers

3. TV access technologies

  • 3.1. A world split between terrestrial in the south and wireline in the north
  • 3.2. Cable will be the biggest loser, to the benefit of IPTV
  • 3.3. After a period of rapid decline, terrestrial's market share is levelling off
  • 3.4. Satellite and IPTV remain the only two attractive networks
  • 3.5. Network digitisation nearing completion

4. TV revenue

  • 4.1. US TV market still the biggest money-maker
  • 4.2. The Covid-19 crisis has only increased the TV market's downward trend
  • 4.3. The impact of the crisis can be seen in a host of markets
  • 4.4. Dwindling growth confirmed in Europe
  • 4.5. Southern hemisphere and Asia driving market

5. OTT video market

  • 5.1. North America also number one in the OTT market
  • 5.2. OTT still growing rapidly
  • 5.3. OTT is driving growth in the TV/video market

6. Market players

  • 6.1. US players still on top
  • 6.2. A small handful of players dominate the OTT market
  • 6.3. Media leaders react
  • 6.4. Should we expect a consolidation in the sector that extends beyond US companies?

7. What to keep an eye on

8. Annex: Methodology

  • 8.1. Indicators by country
  • 8.2. Definitions
  • 8.3. Sources

List of tables and figures

Audiovisual consumption

  • Linear TV screen time around the world in 2019
  • Change in linear TV screen time around the world between 2014 and 2019
  • Percentage of young adults' TV viewing time that is time-shifted
  • Ranking of the 10 main American channels by audience in 2019

TV access technologies

  • Breakdown of TV households worldwide by access technology, in 2020
  • Change in TV access technologies worldwide, 2016-2024
  • Average annual growth rate for terrestrial network households worldwide between 2016 and 2020 and between 2020 and 2024
  • Change in the percentage of terrestrial households worldwide, and growth rate, 2016-2024
  • Change in the number of TV households worldwide, by access mode, between 2016 and 2020
  • Digital transition timetable for terrestrial networks worldwide

TV revenue

  • Breakdown of TV revenue worldwide, in 2020
  • Change in the breakdown of TV revenue by source, 2016-2024
  • Progression of regional TV revenue growth, 2016-2024
  • Progression of pay TV revenue in Germany, France, Scandinavia and the UK, 2016-2024
  • Regional TV revenue growth between 2016 and 2024

OTT viewing

  • Breakdown of OTT revenue worldwide, in 2020
  • OTT revenue growth, 2016-2024
  • Growth of linear TV and OTT revenue, 2016-2024

Market players

  • World's top 30 TV/video companies in 2019, by revenue
  • Top 3 SVOD players' market share in 2019 in a selection of countries
  • Subscriber growth for the top OTT players in the US, 2014-2019
  • TV industry mega-mergers in the United States, 2015 to 2019