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IoT Platforms: Technology-centric Offerings at the Core of the Internet of Things

出版商 IDATE DigiWorld 商品編碼 1022872
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 50 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
物聯網平台:以技術為中心的產品是物聯網的核心 IoT Platforms: Technology-centric Offerings at the Core of the Internet of Things
出版日期: 2021年08月06日內容資訊: 英文 50 Pages



第 1 章執行摘要


  • 物聯網平台:簡介
  • 物聯網平台的主要層
  • 物聯網平台的分類
  • 主要公司:通過物聯網平台
  • 主要公司:按供應商類型
  • 增強物聯網平台解決方案的關鍵技術
  • 物聯網平台的主要垂直市場 - 製造
  • 物聯網平台的預測性維護
  • 物聯網平台安全與合規

第 3 章物聯網平台:按類型

  • 基礎設施即服務 (IaaS) 層
  • 應用支持平台 (AEP)
  • 物聯網設備管理平台 (DMP)
  • 物聯網連接管理平台 (CMP)
  • 物聯網分析平台

第 4 章主要物聯網平台供應商

  • 全球最大平台廠商的由來
  • PTC ThingWorx
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Watson
  • Siemens MindSphere
  • Davra
  • 主要物聯網平台廠商定位


  • 主要市場趨勢
  • 平台市場中的 IT 和 OT 參與者視角
  • 物聯網平台市場發展的驅動力和障礙
  • 市場規模:按地區
  • 市場規模:按平台類型
Product Code: M00025MRA

This report explores technology innovations in the IoT platform sector. It covers the main product categories, business models and provides an overview of the ecosystem and market size.

The study describes the existing offerings of the major players and examines in detail how the players are positioned in each category.

The report identifies the key drivers, barriers, and trends in the development of this market and includes estimates and forecasts of market revenues to 2026:

  • by region: North America, Europe, APAC, rest of the world
  • by platform type: application enablement, device management, connectivity management, data analytics

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Concept and classification

  • 2.1. IoT Platforms - Introduction
  • 2.2. Key layers of an IoT Platform
  • 2.3. IoT Platforms - Classification
  • 2.4 Main players, by type of IoT platform
  • 2.5. Main players, by type of vendor
  • 2.6. Key technologies empowering IoT platform solutions
  • 2.7. Manufacturing is the main vertical market focus for IoT platforms
  • 2.8. Predictive maintenance with IoT platforms
  • 2.9. IoT platform security & compliance

3. IoT Platforms by type

  • 3.1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) layer
  • 3.2. Application enablement platforms (AEPs)
  • 3.3. IoT device management platform (DMP)
  • 3.4. IoT connectivity management platform (CMP)
  • 3.5. IoT analytics platforms

4. Key IoT Platform Vendors

  • 4.1. Origin of the world's largest platform vendors
  • 4.2. PTC ThingWorx
  • 4.3. Microsoft Azure
  • 4.4 IBM Watson
  • 4.5. Siemens MindSphere
  • 4.6. Davra
  • 4.7. Positioning of main IoT platform vendors4.5. Focus: micromobility sector is on the rise

5. IoT Platform market trends & estimations

  • 5.1. Key market trends
  • 5.1. IT vs OT players' perspectives on the platform market
  • 5.2. Drivers and barriers for the IoT platform market development
  • 5.3. Market size by region
  • 5.4. Market size by platform type

List of tables and figures

  • Hierarchy in the IoT ecosystem and the role of IoT platforms
  • Layers of IoT platform solutions
  • IoT platform types described in brief
  • The major players in the IoT platform ecosystem
  • IoT platform vendor companies, by type
  • Vertical market focus of IoT platform offerings
  • Examples of security certifications and standards that IoT platform vendors comply with Security layers of the IoT platform solution
  • Example of an IaaS
  • Key IoT IaaS players
  • AEP model
  • Key AEP players
  • Key IoT DMP players
  • Key IoT CMP players
  • Ecosystem of IoT analytics platforms
  • Key IoT AP players
  • Key IoT platform providers by region of origin
  • Timeline of the IoT-related strategic acquisitions by PTC
  • Value proposition of PTC
  • IBM Watson IoT platform key features
  • IoT platform market positioning
  • Share of the largest IaaS provider on the IoT platform market compared to other vendors, % of total revenues
  • IoT platform market size estimations by region
  • IoT platform market size estimations by platform type"