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Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution

出版商 Info-Tech Research Group 商品編碼 603321
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 196 Pages
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商業智能/商業分析解決方案的選擇和實施 Select and Implement a Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution
出版日期: 2017年03月14日 內容資訊: 英文 196 Pages

本報告協助您選擇及實施商業智能 (BI) /商業分析 (BA) 解決方案。



  • 1. 啟動BI計畫並蒐集需求
  • 2. 選擇BI解決方案
  • 3. 為BI實施做好準備



  • 期望獲得並實施BI解決方案的組織
  • 找尋新BI解決方案補足既有平台的組織
  • 目前BI解決方案已不能滿足業務成長需求的組織


  • 瞭解現今BI解決方案及如何利用它們提供商業價值。
  • 根據業務需求及案例,選擇最佳BI解決方案。
  • 遵循產業最佳實務,進行階段性開發以選擇並實行BI解決方案。
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Use this Blueprint to support the selection and implementation of your business intelligence and analytics solution

Use the project steps and activity instructions outlined in this Blueprint to streamline your selection process and implementation planning. Save time and money, and improve the impact of your business intelligence (BI) procurement by leveraging Info-Tech's research and project steps.

The Blueprint includes three phases:

  • 1. Launch the BI Project and Collect Requirements
  • 2. Select Your BI Solution
  • 3. Get Ready for your BI Implementation

Use Info-Tech's Business Intelligence Vendor Landscape contained with Phase 2 of this project to support your vendor reviews and selection. Refer to the use-case performance results to identify vendors that align with the requirements and solution needs identified by your earlier project findings.

This research is designed for:

  • Organizations that want to acquire and implement a business intelligence solution.
  • Organizations looking for new BI solutions that complement existing platforms.
  • Firms that already have an existing BI solution that doesn't meet their growing business needs.

This research will help you:

  • Understand modern BI solutions and how they can be leveraged to deliver business value.
  • Select the most suitable BI solution based on your business requirements and use cases.
  • Develop a step-by-step approach, following industry best practices, to select and implement your BI solution.

Executive Summary


Statistics show that the top priority of 85% of CIOs is insight and intelligence (IBM Global C-Suite Study 2016). Yet an appetite for intelligence does not mean that business intelligence initiatives will be an automatic success. It is imperative that organizations take the time to select and implement a BI suite that aligns with business goals and fosters end-user adoption.


  • The multitude of BI offerings creates an overwhelming vendor landscape. When selecting a solution, you have to make sense of the many offerings and bridge the gap between what is out there and what your organization needs.
  • Another dimension of the success of BI is the quality and validity of the reports and insights. The overall success of the BI solution is only as good as the quality of the data fueling them.


  • Info-Tech's methodology helps you to define business intelligence requirements comprehensively through the lenses of business, data, architecture, and user groups. Evaluate requirements to ensure they align with the strategic goals of the business. You must be cognizant of the multitude of offerings and be able to bridge the gap between what is out there and what your organization needs.
  • BI solutions need to keep pace with evolving data consumption patterns and the increasing demand for faster turnaround or delivery of insights. Rapid, on-the-go data is the new demand from data consumers.
  • Evaluate your organization and land yourself into one of our three BI use cases. Find a BI suite that best suits the use case and therefore your organization, then get to know the established vendors as well as the emerging players.
  • This blueprint will help you to ensure you have data governance and data quality practices in place to get the most accurate reports and analytics. The success of BI is heavily dependant on data in terms of quality, organization, and integration. Make sure data issues are addressed before proceeding with a solution.
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