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Rapidly Develop a Visual IT Strategy

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 110 Pages
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迅速策畫可看到成果的IT策略 Rapidly Develop a Visual IT Strategy
出版日期: 2017年10月23日 內容資訊: 英文 110 Pages





  • 感覺到必須策畫、文書化、改善IT策略的CIO與IT部門負責人
  • 希望讓企業更有效率的IT部門負責人
  • 希望提高商業價值的IT部門負責人


  • 製作有效率的又有流程的IT策略
  • 將IT策略目標更清晰以及明確IT策略可促進企業成功的可能性
  • 擴大商業業績與策畫成熟的IT策略目標與構想
  • 瞭解企業內主要相關人士的IT策略
  • 促進可見性與目的的IT部門內外合作
  • 策畫達到目標的一連串IT策略改善與構想
  • 完成實現未來IT構想的藍圖
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This research is designed for:

  • CIOs or IT leaders who need to develop, document, or improve their IT strategy.
  • An IT leader looking to become more effective.
  • An IT leader desiring to drive increased business value.

This research will help you:

  • Create an IT strategy using an efficient and logical process.
  • Visualize IT's target state and articulate how it will empower the organization's success.
  • Develop the IT target state and IT initiatives designed to optimize business performance and enhance IT maturity.
  • Communicate the IT strategy to key stakeholders.
  • Drive internal and external IT alignment through a common vision and a shared sense of purpose.
  • Create a collection of initiatives that streamline progression to the target IT state.
  • Establish a roadmap of initiatives to achieve the future of IT.

All too often, a busy IT organization creates a laundry list of IT to-do projects and calls it an IT strategy. Sometimes they are requests from the business, other times they are projects that simply need to get done.

But being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you are busy doing the right things. Figuring out which projects are most important from a business-value perspective, and ensuring that projects are done in the right sequence, is absolutely critical to a successful IT organization and business.

By using a purpose- and visual-driven approach to IT strategy that derives your IT roadmap from business outcomes, you can be assured that you are not just doing valuable projects, but doing the right, valuable projects.

Executive Summary


  • IT does not do a good job aligning to business goals, with 47% of business leaders feeling that their goals are unsupported by IT.
  • The organization spends enormous amounts of money on IT but cannot see its ROI nor the value that IT adds to the organization


  • The speed of business is faster than ever before. This means that IT has a limited amount of time to consider business plans, understand their implications, and adapt

Most IT departments lack the skill to develop an IT strategic plan, resulting in a staggering 92% of IT departments surveyed to claim their IT strategies were less than adequate.


  • Derive the IT strategy based on the business context. Use Info-Tech's implications framework to discern IT implications from the business context.
  • Clearly demonstrate how IT will meet the changing needs of the organization by showing where IT is and where IT wants to be to stakeholders using Info-Tech's IT Strategy Current and Target State Template.
  • Use Info-Tech's prioritization matrix to help make project decisions in a holistic manner that allows for the selection of the most valuable initiatives to become part of the IT strategic roadmap.
  • Show the clear alignment of the IT strategy to organizational goals using Info-Tech's IT Strategy Template.
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