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Redesign IT Governance to Drive Optimal Business Results

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 107 Pages
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重新設計IT治理以擴大業績 Redesign IT Governance to Drive Optimal Business Results
出版日期: 2017年01月24日 內容資訊: 英文 107 Pages


IT治理的最佳化可產生商業成果、支援這點是讓IT支出最有成效的方法。 IT治理並非只是決策部署與確立決策者的權限、更提供了可產生商業價值的決策環境與基準。


  • 獲得IT治理最佳化員工與事業部門的支持
  • 治理體制的最佳化
  • 建立高等級的治理流程
  • 設立治理委員會的設立宗旨與讓決策的說明責任明確化
  • 最佳化的治理體制與建立流程轉移計畫
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Governance optimization is achieved where decision making, authority, and context meet.

Governance is something that is done externally to IT and well as internally by IT, with the intention of providing oversight to direct the organization to meet goals and keep things on target.

Optimizing IT governance is the most effective way to consistently direct IT spend to areas that provide the most value in producing or supporting business outcomes, yet it is rarely done well.

IT governance is more than just identifying where decisions are made and who has the authority to make them - it must also provide the context and criteria under which decisions are made in order to truly provide business value.

This research helps IT professionals:

  • Achieve and maintain executive and business support for optimizing IT governance.
  • Optimize your governance structure.
  • Build high-level governance processes.
  • Build governance committee charters and set accountability for decision making.
  • Plan the transition to the optimized governance structure and processes.

Executive Summary


  • IT governance is the #1 predictor of value generated by IT, yet many organizations struggle to organize their governance effectively.*
  • Current IT governance does not address the changing goals, risks, or context of the organization so IT spend is not easily linked to value.
  • The right people are not making the right decisions about IT.


  • Organizations do not have a governance framework in place that optimally aligns IT with the business objectives and direction.
  • Implementing IT governance requires the involvement of key business stakeholders who do not see IT's value in governance and strategy.
  • The current governance processes are poorly designed, creating long decision-making cycles and driving non-compliance with regulation.


  • Use Info-Tech's four-step process for optimizing your IT governance framework. Our client-tested methodology supports the enablement of IT-business alignment, decreases decision-making cycle times, and increases IT's transparency and effectiveness in making decisions around benefits realization, risks, and resources.
  • Successful completion of the IT governance redesign will result in the following outcomes:
  • 1. Align IT with the business context.
  • 2. Assess the current governance framework.
  • 3. Redesign the governance framework.
  • 4. Implement governance redesign.
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