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Explore the Secrets of SAP Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 72 Pages
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解開SAP軟體合約秘密以優化支出並降低合規風險 Explore the Secrets of SAP Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk
出版日期: 2017年12月12日 內容資訊: 英文 72 Pages


本報告目的在提供SAP授權、支援、管理相關基礎知識,並提供SAP合約摘要及Excel分析工具。此工具目的在協助調整合約中的授權和維護費用、以及目前保有授權等、Info-Tech可與Explore the Secrets of SAP Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk配合使用。


  • 調查SAP授權合約摘要及合規情況的IT經理
  • 為降低成本而進行授權合約談判的CIO、CTO、CPO、IT負責總監
  • 負責SAP授權合約追蹤及管理的IT資產管理和軟體資產管理負責人
  • 希望更深入理解SAP授權合約、並評估雲端服務 (HANA) 的IT部門及業務部門負責人
  • 進行續約程序的供應商管理辦公室負責人


  • 瞭解並簡化各個產品授權合約以協助優化支出。
  • 選擇符合需求的合約類型。
  • 透過準確掌舵採購程序站在強健立場進行交涉。
  • 有效進行授權管理,以避免SAP審查、間接訪問問題、不必要的授權採購。
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Understanding SAP licensing is similar to learning a new language. The high degree of licensing complexity combined with a high price tag and contractual ambiguity have set many organizations back millions of dollars through audits and sub-optimal discount levels. Organizations all have a unique contract and license terms/metrics, which stifles most efforts to benchmark the license negotiation process. SAP constantly pressures the organization to increase revenue, often through its cloud offerings, while remaining stingy with reductions in support liability.

With attention around indirect access at an all-time high, many organizations are feeling uncomfortable. A high risk of noncompliance coupled with an aggressive audit approach from SAP can be an overwhelming experience.

SAP's push to the cloud with S/4 HANA also has organizations wondering if this is the right time to make the move. Considering the cloud solution is a redeployment of the entire system - does the cost justify the possible benefits?

This research is designed for:

  • IT managers scoping their SAP licensing requirements and compliance position.
  • CIOs, CTOs, CPOs, and IT directors negotiating licensing agreements in search of cost savings.
  • ITAM/Software asset managers responsible for tracking and managing SAP licensing.
  • IT and business leaders seeking to better understand SAP licensing and evaluate cloud options (HANA).
  • Vendor management office in the process of a contract renewal

This research will help you:

  • Understand and simplify licensing per product to help optimize spend.
  • Ensure agreement type is aligned to needs.
  • Navigate the purchase process to negotiate from a position of strength.
  • Manage licenses more effectively to avoid audits, indirect access scenarios, and unnecessary purchases.

The aim of this blueprint is to provide a foundational understanding of SAP licensing, support, and management.

The blueprint also includes an Excel SAP License Summary and Analysis Tool. The purpose of this tool is to help you reconcile the SAP licenses you own with license and maintenance fees included. This tool is used in combination with Info-Tech's storyboard, Explore the Secrets of SAP Software Contracts to Optimize Spend and Reduce Compliance Risk.

Executive Summary


  • SAP's definitions and licensing rules are vague, making it extremely difficult to purchase with confidence while remaining compliant. The risk of noncompliance coupled with an aggressive audit team can become an overwhelming experience.
  • Mapping and matching SAP products to the environment can be highly complex, leading to overspending and inability to reduce spend later.


  • With over 50 license types to choose from, assigning user licenses is a tricky area of SAP licensing.

With the relatively slow uptake of the S/4 HANA Cloud - Platform, the pressure is immense for SAP to maintain revenue growth. Auditing the customer base for indirect access usage, especially those with static or declining revenues, has become an easy way to boost the bottom line.


  • Conduct an analysis to remove inactive and duplicate users as multiple logins may exist and could end up costing the organization license fees when audited.
  • Adopt a cyclical approach to reviewing your SAP licensing and create a reference document to track your software needs, planned licensing, and purchase negotiation points.
  • Learn the "SAP way" of conducting business, which includes a best-in-class sales structure, unique contracts and license use policies, combined with a hyper-aggressive compliance function. Conducting business with SAP is not typical compared to other vendors, and you will need different tools to emerge successfully from a commercial transaction.
  • Manage SAP support and maintenance spend and policies. Once an agreement has been signed, it can be very difficult to decrease spend, as SAP will reprice products if support is dropped.
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