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市場調查報告: 蜂巢式IoT晶片組的全球市場分析:2021年

Global Cellular IoT Chipset Tracker 2021

出版商 IoT Analytics GmbH 商品編碼 1024076
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
市場調查報告: 蜂巢式IoT晶片組的全球市場分析:2021年 Global Cellular IoT Chipset Tracker 2021
出版日期: 2021年08月20日內容資訊: 英文


該產品(Enterprise Premium 授權)是由4種資料庫構成。

  • 1. 資料庫1:模組 vs. 晶片組的出貨數量 (2018年∼2020年,各季)
    • 各蜂巢式IoT晶片組企業 (13公司,116獨家模式級晶片組)
    • 各蜂巢式IoT模組品牌 (34品牌,519獨家模式級IoT模組)
    • 各連接技術:2G,3G,LTE Cat.1,其他4G,LTE-M,NB-IoT,LPWA支援雙模,5G
    • 各地區:中國,北美,西歐,東歐,中東·非洲,南美,日本,印度,韓國,亞洲,其他
  • 2. 資料庫2:蜂巢式IoT晶片組的出貨數量,收益,批發ASP (2018年∼2020年,各季) - 各蜂巢式IoT晶片組企業,各連接技術,各地區
  • 3. 資料庫3:蜂巢式IoT晶片組的出貨數量,收益,批發ASP (2018年∼2020年,各季) - 各蜂巢式IoT晶片組企業,各連接技術,各行業
  • 4. 資料庫4:蜂巢式IoT晶片組的出貨數量,收益,批發ASP的預測 (2020年∼2026年,各季) - 各連接技術,各行業

本報告提供了2018年到2020年蜂巢式IoT晶片組市場的最新見解,包括對2020年到2026年的預測。預測模型考慮了許多因素,例如增長表現、COVID-19 的影響、當前晶片短缺的影響、TAM和市場滲透率等。


企業高級授權,以及訂閱授權包括用於深入分析的數據透視表。它由四個主要數據庫組成:模組 vs. 晶片組的出貨數量,蜂巢式IoT晶片組,蜂巢式IoT晶片組 (各業界),蜂巢式IoT晶片組的預測



Web應用點閱提供了可視化數據探索。 (企業高級授權,以及訂閱授權)

可以導出定制的數據集 (企業高級授權,以及訂閱授權)


Quectel,Fibocom,SUNSEA AIoT,Thales,Telit,Sierra Wireless,Neoway,u-blox,Cheerzing,Meig,LG Innotek,Gosuncn,MobileTek,Huawei,Lierda,USR (WenHeg),Ccfrom,Rinlink,Yuge Technology,Wutong (Broadmobi),Titan,China Mobile,Ucloudy,AM Telecom,Kyocera,Sercomm,Wistron NeWeb,Pycom,Taiiyo Yuden,H3C,Rujie,Murata,Cavli wireless,Altair,ASR,Eigencomm,Espressif,Hisilicon,Intel,Marvell,Mediatek,Qualcomm,Sequans,UNISOC,XINYI等


企業授權 (EXCEL)

  • 1. 出貨數量,收益,ASP:各企業
  • 2. 出貨數量,收益,ASP:各地區
  • 3. 出貨數量,收益,ASP:各技術
  • 4. 出貨數量,收益,ASP:各行業
  • 5a. 預測:各技術
  • 5b. 預測:各行業

企業高級授權 (EXCEL)

  • 1a. 模組 vs. 晶片組樞軸
  • 1b. 模組 vs. 晶片組的平面文件
  • 2a. 晶片組樞軸
  • 2b. 晶片組的平面文件
  • 3a. 各行業樞軸
  • 3b. 各行業的平面文件
  • 4a. 預測樞軸
  • 4b. 預測的平面文件
  • 4c. 預測:各技術
  • 4d. 預測:各行業

In-depth market tracker on the Cellular IoT Chipset Market.

The product (Enterprise Premium license) consists of four different nested databases:

  • 1. Database 1: Modules vs Chipset Shipments (2018-2020 quarterly):
    • By cellular IoT chipset company (13 companies, 116 unique model-level chipsets)
    • By cellular IoT module brands (34 brands, 519 unique model-level IoT modules)
    • By connectivity technology: 2G, 3G, LTE-Cat 1, Other 4G, LTE-M, NB-IoT, LPWA dual mode, and 5G
    • By region: China, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Japan, India, Korea, Asia, and Other
  • 2. Database 2: Cellular IoT Chipsets Shipments, Revenues, and wholesale ASP (2018-2020 quarterly) - By cellular IoT chipset company, by connectivity technology, by region
  • 3. Database 3: Cellular IoT Chipsets Shipments, Revenues, and wholesale ASP (2018-2020 quarterly) - By cellular IoT chipset company, by connectivity technology, by industry vertical
  • 4. Database 4: Cellular IoT Chipset Shipments, Revenues, and wholesale ASP forecast (2020 - 2026) - By connectivity technology, by industry vertical

The “Global Cellular IoT Chipset Tracker 2021 ” is part of IoT Analytics' ongoing coverage of IoT Connectivity & Hardware (IoT Connectivity & Hardware Research Workstream)*.

An IoT connectivity chipset is a baseband processor embedded in an intelligent device (either directly or via a module), which enables and manages the device's connectivity. Cellular chipsets are based on the 3GPP architecture and include technologies such as 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT.

An IoT connectivity module is an electronic assembly of components embedded in objects, machines, and things connected to wireless networks that sends and receives data with a connectivity chipset. Cellular IoT modules are connectivity modules with an embedded cellular chipset.

This tracker represents the updated view of the cellular IoT chipset market for the 2018-2020 period, including a forecast for the 2020-2026 period. The forecast model considers historical growth, effects of Covid-19, effects of the current chip shortage, and many others factors such as total addressable market, saturation, and others.

This research focuses only on cellular IoT chipsets that are embedded within IoT modules. It does not include cellular IoT chipsets that are embedded standalone in a device.

*= Trackers are not part of other corporate research subscription products.

Find out:

  • What is the global cellular IoT Chipset market size in terms of shipments and company revenue?
  • Who are the leading players globally and in each of the regions?
  • What is the growth of the cellular LPWA chipset market?
  • What are the wholesale ASP trends in cellular connectivity by technology and by region?
  • Which cellular connectivity technology is leading globally and in each of the regions?
  • How are LTE-Cat 1 chipsets performing in China and in the rest of the world?
  • Which region is leading the market in terms of growth and in terms of market share?
  • Which companies are leading the market and what are their market shares?
  • Which industry vertical has the highest demand for cellular IoT connectivity chipsets and which is growing the fastest?

At a glance:

The tracker (Enterprise Premium or Subscription licenses) includes Pivot tables for in-depth analyses. It consists of four key databases: Modules vs Chipset Shipments, Cellular IoT Chipsets, Cellular IoT Chipsets by Industry and Cellular IoT Chipset Forecast.

Global shipments, revenues and ASP is included by company, technology and region.

Forecasts are available by region, by technology, and by industry.

Access to the web application offers visual data exploration. (Enterprise Premium or Subscription licenses)

Tailored data sets can be exported. (Enterprise Premium or Subscription licenses)

Selected companies mentioned in the report:

Quectel, Fibocom, SUNSEA AIoT, Thales, Telit, Sierra Wireless, Neoway, u-blox, Cheerzing, Meig, LG Innotek, Gosuncn, MobileTek, Huawei, Lierda, USR (WenHeg), Ccfrom, Rinlink, Yuge Technology, Wutong (Broadmobi), Titan, China Mobile, Ucloudy, AM Telecom, Kyocera, Sercomm, Wistron NeWeb, Pycom, Taiiyo Yuden, H3C, Rujie, Murata, Cavli wireless, Altair, ASR, Eigencomm, Espressif, Hisilicon, Intel, Marvell, Mediatek, Qualcomm, Sequans, UNISOC, XINYI, and more.

Table of Contents

Enterprise License (EXCEL)

  • 1. Shipment, Revenue, ASP by Companies
  • 2. Shipment, Revenue, ASP by Region
  • 3. Shipment, Revenue, ASP by Technology
  • 4. Shipment, Revenue, ASP by Industry Verticals
  • 5a. Forecast by Technology
  • 5b. Forecast by Ind. Verticals

Enterprise Premium License (EXCEL)

  • 1a. Module vs Chipset Pivot
  • 1b. Module vs Chipset Flat File
  • 2a. Chipset Pivot
  • 2b. Chipset Flat File
  • 3a. Industry Verticals Pivot
  • 3b. Industry Verticals Flat File
  • 4a. Forecast Pivot
  • 4b. Forecast Flat File
  • 4c. Forecast by Technology
  • 4d. Forecast by Ind. Verticals