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Automotive Catalysts in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

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俄羅斯的汽車催化劑:生產、市場、預測 Automotive Catalysts in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast
出版日期: 2015年04月28日 內容資訊: 英文


第1章 汽車排氣轉換器結構與分類

第2章 汽車催化劑的製造原料:主要供應商與供給處

第3章 俄羅斯的汽車催化劑

  • 生產趨勢與結構
  • 俄羅斯的汽車催化劑的龍頭製造商現況

第4章 俄羅斯的汽車催化劑的國際貿易

  • 進出口數量
  • 外銷處
  • 進口商
  • 俄羅斯市場供給汽車催化劑的主要外國企業

第5章 汽車催化劑的俄羅斯的進出口價格

第6章 俄羅斯的汽車催化劑的消費量

  • 供需平衡
  • 俄羅斯的汽車產業狀況

第7章 使用後汽車催化劑的回收




This report is the first edition of the research autocatalyst market in Russia.

The purpose of research - analysis of the Russian market of the catalyst units (autocatalysts).

The object of research is the catalyst converter units for exhaust emissions of automobiles.

The work is a desk study. As information sources, data of Federal Service of State Statistics of Russia (Rosstat), statistics of rail transportation, customs statistics, database of "InfoMine". There have also been involved in the materials sector and regional press, annual and quarterly repots of companies, internet-sites of company-producers and consumers of catalysts, as well as scientific and technical literature.

In addition, in the process of preparing a study conducted telephone interviews with representatives of the companies-participants of autocatalysts.

Chronological scope of the study: 2001-2015; Forecast - 2016-2020

Geography of research: Russia.

The volume of the study: the report consists of 8 Sections, contains 72 pages, including 17 tables, 18 figures and 2 appendices.

The first chapter is devoted to the classification of automobile exhaust gas catalytic converters of vehicles.

The second chapter presents data on resources, required for production of autocatalysts, their characteristics. In addition, data on the main suppliers of raw materials.

The third chapter is devoted to the production of autocatalysts in Russia. This section presents data on volumes of production of the products in question by major manufacturers, as well as details about the current status of the largest Russian manufacturers of autocatalysts, foreign companies established in Russia its subsidiaries for their release.

The fourth chapter presents data on foreign trade in autocatalysts in Russia in 2001-2014. In addition, a description of the main foreign supplier companies catalyst blocks.

The fifth chapter presents data on export and import prices for autocatalysts in 2001-2014.

The sixth chapter of the report analyzes consumption of autocatalysts in Russia in 2002-2014. In this chapter the balance of manufacture - consumption of this production, as well as the current state and prospects of development of the Russian automotive industry.

The seventh chapter provides information on the status of utilization of the used autocatalysts in Russia and its prospects in the near future.

The eighth chapter of the report is devoted to forecast of development of Russian market of autocatalysts to 2020.

The Appendix presents addresses and contact information of enterprises producing and consuming autocatalysts.

The target audience of the research:

  • Autocatalyst market participants - producers, consumers, traders, processors;
  • Potential investors.

The proposed study claims to be the reference tool for marketing services and professionals to make managerial decisions, working in the market of autocatalysts.

Table of Contents



I. Structure and classification of automobile exhaust converters

  • tralization with ceramic and metal supports
  • Oxidation, reduction and three-way catalyst

II. Raw materials for manufacture of autocatalysts: major suppliers and destinations of supplies

III. Autocatalyst in Russia

  • III.1. The dynamics and structure of production in 2002-2014
  • III.2. The current status of the largest Russian manufacturers of autocatalysts
    • III.2.1. JSC "Ural Electrochemical Plant", LLC "Ekoalyans" (Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region).
    • III.2.2. Ltd. "Rosskatavto", LLC "ROSEKO" (Tolyatti, Samara region.)
    • III.2.3. Company "BASF" (Krasnogorsk, Moscow region).
    • III.2.4. Ltd. "Johnson Matthey Catalysts' (Krasnoyarsk)
    • III.2.5. Ltd. "Mobile Gazservis" (Balakhna, Nizhny Novgorod region).
    • III.2.6. Ltd. "Bosal-GAS" (g Nizhney Novgorod)
    • III.2.7. Other manufacturers of catalytic converters and exhaust systems

IV. Foreign trade in automotive catalysts in Russia in 2001-2014

  • IV.1. Volumes of export-import
  • IV.2. Directions and exports
  • IV.3. Directions and imports
  • IV.4. Major foreign companies supplying autocatalysts to the Russian market
    • IV.4.1. Johnson Matthey (UK)
    • IV.4.2. BASF Catalysts (Germany), Engelhard Technologies (USA)
    • IV.4.3. Ecocat OY (Finland)

V. Export-import prices in Russia in autocatalysts 2001-2014

VI. Autocatalyst consumption in Russia in 2002-2014

  • VI.1. Supply-demand balance of the catalyst units
  • VI.2. The situation in the automotive industry of the Russian Federation

VI. Recycling used autocatalysts

VII. Forecast of production and consumption in autocatalysts in Russia up to 2020

Appendix 1. Contact information on Russian companies producing autocatalysts

Appendix 2. Contact information on the greatest Russian company-consumers of the autocatalyst

List of Tables:

  • Table 1: The main raw materials for the production of autocatalysts and suppliers
  • Table 2: Supplies of Russian enterprises ceramic carrier (substrate) for the production of automotive catalysts in 2005-2014, thous. Pcs
  • Table 3: Production of the enterprises of the Russian autocatalyst in 2002-2013, th. Pcs.
  • Table 4: Imports of raw materials "UEIP" / "Ekoalyans" Ltd. in 2002-2014, t, pcs.
  • Table 5: Exports of automotive catalysts produced by JSC "Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant" in 2002-2014, t, pcs.
  • Table 6: Results of tests on the emissions of cars VAZ and GAZ for autocatalysts "ROSEKO" Ltd.
  • Table 7: Structure produced by OJSC "AvtoVAZagregat" production in 2008-2009 and 2012-2014 (thous. Rub.,%)
  • Table 8: Foreign trade in autocatalysts in Russia in 2001-2014, t, thousand. $
  • Table 9: Russian enterprises exporting units for automotive catalytic converters in 2001-2014, t
  • Table 10: Areas of Russian exports of catalytic converters for automotive units in 2001-2014, t
  • Table 11: Russian Foreign recipients of catalytic converters for automotive units in 2001-2014, t
  • Table 12: Areas of Russian imports catalytic converters for automotive units in 2001-2014, t
  • Table 13: Major Russian companies, recipients of imported catalytic converters for automotive units in 2001-2014, t
  • Table 14: Export and import prices for autocatalysts in 2001-2014, $ / kg
  • Table 15: Balance of production-consumption in autocatalysts (catalyst units) in Russia in 2002-2014, th. Pcs.,%
  • Table 16: Manufacture of motor vehicles, parts and accessories for motor vehicles in Russia in 2002-2015, thousand. Pieces billion rubles.
  • Table 17: Characteristics of methods for analyzing the content of the elements in the catalyst sample

List of Figures:

  • Figure 1. The device is a three-component automotive exhaust catalyst
  • Figure 2. The device of ceramic and metallic automotive catalysts
  • Figure 3. exhaust system with oxidation catalyst
  • Figure 4. Scheme of the exhaust system with the reducing and oxidizing catalytic converters
  • Figure 5. Schematic exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter
  • Figure 6: Dynamics of imports of ceramic media and the production of autocatalysts in Russia in 2005-2014, thousand. Pieces.
  • Figure 7: The production of autocatalysts "UEIP" / "Ekoalyans" 1998-2014, thousand. Pieces
  • Figure 8: Imports of ceramic catalyst carriers and blocks "BASF" Ltd. in 2006-2014, pcs.
  • Figure 9: Import of ceramic catalyst carriers and blocks "Johnson Matthey Catalysts" Ltd. in 2008-2014, thousand. Pieces.
  • Figure 10: Import of metal catalyst tape (T) and the production of catalytic converters (thous. Pcs.) "Mobile Gazservis" Ltd. in 2009-2014
  • Figure 11: Dynamics of export-import supplies of autocatalysts in Russia in 2001-2014, t
  • Figure 12: Dynamics of export-import supplies of autocatalysts (catalytic converters for automotive units) in Russia in 2001-2014, thousand. Pieces.
  • Figure 13: Dynamics of Russian import of catalyst units of Johnson Matthey in 2001-2014, th. Pcs.
  • Figure 14: Dynamics of Russian import of catalyst units (thous. Pcs.) And catalysts (thous. Tonnes) for their production company BASF Catalysts in 2001-2014
  • Figure 15: Dynamics of average Russian export-import prices on the catalyst units in 2001-2014, $ / pcs.
  • Figure 16: The largest Russian producers of passenger cars in 2014,%
  • Figure 17: Dynamics of production of passenger cars and autocatalysts consumption in Russia in 2002-2014, thousand. Pieces.
  • Figure 18: Production of passenger cars and autocatalyst consumption in Russia in 2008-2014 and forecast up to 2020, th. Pcs.
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