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Mobile Payment Consumer Survey in Taiwan: Intention Analysis of Demographic Groups

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 365308
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 25 Pages
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台灣的行動付款消費者調查:人口統計群組的意識分析 Mobile Payment Consumer Survey in Taiwan: Intention Analysis of Demographic Groups
出版日期: 2016年08月03日 內容資訊: 英文 25 Pages


第1章 樣本結構

第2章 通用的付款工具與意識

  • 現金·信用卡,是消費者最常見的付款方法佔65%以上
  • 行動付款服務的意識,佔全世代群組70%以上
  • 千禧新生代NFC採用率最高,大致佔40%

第3章 行動付款的普及率

  • 20%以上的千禧新生代利用行動付款,嬰兒潮世代次之

第4章 消費者對行動付款採用的意識和偏好

  • 嬰兒潮世代·千禧新生代的55%以上行動付款用戶,以行動付款作為第一主要的付款方法
  • 60%以上的嬰兒潮世代·千禧新生代,行動付款優先於現金/信用卡
  • 60%以上的嬰兒潮世代·X世代優先使用信用卡,千禧新生代則同時優先使用信用卡和儲值卡

第5章 接受安全的識別方式

  • 50%以上接受文字輸入,40%以上支持指紋掃描

第6章 採用未來性的行動付款服務

  • 60%以上的嬰兒潮世代·千禧新生代,開始/繼續利用行動付款

第7章 採用行動付款的影響因素

  • 30%以上的千禧新生代用戶,重視安全·個人的財務管理·便利性
  • 70%的非用戶擔心安全,可是安全並非是唯一應該克服的問題的
  • 60%以上的嬰兒潮世代·千禧新生代,接受以行動付款在商店買東西的可能性

第8章 綜合的分析

第9章 結論

  • 意識
  • 意識和偏好
  • 影響要素
  • 世代別



Product Code: NARPT16072502

In order to help mobile payment vendors develop the Taiwanese market efficiently, MIC conducted this survey to understand consumer preference and intention toward mobile payment among generation groups in Taiwan. MIC has targeted the domestic smartphone users and divided them into three mainstream groups: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials. The current level of consumer awareness, preference and intention among different demographic groups, and factors affecting consumers' adoption of mobile payments are investigated in this report.

Table of Contents

1. Sample Structure

2. Common Payment Tools and Awareness

  • 2.1 Cash and Credit Cards Still Account for Over 65% of Consumers' Most Common Payment Methods
  • 2.2 Awareness of Mobile Payment Services Exceeds 70% Across All Generation Groups
  • 2.3 Millennials Have the Highest NFC Adoption Rate of Nearly 40%

3. Mobile Payment Penetration

  • 3.1 Over 20% of Millennials Has Used Mobile Payments, Followed by Baby Boomers

4. Consumer's Intention and Preference of Adopting Mobile Payments

  • 4.1 Over 55% of Mobile Payment Users from Baby Boomers and Millennials Prefer to Use It as the Primary Payment Method
  • 4.2 Over 60% of Baby Boomers and Millennials Prefer Mobile Payments over Cash or Credit Cards
  • 4.3 Over 60% of Baby Boomers and Generation X Prefer Credit-card Method While Millennials Prefer Both Credit- card and Stored-value-card Methods

5. Acceptance For Security Identification Methods

  • 5.1 Over 50% Accept Character Input; Fingerprint Scanning Wins over 40%

6. Adoption of Mobile Payment Services in the Future

  • 6.1 Over 60% of Baby Boomers and Millennials Will Start or Continue Using Mobile Payments

7. Factors Affecting Mobile Payment Adoption

  • 7.1 Over 30% of Millennial Users Focus on Security, Personal Financial Management, and Convenience
  • 7.2 Over 70% of Non-users Concern about Security; Yet Security is not the Only Issue Needed to be Overcome
  • 7.3 Over 60% of Baby Boomers and Millennials Willing to Make Purchases at Stores Accepting Mobile Payments

8. Comprehensive Analysis

9. Conclusion

  • 9.1 Awareness: Cash and Credit Cards Still Mainstream; Millennials Have the Highest Mobile Payment Penetration Rate
  • 9.2 Intention and Preference: Users' Preference Significantly Higher than Non-users'; Fingerprint Scanning is Favorable
  • 9.3 Influential Factors: Security as the Most Concerned Factor for All Generations
  • 9.4 Generation-Based Customization to Ensure Real Value of Mobile Payment Services


  • Glossary of Terms
  • Survey Methodology and Respondents
  • Definition of Mobile Payment

List of Topics

  • Common payment tools and awareness and mobile payment penetration in Taiwan

Taiwanese consumer's intention and preference of adopting mobile payments, and their acceptance for security identification methods

Consumers' intention of starting or continuing to use mobile payment services and the factors that affect their adoption of such services

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Common Payment Methods in Taiwan
  • Table 2: Awareness of Mobile Payment Services
  • Table 3: NFC Functionality of Smartphones
  • Table 4: Mobile Payment Penetration by Age Group
  • Table 5: Inclination of Adopting Mobile Payments as a Primary Payment Method
  • Table 6: Inclination to Use Mobile Payments over Cash or Credit Cards
  • Table 7: Preferred Mobile Payment Methods
  • Table 8: Acceptance of Security Identification Methods for Mobile Payment Services
  • Table 9: Intention of Starting or Continuing to Use Mobile Payment Services
  • Table 10: Factors Affecting the Adoption of Mobile Payments For Users
  • Table 11: Factors Affecting Mobile Payments For Non-users
  • Table 12: Intention of Making Purchases at Stores with Mobile Payments
  • Table 13: Comprehensive Analysis among Generation Groups
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