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SK Hynix的策略計劃:記憶體開發相關

SK Hynix's Strategic Planning for Memory Development

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 360813
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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SK Hynix的策略計劃:記憶體開發相關 SK Hynix's Strategic Planning for Memory Development
出版日期: 2016年06月13日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages

本報告以全球第2名的半導體、記憶體晶片製造商SK Hynix (總公司:韓國) 為焦點,提供包含全球半導體市場上該公司的近幾年的趨勢,及產品、技術開發的具體配合措施事項 (含與其他同業公司合作) 等相關調查。

第1章 SK Hynix的半導體產業的地位

  • SK Hynix,位居全球半導體產業第4名,單就記憶體晶片市場是第2名
  • SK Hynix,位居DRAM市場上第2名,NAND Flash市場上第4名

第2章 SK Hynix的產品、技術開發

  • DRAM/NAND flash晶片:現在仍是SK Hynix核心產品
  • SK Hynix,以21nm流程製造DRAM晶片,也開始3D NAND Flash的大量生產

第3章 SK Hynix的記憶體晶片產業上的策略發展情形

  • 透過跟STMicroelectronics的合資企業,建立在中國當地的據點
  • 構築主要企業聯盟,下一代型記憶體 (NAND flash) 和進行TSV技術的開發

第4章 結論

  • SK Hynix通過合資企業以圖擴大生產量,透過與其他公司的合作進行技術更新
  • SK Hynix的關心轉移到NAND flash的現在,外資型企業應以與該公司合作以確保市場為目標
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  • AMD、China Resources Microelectronics、Hitech Semiconductor、HP、IBM、Ideaflash、Intel、LAMD、Micron、Nanya、Omnivision、Phison、Electronics、Qimonda、Samsung、Silicon Motion、SK Hynix、SONY、Spansion、STMicroelectronics、Taiji Industry、東芝、TSMC
Product Code: SCRPT16060601

SK Hynix, as the second-largest semiconductor and memory chip manufacturer in South Korea, has emerged as the industry's main focus. With strong revenue growth in recent years, the company is now the world's top five semiconductor firm. This report takes a close look into SK Hynix's market position in the semiconductor industry, as well as its product and technology development in DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), NAND Flash and next generation memory.

Table of Contents

1. SK Hynix's Position in the Semiconductor Industry

  • 1.1. SK Hynix ranks fourth in worldwide semiconductor industry and second by memory chips alone
  • 1.2. SK Hynix has the second-largest and fourth-largest market share in DRAM and NAND Flash, respectively

2. SK Hynix's Product and Technology Development

  • 2.1. DRAM and NAND flash chips remain SK Hynix's core products
  • 2.2. SK Hynix is manufacturing DRAM chips on the 21nm process and will start mass production of 3D NAND Flash

3. SK Hynix's Strategic Deployment in the Memory Chip Industry

  • 3.1. SK Hynix gains foothold in China through joint-venture plant with STMicroelectronics
  • 3.2. SK Hynix forms alliances with major players to develop NAND flash, next generation memory and TSV technology

4. Conclusion

  • 4.1. SK Hynix increases output through joint ventures and upgrades technology through alliances with major players
  • 4.2. With NAND flash to become the company's next focus, foreign vendors are advised to seize business opportunities with SK Hynix
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Companies

List of Topics

  • Latest development of SK Hynix and its role and global revenue ranking in semiconductor and memory IC, DRAM and NAND flash industries
  • Analysis of SK Hynix's product and technology development in DRAM and NAND flash ICs
  • Analysis of SK Hynix's strategic deployment in memory ICs

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: World's Top 10 Semiconductor Firms by Revenue in 2015
  • Figure 2: SK Hynix's Ranking in the World's Top Semiconductor Firms by Revenue from 2005 to 2015
  • Figure 3: Worldwide Market Share of Major Companies in DRAM, NAND Flash and CIS in 2015
  • Figure 4: SK Hynix's Strategic Deployment in NAND Flash, Next Generation Memory and TSV Technology

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Revenue Distribution of SK Hynix by Product Type in 2015
  • Table 2: Development of Major Worldwide Companies' DRAM Process Technology
  • Table 3: Development of Major Worldwide Companies' NAND Flash Process Technology
  • Table 4: Strategic Deployment of Major Global DRAM Companies in China

Companies covered

AMD, China Resources Microelectronics, Hitech Semiconductor, HP, IBM, Ideaflash, Intel, LAMD, Micron, Nanya, Omnivision, Phison, Electronics, Qimonda, Samsung, Silicon Motion,SK Hynix, Sony, Spansion,STMicroelectronics, Taiji Industry, Toshiba, TSMC.

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