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Survey on Taiwanese Mobile App Users Behavior

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 356292
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 20 Pages
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台灣的行動應用程式用戶的行動分析 Survey on Taiwanese Mobile App Users Behavior
出版日期: 2016年04月14日 內容資訊: 英文 20 Pages



第1章 調查範圍與手法

第2章 行動應用程式的利用模式

  • 每周利用的行動應用程式不滿10
  • 平均每人1日在行動應用程式上花費90分
  • 每天利用的海外服務的行動應用程式前十名

第3章 行動應用程式的使用習慣

  • 社群網路和手機遊戲是固定性最高的應用程式
  • 手機遊戲和約會應用程式刪掉的優先順序高
  • 利用頻率和時間增加週末
  • 社群網路,遊戲,多媒體的應用程式受到高度歡迎

第4章 行動應用程式的消費

  • 受訪者約有70%不購買收費的行動應用程式
  • 1次的購買最大佔有率
  • 遊戲,學習、出版,地圖應用程式為3大收費應用程式
  • 貼圖、遊戲、音樂是免費應用程式的3大APP購買類別
  • 平均1次的購買額不滿150台幣
  • 56%以信用卡購買應用程式

第5章 結論



Product Code: NARPT16041401

Thanks to the diversified content and Internet services provided by mobile apps, smartphones have become an indispensable entertainment tool and also part of our daily lives. Therefore, MIC conducted a survey on smartphone users in the fourth quarter of 2015. The aim is to help enterprises planning to tap into the mobile app market or existing market players to enhance their understanding of Taiwanese mobile phone users' usage and consumption patterns of mobile apps.

Table of Contents

1. Survey Scope and Methods

2. Mobile App Usage Pattern

  • 2.1. Less than 10 Mobile Apps Used per Week
  • 2.2. Average of 90 Minutes Spent on Mobile Apps per Capita per Day
  • 2.3. Top 10 Mobile Apps Used per Day Mainly Foreign Services

3. Usage Habits of Mobile Apps

  • 3.1. Social Networking and Mobile Game as Most Sticky Apps
  • 3.2. Mobile Game and Dating apps with High Priority for Removal
  • 3.3. Both Frequency and Duration of Use Highest on Weekends
  • 3.4. Social Networking, Game, and Multimedia Apps Catch More Eyeball

4. Mobile App Consumption

  • 4.1. Nearly 70% Respondents Never Bought Mobile Apps
  • 4.2. Single Purchase Accounts for Largest Share
  • 4.3. Game, Learning & Publication, and Map Apps as Top Three Paid Apps
  • 4.4. Stickers, Game, and Music as Top Three In-app Purchase Categories in Free Apps
  • 4.5. Average Single Purchase Value Below NT$150
  • 4.6. 56% Purchase Apps by Credit Card
  • 4.7. Stickers, Game, and Music Content/Services Remain Top Purchase Choices


  • 5.1. Social Networking Apps Have High Levels of Stickiness
  • 5.2. Single Purchase Valued Below NT$150 as Main Consumption Mode
  • 5.3. Need for Continued Service Optimization and Integration with Other Information
  • Appendix
  • Mobile App Category Definitions
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Companies

List of Topics

  • Overview of Taiwanese smartphone users' app usage patterns, including the average number of apps a person uses per day, the average time they spend on mobile apps per day, and a list of the most frequently used apps
  • Taiwanese smartphone users' app usage habits, touching on the most "sticky" mobile apps and what apps will they remove first when their phones are short of internal storage
  • Summary of Taiwanese mobile app users' consumption behavior, including the percentage of users who have ever paid for mobile apps and the kinds of apps they have paid for; also included are their payment methods

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Average Time Spent Using Mobile Apps per Day by Taiwanese Mobile Phone Users
  • Figure 2: Mobile Apps Most Frequently Used by Taiwanese Smartphone Users Every Day
  • Figure 3: Frequency of Use and Operating Time per Use of Mobile Apps by Taiwanese Smartphone Users
  • Figure 4: Mobile Apps' Priority for Removal When Phone Capacity Runs Short
  • Figure 5: Mobile Apps with Higher Usage Rate and Operating Time on Weekends
  • Figure 6: Mobile App Content/Services That User Spend the Most and Second Most Time With per Week
  • Figure 7: Percentage of Taiwanese App Users Who've Never Purchased an App and Their Reasons
  • Figure 8: Percentage of Taiwanese App Users Ever Purchased an App and Their Experience
  • Figure 9: Popular Paid Apps for Taiwanese Smartphone Users
  • Figure 10: Categories of In-app Purchases in Free Apps by Taiwanese Smartphone Users
  • Figure 11: Average Single Purchase Value of Paid Apps and In-app Purchases in Free Apps
  • Figure 12: Taiwanese Mobile Phone Users' Payment Methods When Purchasing Mobile Apps
  • Figure 13: Categories of Apps Users Willing to Purchase in 2016

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Mobile App Categories
  • Table 2: In-app Purchase in Paid and Free Apps

Companies covered

Apple, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Netflix, WeChat, YouTube.

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