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Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile Device Application IC Vendors in Emerging Markets

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 344333
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 19 Pages
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新興市場上行動裝置應用IC供應商的課題及機會 Challenges and Opportunities for Mobile Device Application IC Vendors in Emerging Markets
出版日期: 2015年10月30日 內容資訊: 英文 19 Pages

本報告提供新興市場,尤其是亞太地區 (中國以外) 的智慧終端設備的增加的關注調查,以產品功能及零組件簡介做為IC產業重點分析。

第1章 支撐行動終端設備出貨量的新興市場

  • 新興市場上行動寬頻加入劇增
  • 全球智慧型手機市場由價值線段強化
  • 全球平板電腦市場成長接連持平

第2章 亞太地區市場上行動終端設備的開發趨勢

  • 中國的智慧型手機品牌在亞太地區存在感增加
  • 印度的智慧型手機供應商以超低價格 & 高規格兜售
  • 在平板電腦市場中低價格競爭激烈

第3章 新興市場引起的行動裝置零組件變化

  • 價值線產品成本管理焦點
  • 運算IC有高(貴)的配置及的低的價格
  • 中階產品重視顯示模組
  • 相機模組及感測器不能提升產品ASP






Product Code: SCRPT15103001

While developed countries have seen stagnation in mobile broadband services, emerging markets are booming. Shipments of smartphones and tablets combined in emerging markets are expected to total 560 million units in 2015 and around 800 million in 2019. The shift of power from mature markets to emerging markets will pose significant challenges to system integrators and branded vendors alike. This reports looks into the rise of smart handheld devices in emerging markets, in particular Asia Pacific (excluding China), and analyzes the product features and component portfolios with a focus on the IC industry.

Table of Contents

1. Emerging Markets Uphold Mobile Handheld Device Shipments

  • 1.1. Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Surge in Emerging Markets
  • 1.2. Global Smartphone Market Bolstered by Value Line Segment
  • 1.3. Global Tablet Market to Maintain Flat Growth

2. Development Trends of Mobile Handheld Devices in Asia Pacific Market

  • 2.1. Chinese Smartphone Brands Increase Presence in Asia Pacific
  • 2.2. Indian Smartphone Vendors Tout Ultra-low Price & High Specs
  • 2.3. Low Price Competitions Intensify in Tablet Market

3. Changes in Mobile Device Components Triggered by Emerging Markets

  • 3.1. Value Line Products Focus on Cost Control
  • 3.2. Computing IC Has Higher Specs at Lower Prices
  • 3.3. Midrange Products Focus on Display Modules
  • 3.4. Camera Module and Sensors Unable to Lift Product ASP
  • Conclusion
  • IC Makers' Opportunities in Emerging Markets
  • Challenges to Taiwan's Mobile Device Supply Chains
  • Appendix
  • Glossary of Terms
  • List of Companies

List of Topics

  • Overview of the mobile handheld device (smartphones and tablets) market in developing countries, touching on mobile broadband subscriptions, shipment share of smartphones and tablets by region
  • Major smartphone and tablet vendors in China and India and their deployment of major products
  • Impact of the rise of emerging markets on mobile handheld device components, including smartphone application processor, display module, and camera module

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Penetration Rate of Communications Services in Developing Countries, 2007 - 2015
  • Figure 2: Forecast of Worldwide Smartphone Shipments, 2012 - 2019
  • Figure 3: Forecast of Worldwide Tablet Shipments, 2012 - 2019
  • Figure 4: Industry Value Chains for the Smartphone & Tablet Industries

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Overview of Regional Vendors' Smartphones in Asia Pacific
  • Table 2: Overview of Regional Vendors' Tablets in Asia Pacific
  • Table 3: Smartphone Cost Structure by Segment
  • Table 4: Analysis of Mobile Handheld Device Vendors' Opportunities in India

Companies covered

Apple, Datawind, Huawei, Hynix, Iball, Intex, Isun, Karbonn, Lava, Lenovo, MediaTek, Meizu, Micromax, Micron, Noxx, Qualcomm, Samsung, Spreadtrum, Toshiba, Vox, Xiaomi.

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