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Apple Force Touch的未來進化 - 人機介面 (HMI) 進化觀點分析

Future Development of Apple Force Touch - From the Perspective of HMI Evolution

出版商 MIC - Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute 商品編碼 340599
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 24 Pages
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Apple Force Touch的未來進化 - 人機介面 (HMI) 進化觀點分析 Future Development of Apple Force Touch - From the Perspective of HMI Evolution
出版日期: 2015年09月23日 內容資訊: 英文 24 Pages

繼Apple Watch之後Apple的Force Touch技術將應用在iPhone 6S/6S Plus (通稱3D Touch) 、預計今後將對人機介面 (HMI) 開發有極大的影響。Force Touch本身並非新技術但透過可戴式設備UI (使用者介面) 簡化、期待可創造出新的使用者體驗。

本報告針對Apple觸控控制技術 (Force Touch技術等等) 提供最新開發、引進狀況、今後開發預測、HMI進化觀點調查、考察。


  • 人機介面(HMI) 技術開發
  • 觸控控制技術的進化
  • Force Touch未來開發
  • 結論


  • HMI搭配Apple製、Google製的複數設備
  • 全球觸控面板、應用市場規模 (7年):各種觸控回應的對應、包括使用者的應用程式
  • Apple Watch/iPhone用的Force Touch技術供應鏈企業:包括其他企業Force Touch技術


  • ADI、Apple、Asus、CHE Proximity、Disney Research、Elan Microelectronic Corp.、Fitbit、Foxtel、富士通、Garmin、GIS、Google、Hi-P、Immersion、Jawbone、JDI、LG、LGD、MicroP、Microsoft (Xbox)、Minebea、Motorola、NOK、Pebble、Radiant Opto-Electronics、Samsung、Sharp、Sony、Sumitomo、Tactus、TPK、Uneo Inc.、Xiaomi、Zhen Ding
Product Code: MCSYM15092301

Initially unveiled on Apple Watch, Force Touch has been applied to Apple's latest iPhone 6S/6S Plus (dubbed 3D Touch), and is expected to have a substantial impact on HMI development. While not a new technology, Force Touch has the potential to simplify wearable device UI and creates new user experience. This report provides an overview of touch control technologies and the future development of Force Touch, from the perspective of HMI evolution.

Table of Contents

  • Development HMI Technologies
  • Evolution of Touch Control Technologies
  • Future Development of Force Touch
  • Conclusion

List of Topics

Apple's and Google's deployment in HMI for multiple devices

Worldwide touch panel application market size from 2012 to 2018; also included are various end-user applications of haptic feedback

Supply chain players of Apple Force Touch technology for Apple Watch and iPhone; also included are other vendors' force sensing solutions

Companies covered

ADI, Apple, Asus, CHE Proximity, Disney Research, Elan Microelectronic Corp., Fitbit, Foxtel, Fujitsu, Garmin, GIS, Google, Hi-P, Immersion, Jawbone, JDI, LG, LGD, MicroP, Microsoft (Xbox), Minebea, Motorola, NOK, Pebble, Radiant Opto-Electronics, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sumitomo, Tactus, TPK, Uneo Inc., Xiaomi, Zhen Ding

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