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China's Antitrust Sentence and Its Impact on Qualcomm and the Chinese Industry

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 18 Pages
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中國的反信託判決和對Qualcomm、中國產業的影響 China's Antitrust Sentence and Its Impact on Qualcomm and the Chinese Industry
出版日期: 2015年04月10日 內容資訊: 英文 18 Pages

2014年,Mobile China Alliance 對NDRC (中國國家發展改革委員會) ,報告了Qualcomm 帶給中國的行動電話產業危害。14個月的反信託調查後,宣判Qualcomm 違反中國的反托拉斯法有罪,宣告了9億7,500萬美元的罰款。還有,禁止Qualcomm 對中國企業銷售專利套組。Qualcomm 透過出色的通訊核心技術,從專利授權的權利金得到主要的利益。

本報告提供中國的反信託判決對Qualcomm 的影響,和對晶片產業全體,及中國的行動電話產業的影響調查分析。

第1章 背景

第2章 Qualcomm 的影響

  • 財政方面
  • 銷售額方面

第3章 Qualcomm 可能的策略

  • 第1方案:維持高價格策略的利益
  • 第2方案:市場佔有率為目的之批發價格

第4章 此後對產業的影響

  • 中國企業的競爭力由於授權成本的降低而增強
  • 專利發展的重要性長期提高產業的優點
  • 多國籍品牌和中國企業的合作日益重要

第5章 結論

  • Qualcomm 費用策略再形成IC製造商市場環境
  • 中國的行動電話品牌更具競爭性
  • 多國籍商務改變進入中國市場模式






Product Code: SCRDR15041001

In 2014, the Mobile China Alliance reported to the Chinese NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission), alleging Qualcomm of harming China's mobile phone industry. After 14 months of anti-trust investigation, Qualcomm is found guilty of violating Chinese antitrust laws and sentenced to a fine of US$975 million. On top of that, Qualcomm is prohibited to sell bundled patents to Chinese companies. Master in the core technology of communications, Qualcomm has its main source of profit from royalties of patent licensing. This report examines the impact of China's anti-trust sentence on Qualcomm, the overall chip industry and China's mobile phone industry.

Table of Contents

1. Background

2. Impacts on Qualcomm

  • 2.1. Financial Aspect
  • 2.2. Sales Aspect

3. Qualcomm's Possible Strategies

  • 3.1. First Scenario: Sustain Profits with High Pricing Strategy
  • 3.2. Second Scenario: Trade Price for Market Share

4. Subsequent Impacts on the Industry

  • 4.1. Chinese Companies' Competitiveness to be Enhanced with Reduced Licensing Costs
  • 4.2. Importance of Patent Deployment Increases to Benefit the Industry in the Long Run
  • 4.3. International Brands' Cooperation with Chinese Companies Growing in Importance

5. Conclusion

  • 5.1. Qualcomm Pricing Strategy Reshapes IC Makers' Market Landscape
  • 5.2. Chinese Mobile Phone Brands Become More Competitive 11
  • 5.3. The Model of International Businesses' Entry into the Chinese Market is Changing
  • Appendix

List of Topics

  • Background of China's antitrust investigation on Qualcomm who was accused of violating the country's antitrust laws
  • Highlighting the effects of Qualcomm's antitrust sentence on the global and the Chinese IC industry
  • Touching on the impacts on Qualcomm from the financial and sales aspects, and includes Qualcomm's two possible strategies following sentence outcomes

List of Figures

  • Figure 1: Qualcomm's Revenue and EBT by Business Unit, 2010 - 2014

List of Tables

  • Table 1: Qulacomm's Revenue Share by Regional Market, 2010 - 2014

Companies covered:

CCIA, HP, Huawei, Intel, Marvell, MediaTek, Microsoft, NDRC, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, ZTE.

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